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Good decision-makers depend on accurate data and reporting tools. For companies dealing with manual, document-based processes, the path to an agile, data-driven process and business transformation is distant and complicated. In order to succeed in a fast-paced marketplace and reach the customer first, companies need to have a grip on their document-based processes, which will ensure immediate data availability, agile processes, and greater connectivity.

Every single day we, as a connected, mobile workforce create vast amounts of data. In fact, a recent Cisco report indicates that by 2020, data center storage installed capacity will grow to 1.8 ZB, up from 382 EB in 2015 - nearly a 5-fold growth.

While ERP systems like Acumatica Cloud ERP and NetSuite have been designed to manage structured data, the growth that’s making big data even bigger is largely driven by unstructured data. That’s the information captured in things like transaction documents, emails, images and videos.

For most companies, valuable data is trapped within all of this unstructured content in a way that requires it to be sorted, filed and extracted and entered into by manually typing it into an ERP integration or ECM system.

This creates a major operational bottleneck that limits a company’s ability to make informed decisions quickly. As a result, the visions that companies are beginning to embrace around business intelligence, process automation and digital transformation are hamstrung by a lack of timely, reliable data.

Achieving Greater Efficiency, Visibility and Scalability Through Intelligent Process Automation

Today, technology to solve the common challenges of manual business processes are readily available and affordable.

Today’s digital transformation technologies incorporate intelligent data extraction capabilities to handle a wide range of unstructured data trapped in scanned paper and digital documents and correspondence.

These intelligent process automation technologies allow a company to:

  • Properly handle paper and digital documents from multiple channels and formats quickly and efficiently
  • Extract relevant business/transaction data from documents automatically and validate data against existing business records in ERP integration systems.
  • Monitor business processes to target and eliminate bottlenecks through reports and alerts
  • Report on critical business KPIs and achieve end-to-end business transformation

Artsyl focuses on solving the most painful, manual steps in common document-based business processes: document handling and routing, transaction data entry and validation, and reporting and process monitoring.

By relying on Artsyl’s intelligent process automation solutions for extracting data from scanned paper documents and electronic files, customers achieve more timely access to data and can automatically eliminate duplicate documents/data.

With timely access to reliable data, companies can achieve better visibility over financial KPIs like general ledger accruals and cash flow. They can optimize days sales outstanding, achieve better analysis and insights about customer purchase behavior, and ensure positive business transformation..

Artsyl Solutions Take the Pain Out of Your Business Processes and Get You Up and Running Quickly

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides intelligent capture, data validation, workflow automation, and ERP integration systems and ECMs to fully automate data/document-dependent processes.

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Applications



While docAlpha is designed to handle any type of document in support of any business process, Artsyl offers process-specific intelligence to simplify and streamline common mission critical processes like AP invoice processing and customer sales order processing.


InvoiceAction is an accounts payable automation solution that minimizes the costs, complexities, and time required to handle accounts payable operations and vendor invoice processing.



OrderAction is an order processing software that automates and streamlines sales order processing — delivering more complete, timely buyer behavior data while reducing order cycle times and days sales outstanding.



ClaimAction is a medical claims processing software that streamlines and simplifies the process healthcare providers rely on to submit and track insurance claims.


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