Intelligent Data Capture

When it comes to high-volume, transactional business processes that depend on a variety of business documents, businesses require a process automation solution that eliminates costly, inefficient manual tasks like document handling and data entry. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation technologies embedded with powerful intelligent data capture offer this.

That’s where intelligent data capture technology comes in. Intelligent capture involves applying machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies to transform print documents or electronic images, along with unstructured digital documents into meaningful data.

Problems Solved

Intelligence = Flexibility, Scalability and Easy of Use

Unlike ‘unintelligent’ OCR, intelligent capture technology can classify a document (e.g. distinguishing an order from an invoice), extract specific information (like a vendor or customer name), validate that data and then automatically insert that data into a database or business system.

Earlier generations of intelligent data capture solutions had lower accuracy rates and required a substantial investment in set-up and configuration. Today’s solutions, on the other hand, are easy to configure and intelligent enough to learn and adapt for maximum accuracy and flexibility.

Modern intelligent data capture solutions don’t require users to manually create templates to read different documents and extract data. These systems learn and adapt to new document types based on user guidance/validation from a single sample and build a knowledge base to compare against new documents.

Artsyl Solutions

Artsyl Intelligent Data Capture Solutions Focus on Flexibility, Scalability and Ease of Use

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides intelligent data capture software, data validation, automated workflow and ERP/ECM integration to support intelligent capture and end-to-end process automation.

The docAlpha knowledgebase gathers the combined intelligence of all your docAlpha users to continuously improve and expand upon the types of documents it can read and process automatically.

The docAlpha platform delivers:

  • Self-learning intelligent extraction
  • Automatic document classification and separation
  • Intelligent Data Capture
  • Machine print, hand-print text and check mark recognition
  • Barcode recognition
  • Automatic redaction

docAlpha automatically identifies, sorts and classifies documents, allowing users to batch process physical documents without pre-sorting or using page separators or barcodes. It can read and extract data from printed documents as well as from hand-printed documents and identify checkmarks, with support for a variety of OCR/ICR/OMR engines

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