Q: What is docAlpha?

A: docAlpha is a low code intelligent automation platform used for data capture and document workflow processing. Its goal is to reduce costs, improve data accuracy and streamline workflows. It easily automates most manual business processes such as document capture, data extraction and rules based validation while also helping to enforce compliance and provide better visibility.

Q: How is docAlpha priced?

A: docAlpha has two main pricing models – On-premise outright purchase (CAPEX) and Cloud Subscription (OPEX). Both models are volume based and factor in the type and number of users as well as the type of data extraction and data integration modules required.

Q: Is docAlpha flexible?

A: docAlpha has a flexible technology stack allowing users to deploy as little or as much technology as is needed to solve the business problem. From very basic Click-to-Capture OCR technology to very advanced document classification and unstructured data extraction, docAlpha can handle it all.

Q: What is Auto-Find?

A: Auto-Find is a machine learning based self-learning module which allows users to train the system on how to process documents. Simply by pointing and clicking on fields within documents a user can teach the system to automatically capture the needed data the next time that document type is identified.

Q: What is InvoiceAction?

A: IA is an out-of-the box invoice processing software module which automatically captures key header, footer and line item details out-of-the-box without manual configuration. This system allows you to start processing invoices immediately upon installation.

Q: How is InvoiceAction structured?

A: There are three levels of InvoiceAction logic: Classification (separates invoices based on a change of an invoice number), Standard (separates invoices based on a change of an invoice number and captures header and footer information) and Advanced (separates invoices based on a change of an invoice number and captures header, footer and line items).

Q: What is included in InvoiceAction bundles?

A: Every InvoiceAction bundle includes a defined number of concurrent user seat licenses, processing volume for a specific number of invoices per year, pre-configured rules for invoice processing and generic business logic for capturing key fields from invoices automatically.

Q: Does InvoiceAction capture info from utility invoices?

A: No. InvoiceAction works the best with AP invoices. Utility invoices have a completely different structure and will be supported in coming releases.

Q: What is the ClaimAction solution?

A: ClaimAction is an intelligent automation solution built on top of docAlpha and is designed to automatically capture and process data from HCFA and UB04 claim forms using generic out-of-the-box logic.