Document Process Automation for NetSuite

Get More Out of Your Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Get More Out of Your Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation integrates seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite, offering customers a ready platform for automatic data entry and document processing.

The platform’s Intelligent Document Capture coupled with other digital transformation technologies — BPA, RPA, AI and Machine Learning — offers NetSuite users a powerful set of data extraction and workflow automation capabilities for processing semi-structured and unstructured documents, typical of content-dependent processes like vendor invoicing and order processing.

Artsyl’s Action Solutions InvoiceAction — for vendor invoice processing and OrderAction — for customer sales order processing are built on the Document Process Automation platform.

These solutions enable straight-through AP/AR processing from the point of initial receipt of the document through the approval process, and all the way to the creation of transaction entries in the NetSuite Cloud ERP system — providing a truly end-to-end intelligent automation platform for document-based processes.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Errors
Reduce Process Bottlenecks & Duplicity
Capture Business Data in a Single Workflow
Reduce Staffing & Operational Costs
Facilitate Easy Data Availability to NetSuite
Improve Cash Flow by capitalizing on early payment & dynamic discounts

Get a Single View & Control of Business Operations from document
entry to reporting within your NetSuite ERP itself. Transform your Cost Centers
to become Strategic Hubs for Business Growth

Integrated Offerings

Artsyl’s integrated solutions are prepackaged to deliver process-specific automation for handling vendor invoices and customer sales orders. With straight-through processing of documents, NetSuite users are only required to leverage their ERP for things like GL coding and handling any exceptions identified by the system and that lie outside of the business rules.

InvoiceAction and OrderAction

Integration with Artsyl extends NetSuite's capabilities for handling Accounts Payable — using InvoiceAction & Customer Order Processing — using OrderAction. The Action Solutions leverage digital transformation technologies to capture, classify, extract, validate, and approve data from invoices and sales orders. Approved data is automatically entered into NetSuite for instant ERP transaction creation so users have the benefit of obtaining authentic data every time.

How Artsyl Adds to NetSuite Features & Capabilities

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation is driven by process-specific intelligent BOTs that are pre-trained to implement document processing in several different verticals. The BOTs utilize AI and Machine Learning to also self-learn new document types and formats, and implement intelligent process automation for a diverse range of content-based processes.

Intelligent BOTs — Straight-through Processing, Single View of Business

Multi-channel Capture:

Artsyl BOTs are pre-trained to capture any document type from different channels including emails, file shares, fax, scanners, MFPs, etc.


captured documents are classified according to type and assigned a workflow for further processing. Artsyl BOTs are pre-trained to identify and distinguish between POs and non-POs, statements, invoices, etc.


built-in Generic knowledge helps Artsyl BOTs extract data quickly. Additionally, Machine Learning is used to emulate user actions that are prompted when extracting new data — subsequent extractions from the same document are performed unattended, progressively reducing user intervention. A third extraction method makes use of knowledge from both Generic data as well as Machine Learning.


extracted data is validated against system records to check such things as:

  • The source and authenticity of the data
  • Arithmetic checks and 2-way/3-way matching
  • Business rules and whether they are followed
  • Compliance of data with terms and regulations


Validated data is sent to a verification manager to handle any exceptions before entering the final approved version into NetSuite.


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