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Why Artsyl?

Basic capture technology in the market is more or less ‘templatized’ and heavily context-based, suitable for layout-heavy documents like memos. But the capture logic is rendered useless when the layout changes!

Template-based and text-based rules only work well when the OCR quality is good. Microtext, typically found in invoice tables and line-items details are harder to detect with basic OCR.

Intelligent Capture Technology That Gets Businesses Moving!

The Artsyl Differentiator!

Artsyl resolves these challenges by applying machine learning along with advanced OCR/ICR/OMR/OBR extraction to retrieve blocks of microtext hidden in tables and columns. Artsyl’s advanced capture technology goes beyond the basic point-and-click capture — the extraction rule for retrieving line-item details is also flexible and is based on self-learning technology.

Intelligent Capture Technology That Gets Businesses Moving!

Artsyl goes beyond basic capture — identifying & extracting text from complex document formats with an accuracy not possible with basic OCR or human effort.

Artsyl offers a great deal of capture flexibility as it modifies extraction rules according to document type.

The next time you have a document to work with, leave it to Artsyl! Artsyl’s advanced capture automation comes with

  • Powerful extraction to retrieve microtext from tables, columns, and line-items
  • An expanded list of Header-Footer automatic capture fields
  • Support for multi-line field and table capture and processing
  • Powerful pre-classification that allows processing invoices, orders and other line-of-business document types through the same entry point
  • Flexible rules- cross checks, look-ups and validations against multiple ERPs
  • Advanced Machine Learning and AI based capture with multiple extraction engine options
  • Pre-built out-of-the-box solutions for AP, AR, order processing, expense management, medical claims and other verticals pluggable to DocuWare workflows
  • Complete API-level integration with multiple ERPs, document and content management systems
Artsyl Hastens Document & Data Availability to DocuWare

Businesses have to be quick, efficient, and accurate in their daily correspondence with internal and external stakeholders. Keeping customers on hold till their order information is verified, or vendors waiting for their final payments are actions that could negatively impact a company’s standing in the marketplace.

For companies to gain an edge in a fiercely competitive market, their business processes must run efficiently. Most of the mission critical processes are document-based, which means it helps to optimize document-dependent functions in order to streamline business processes.

Artsyl Hastens Document & Data Availability to DocuWare

A Document Management System (DMS) like DocuWare becomes a very useful solution to centralize the management of business data and documents. A lot of data silos and functional silos are eliminated using this solution. Capturing business data, however, which is often unstructured or semi-structured, is time-consuming and laborious. To maximize usage of DocuWare, companies must spend little time and effort feeding documents and data into it.

An example would be the constant influx of transaction documents like invoices and sales orders — these need to be quickly processed and made ‘ready’ to be entered into Docuware. This is where Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) becomes especially useful.

A centralized document management system helps archive, store, manage, and retrieve business documents from a common platform. DocuWare’s integrated document management solutions help achieve this. A formidable player in the DMS space, DocuWare enables companies to transition from traditional filing systems to a paperless office. DocuWare manages and stores diverse document formats from different sources including email, faxes etc. in a central repository. The software can be deployed as a SaaS cloud solution, on-premise, or as a hybrid model.

  • Accelerate Document Availability to DocuWare
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Eliminate Manual Document Processing
  • Increase Data Accuracy & Compliance

Advanced Capture Automation for DocuWare

Advanced Capture Automation for DocuWare

Artsyl’s powerful data capture and process automation software comes with self-learning technology that mobilizes workflow implementation for any type of document. Machine Learning, among other technologies like OCR/ICR, is the primary extraction method by which the Artsyl bot retrieves information from complex document formats. The software comes with a lot of in-built configurations and capture definitions to automatically extract data from a diverse set of document formats and types.

For new documents, self-learning comes in handy where the bots learn user actions performed for keying in data the first time, and apply that to process subsequent similarly formatted documents. The captured data & documents are routed to Artsyl workflows for validation & approval before directly transporting them to the DocuWare document management system.

Artsyl intelligent process automation platform solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, making it convenient to integrate with DocuWare’s cloud document management automation as well as on-premise software.

For new documents, self-learning comes in handy

Leverage Artsyl’s Intelligent Capture Automation & Support for Document Variability
Deliver Secure, Reliable, and Authenticated Data & Documents to DocuWare

Artsyl offers Action Solutions, built on its IPA platform, to implement accounts payable automation, sales order automation, medical claims automation, and mailroom remittance management. The Action Solutions are highly scalable, configurable, and customizable to meet individual business requirements.

The Artsyl connector for DocuWare makes it possible to have a tight integration between any of Arstyl’s Action Solutions and DocuWare, ensuring end-to-end intelligent process automation of different document-dependent functions — with the resulting verified documents directly transported to DocuWare.

How the Artsyl-DocuWare Integration Elevates User Experience

How the Artsyl-DocuWare Integration Elevates User Experience

The Artsyl-DocuWare integration creates an end-to-end process chain for automation of document-dependent functions. The Artsyl IPA’s modular architecture enables users to call independent functions including capture, classification, extraction, validation, and verification of data, either separately or in their entirety, depending on business requirements, within DocuWare itself. This saves companies a lot of time, costs, and labor manually entering transaction data and documents into DocuWare.

Artsyl BOTs — Single Platform, Diverse Process Automations


Artsyl supports data acquisition from multiple channels including emails, FTPs, faxes, and through connection to scanners and MFPs for automatic document capture & uploading.

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