Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We are in the midst of the NEXT digital revolution, as companies look to transform their data and digital assets into business intelligence and automated processes.

The KEY to achieving the promise of digital transformation is utilizing intelligent process automation solutions to digitize paper documents, pull together multiple sources of digital documents and data, and transform them into information efficiently and cost effectively.

The driver for digital transformation isn’t technology; it is the customer experience (which includes employees, partners and other stakeholders). In an age of on-demand information, anywhere at any time, digital transformation means keeping ahead of the pace in a mobile, digital, always-on world.

Problems Solved

Unlocking Valuable Data from Your Documents and Automating Processes. Artsyl focuses on helping companies to overcome some of the most stubborn and painful obstacles to achieving digital transformation: timely access to accurate and relevant data. Often, the information needed to make decisions, invoice vendors, bill customers or fulfill orders are trapped inside paper or digital documents, or other forms of unstructured content.

By relying on Artsyl intelligent process automation solutions for intelligent document processing, and extracting data from scanned paper documents and electronic files, customers achieve more timely access to data that can then be used to automate a routine process according to business rules.

Artsyl solutions BEGIN your digital strategy by tackling document handling and intelligent data extraction, and then take on those downstream tasks like automated routing, data/transaction entry into business applications like ERPs, ECMs and document management systems, and reporting/process monitoring.

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Artsyl’s Intelligent Automation Solutions Accelerate Digital Transformation. Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides intelligent document capture, data validation, workflow automation and ERP/ECM integration to support end-to-end process automation.

Artsyl intelligent automation applications, like InvoiceAction for invoice processing automation and OrderAction for sales order automation, are prepackaged and pre-configured to identify/classify a variety of process-specific documents and support downstream approval routing, data validation and ERP transaction data entry.

Together, the docAlpha digital transformation platform and intelligent document processing applications deliver timely business insights for better decision-making and reduced process cycle times that reduce costs and boost productivity.

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