Small Mining Development LLC Taps into an AP Automation Goldmine with docAlpha

For Small Mining Development, docAlpha provided a key element in the company’s automated AP process, bridging the gap between their Sage 100 ERP and DocLink ECM, while automating data entry and document handling

The Challenge

Small Mining Development LLC is on the leading edge of mechanized underground mining innovation, having developed techniques proven in challenging ground conditions that are now widely used in Nevada underground gold mining projects.

The company’s culture and approach to innovation led them to looking for new and better ways to extract value from the accounts payable process and transform their AP invoices and related documents into valuable informational assets.

Prior to implementing an automated solution, Assistant Controller Cody Birch handled 2,000 monthly vendor invoices that were printed, signed and coded for approval by hand, then returned to the main office from multiple locations for processing.

“I would look through all of them, hand code them, and then type them into our accounting program,” Birch said.

According to Birch, Small Mining focused on paying those invoices quickly to capture early payment discounts—a challenge considering the volume.

“We pride ourselves on making sure we pay everything on time as well as getting all of our discounts. When things were showing up in paper it was urgent for me. I'd have to pour through my paper and make sure that I get all those invoices in. In some cases, we’d receive an invoice by mail with a discount for payment within ten days. Mailing the invoice might take 3 or 4 days, so there would be a tight turn-around.”

Beyond streamlining that process so invoices could be processed more efficiently, Birch said that Small Mining wanted better visibility to vendor invoice data.

“With me typing invoices, I couldn't obviously type every single line item,” Birch said. “We wanted a better understanding of our purchases and the ability to make better procurement decisions.”

The Solution

Small Mining decided to implement Sage 100 to manage their business data and DocLink to help digitize and manage their documents. While these systems would allow Small Mining to better manage their data and documents, the company understood that the real process bottlenecks they faced were related to sorting through invoices manually and hand keying information into their accounting system.

By automating document capture, they could speed up and scale their AP process, while gaining visibility to the data they needed to make better purchase decisions.

By relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities, Birch doesn’t have to worry about manually sorting invoices and filing them into DocLink, or manually keying information into their Sage ERP. docAlpha captures BOTH header and line item invoice details, validating data from invoices against existing records in Sage, then automatically filing the invoice in DocLink and updating transaction records in the ERP.

“Once it was running, it was running, and it was awesome,” Birch said.

Beyond added efficiency and control, docAlpha has untethered Birch from his desk and a mountain of paperwork.

“I have the freedom to work outside my office now, where I didn't before,” Birch said. “The automation has kind saved time and saved money for us, and for our vendors. I have more detail about our purchases now. And at the same time, we're not spending nearly the amount of money on paper and postage as we were previously.”

Next Steps

Beyond accounts payable, Birch says that Small Mining can see how docAlpha might help to streamline and improve business processes for other departments, including Human Resources.

In addition to employee recruitment and application processing, Small Mining Development’s HR department keeps track of routine hearing and drug tests for employees—something that docAlpha could help automate and eliminate manual data entry and document filing.

“docAlpha would speed up their processes plus we'd have more data and less paper,” Birch said.


For over a decade, Artsyl has delivered smart process automation solutions that begin with the most painful and inefcient step in any process — manual data entry. By leveraging data and documents to intelligently handle data capture, extraction, classifcation and routing, Artsyl streamlines end-to-end operations for improved efciency, visibility, compliance and control.

Artsyl’s docAlpha platform reduces manual document handling, eliminates data entry, increases data accuracy, accelerates workflows and ensures standards compliance. Supported by robust reporting that increases process transparency, Artsyl solutions empower organizations to monitor KPIs, eliminate approval bottlenecks and reduce cycle times while providing instant auditability.


Small Mining Development Development, LLC



• Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes

• Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation

• Integration with Sage ERP

• Integration with DocLink ECM


docAlpha Smart Process Platform

• Integration with Sage ERP

• Integration with DocLink ECM


• Accurate automatic sorting, filing and indexing over 2,000 monthly vendor invoices

• Elimination of paper and digitization of invoices and automation of document filing and data entry

Small Mining Development Development, LLC

Founded in 1982, Small Mining Development LLC is on the leading edge of mechanized underground mining innovation, having developed techniques proven in challenging ground conditions that are now widely used in Nevada underground gold mining projects.


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