Competitive Manufacturers Focus on Digitizing SOP and P2P Processes

Within many manufacturing organizations, manual and ad hoc processes that involved data and supporting documents significantly slow down and add cost to key manufacturing processes. Making things even more complex is the fact that the macro business processes in Manufacturing are actually clusters of multiple document intensive processes.

Aside from process complexities and overlapping data from one process to the next, many manufacturing processes rely on their own dedicated process platforms (e.g., MRP/ERP Software, Product Lifecycle Management Software, Supply Chain Management Software, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and Production Scheduling and Control Systems).

This includes processes like:

Product planning and design
Sales and order processing
Distribution and logistics
Customer service

Improve each of these processes with Intelligent Process Automation Platform for the manufacturing industry from Artsyl.

Transform Your Business With Automated Accounts Payable and Sales Order Processing

From Artsyl’s perspective, procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processing are “gateway” processes that are often the low-hanging fruit when it comes to process automation. Procurement and Sales Order Process Automation are both processes that are common to every organization; digitizing and automating document filing, approval routing and transaction data entry for either process typically results in a quick ROI and provides a framework for automation other processes.

In fact, most manufacturers today already have the right systems in place to support automating accounts payable and order to cash. What’s often missing is the ‘connective tissue’ to take advantage of those existing systems and automate the most painful, manual tasks.

Digital Transformation Platforms, like Artsyl’s docAlpha, integrate with existing back end business systems to transform the unstructured data in documents stored in ECM systems into structured data that can be stored and managed in ERP systems—automatically, with minimal human intervention.

How Artsyl Automation Can Improve Manufacturing Processes

Artsyl focuses on solving the most tedious and costly back-office processes in manufacturing, like procure to pay and order to cash. By successfully automating these back-office processes with workflow automation and data capture technology for manufacturing companies, manufacturers can broaden the scope of their digital initiatives to boost efficiency for other processes and digitize other documents, including:

  • Contract Review: Circulate, collaborate, and approve contracts faster
  • Work Orders: Receive notifications and access completed Work Order documents immediately
  • Engineering Change Orders: Streamline ECO approvals and create clear audit trails
  • Quality Control: Support corporate and compliance initiatives and audits such as World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO, etc.

Artsyl’s docAlpha Solution Takes on Your Back-Office Processes

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides a valuable data capture technology for manufacturing companies. With docAlpha, manufacturing companies can enjoy automatic data capture and validation, automated workflows and easy integration. These functions bring several valuable benefits to your business, including:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automatic data capture for manufacturing maximizes productivity by sorting data and handling mundane tasks, allowing your staff to focus on complex functions.
  • Instant Access: Access documents wherever and whenever you want.
  • Data Protection: Keep your data on-site and safe from disasters and accidents.

With these benefits of automatic identification systems, docAlpha can help your manufacturing business significantly cut costs while improving efficiency and service quality.

Artsyl Smart Process Applications

While you can enjoy several improvements through automatic data capture for manufacturing, Artsyl also offers process-specific applications to serve specific functions in your workflow automation. These include:

  • InvoiceAction: This tool functions as accounts payable automation for the manufacturing industry. InvoiceAction focuses explicitly on invoice processing and delivers a user-friendly capture and routing system for your business.
  • OrderAction: This system automates sales order processing, streamlining data collection while reducing order times and tracking outstanding sales. With OrderAction, manufacturing companies can focus on the big picture.

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