Digital Transformation for the Food Industry

Food safety is a highly scrutinized issue, and many food industry businesses are feeling the effects. Many restaurants and food industry businesses are struggling to balance their business obligations with safety requirements and regulations. These issues are compounded by the fact that many restaurant owners still use labor-intensive paper-based processes that hinder their efforts.

In the digital age, many restaurant owners and food industry businesses are turning to digital transformation technologies including intelligent document processing to streamline paper-based repetitive processes. With intelligent data capture and process automation, the food sector can achieve greater flexibility and organization while minimizing costs.

Achieve More With Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent data capture is a process where a software system applies machine learning and powerful OCR/ICR/OMR technologies to extract data from scanned paper and digital documents and convert that data into actionable values. One of the ways to initiate digital transformation in the food industry is by automating document-based processes like accounts payable and customer sales order processing. This intelligent data capture technology coupled with other digital transformation technologies including AI, machine learning, and business process automation are embedded into Artsyl’s comprehensive intelligent process automation solutions for data and document processing. These solutions enable workflow automation of labor-intensive document management and data entry tasks in back-end mission critical processes, and help the food industry to:

  • Properly handle paper and digital documents quickly and efficiency
  • Automatically extract and validate relevant business and transaction data from documents
  • Report on business processes to target and eliminate bottlenecks

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Solutions Streamline Your Business Processes

With docAlpha, the food industry can benefit from automatic classification, sorting, and data extraction of massive quantities of paper and digital documents, and implement intelligent document processing of a large influx of complex transaction documents with little to no human intervention. The resultant benefits are cumulative as are mentioned below:

  • Reduced Costs: Automate basic data entry and filing tasks, reducing costly labor expenses and mistakes.
  • Instant Access: Access documents anytime from anywhere, improving visibility and responsiveness.
  • Data Protection: docAlpha keeps your data safe, so you don’t lose it to a disaster or accident.
  • Instant Auditability: Keep detailed audit trails of documents, data and decisions for compliance checks and audits.

With these benefits of docAlpha, your food industry business can cut costs while improving other aspects of your business.

docAlpha digital transformation platform for the Food Industry

The docAlpha intelligent process automation platform extracts information from documents and forms, and initiates process automation of several document-dependent functions including:

  • R&D / Regulatory Affairs: docAlpha initiates workflow automation for managing research and regulatory documentation, so you can easily keep track of paperwork for compliance checks and research protocols, alike.
  • Manufacturing / Quality Assurance: Stay on top of your manufacturing documentation in the food products industry with an intelligent automation system designed to keep track of everything from methods to change controls.
  • Billing and Payables Automation: Automate the capture of payables and receivables documents to see a cost reduction of 80% or more. The food industry especially benefits from accounts payable automation, from food products manufacturers to restaurants. These systems keep excellent track of documents and receipts, helping to minimize cycle times and bottlenecks.

You can also explore your options in Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation solutions, which are prepackaged, process-specific vertical solutions to enable workflow automation of specific document-dependent functions. These include:


InvoiceAction: This accounts payable automation solution for restaurants and the food industry focuses on invoice processing and routing, improving your ability to track accounts payable with electronic invoicing data for restaurants. InvoiceAction is a smart tool to use for accounts payable automation in the food industry.



OrderAction: OrderAction automates sales order processing, reducing order times and tracking outstanding sales. With this tool, your business can focus on the big picture.


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