Order Management

Companies that manage sales orders manually incur higher costs due to process inefficiencies, experience higher error rates/process exceptions and often lack access to detailed information about buyer behaviors and purchase history.

Because order data is often trapped in paper invoices or digital documents, firms relying on manual processes fail to capture order data that could provide better visibility over key business KPIs.

At the same time, scaling business operations to meet demand, either due to seasonal variances or business growth, can be a challenge that could put company performance and/or customer satisfaction at risk. What is needed is an intelligent automation solution that drives unattended sales order processing, lowering manual intervention as well as the costs and complexities associated with it.

Problems Solved

Gaining Control and Boosting Order Management Efficiency

Artsyl focuses on developing intelligent automation solutions that solve the most painful, manual steps in the order to cash process: document handling and routing, order matching/approval, and transaction data entry and validation.

By relying on Artsyl’s intelligent process automation solutions for an order management system to automatically extract header/footer and line item details data from scanned paper documents and electronic files, customers gain greater insights into customer buying behaviors and trends, while reducing transaction costs and also shortening sales order processing cycle times.

An intelligent automation solution like order processing software ensures more efficient order processing, dramatically lowering costs while delivering better visibility into financial KPIs like cash flows and days sales outstanding. It also allows companies to scale operations and support a growing business without adding to staff for handling data entry or process exceptions.

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation Solutions Take the Pain Out of Your AP Process and Get You Up and Running Quickly



Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform provides intelligent document capture, data validation, workflow automation and ERP/ECM integration to support straight-through processing of data and documents, from initial receipt through approval and ERP transaction entry.


OrderAction from Artsyl is an order processing software solution derived from the base intelligent process automation platform. OrderAction minimizes the costs, complexities, and time required to implement a complete sales order automation solution.


Packaged and pre-configured to identify/classify a variety of sales order-related documents, OrderAction order processing software automates document classification/filing, approval routing, data validation and ERP transaction data entry.

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