Herrick Industrial Supply Delivers Instant Customer Service with DocuWare and docAlpha

Intelligent Capture reduces customer sales inquiry response times and delivers instant access to packing slip documents and data by eliminating manual data entry and document handling

The Challenge

Before implementing the docAlpha digital transformation platform, Herrick Industrial Supply owner Steve Herrick says that his staff had a difficult time digitizing packing slips and other customer documents so that they could be efficiently searched and retrieved from within their DocuWare system.

“From time to time, maybe twice a week a customer will call and say, "I have an invoice for this item, but I didn't receive a packing slip for it. Can you email me a copy of the signed packing list?" Herrick said.

Without an efficient, digital system in place, Herrick and his staff would have to wade through hundreds of files while a customer waited for a response.

“We'd have these big file cabinets, and if a customer had a question we'd pull out their file and weed through 200 packing slips,” Herrick said.

The manual process was not always foolproof, according to Herrick.

“A lot of times that signed packing slip would get misfiled,” Herrick said. “Our customer that started with a G would get in the H's, so if you had to go back and find a signed packing slip from Great Western Plumbing and it's not there, it just wouldn't be there, it could be in the H's or just misfiled somewhere or never got to the file in the first place.”

While DocuWare provided a great system for storing, retrieving and managing documents, with as many as 3,000 packing slips to process in a given month, Herrick needed an effective way to extract data from the scanned packing slips in way that saved time and boosted efficiency.

“When a customer's asking for something they want it now,” Herrick said. “We couldn't get the information quick enough.”

The Solution

With docAlpha, Herrick’s staff can scan the customer packing slips and rely on the system’s intelligent capture capabilities to identify the customer code, order number, ticket number and date and automatically enter that data into DocuWare along with an image of the signed packing slip.

Comparing Herrick’s efficiency with docAlpha and DocuWare and the company’s old system is night and day.

“On a good day, it could be fifteen minutes to find a document—or never finding it.” Herrick said. “Now I've got the shortcut on the sales people's desk, so all we need is an order date or a customer number or an order number or pick ticket. A lot of times the customer is looking at an invoice, and on the invoice, is the order number and pick ticket number. All we need is one of those pieces of information to bring up the information”

“It’s lightning speed compared to the other way.”

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For over a decade, Artsyl has delivered smart process automation solutions that begin with the most painful and inefcient step in any process — manual data entry. By leveraging data and documents to intelligently handle data capture, extraction, classifcation and routing, Artsyl streamlines end-to-end operations for improved efciency, visibility, compliance and control.

Artsyl’s docAlpha platform reduces manual document handling, eliminates data entry, increases data accuracy, accelerates workflows and ensures standards compliance. Supported by robust reporting that increases process transparency, Artsyl solutions empower organizations to monitor KPIs, eliminate approval bottlenecks and reduce cycle times while providing instant auditability.


Herrick Industrial Supply


Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Supplier


• Automate and streamline document handling and data entry/indexing for packing slips stored in their DocuWare ECM system

• Ensure reliable, timely access to scanned customer packing slips from within their DocuWare ECM system


• Artsyl docAlpha


• “Lightning fast” access to packing slips compare to >15 minutes per customer inquiry

• Reduced errors and exceptions due to data entry

• 100% liability tracking and process transparency


• More responsive customer service

• Instant access to sales data

• Better accuracy

• Greater scalability to manage peak periods

Herrick Industrial Supply

Established in 1955, Ogden-Utah-based Herrick Industrial Supply is a second-generation family-owned business providing everything an industrial manufacturing facility needs for its day to day operations.


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