Intelligent Document Processing in Multiple ERP Environments

An Opportunity to Leverage Artsyl’s IPA technology in Different Enterprise Software Applications

Regardless of the enterprise software application you are using, Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation capabilities can be leveraged to the fullest using your familiar ERP interface itself to drive end-to-end unstructured and semi-structured document processing.

An Opportunity to Leverage Artsyl’s IPA technology in Different Enterprise Software Applications

Artsyl’s robust API-level integration connectors help companies transition from manual, paper-driven document processing to straight-through intelligent document processing, without the need for any complex system setup or infrastructure changes.

Why Connect to an ERP Software Platform?

Managing day-to-day business operations requires diligence, focus, transparency, and visibility — something that fails to be efficient with mere human effort. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that helps consolidate and coordinate business functions, and manage entire operations in finance & accounting, procurement, supply chain, customer relationship management, human resources, etc. on a single platform.

ERP software enables continuous data flows across systems, departments, and an organization, helping remove data silos and as a result, functional silos. A single platform solution for managing all business operations also ensures visibility across departments, functions, and processes in a way that lowers instances of reworks, duplicate data entries, operational inconsistencies, and miscommunication. Apart from bringing reduced operating costs, lower processing time and errors, improved productivity, and business acceleration, an ERP software platform introduces strict data and operating compliance standards needed for a company to remain in good standing.

ERP software typically employs a common, centralized database. This enables a shared user experience across an entire organization, where a single database connects people, processes, and systems to form one connected enterprise. Enterprise connectivity is critical to maintaining a single source of facts concerning business operations, and an enterprise software like an ERP system helps achieve that.


On-Premise: an ERP system hosted on-premise is basically ‘owned’, with the software stationed in a physical location in-house. On-premise ERP software gives the user complete control over all the hardware and software components, enabling them to directly optimize both operation and control, based on their business requirements. But on-premise installations take up a lot of space and add to the complexities of a growing IT infrastructure in-house. Moreover, the costs of operating and maintaining an in-house ERP software can be exponential. There is also the difficulty to distribute, cut-down, or expand usage of an in-house enterprise software model compared to a Cloud or SaaS application, and any change in usage must be achieved with a lot of infrastructure changes and additional costs.


Cloud: a cloud hosted ERP software platform accesses computing resources over the internet and runs on a series of remote servers rather than on a physical server inside a company. The Cloud resolves the common deployment and maintenance challenges of a traditional ERP system, where resources and service are accessed by users on a subscription basis through the internet. This eliminates the need for physical storage of computing equipment, and lowers maintenance and operating costs. The benefits of a cloud ERP software are cumulative, making it the popular choice for companies looking to establish a more flexible model of working and conducting business operations.

Driving End-to-End Intelligent Document Processing with Artsyl

Driving End-to-End Intelligent Document Processing with Artsyl

Whatever the method of deployment, Artsyl has the technology and expertise to connect its intelligent process automation system with a wide range of enterprise software systems. Artsyl has developed a number of proprietary integration connectors for seamless connectivity to both on-premise and cloud-hosted ERPs, enabling intelligent document processing of a diverse set of transaction and source documents within the connected ERP environment. Artsyl’s ERP integrations enable intelligent automation of complex document-dependent business processes and transport of accurate data from these processes straight to a connected ERP. Straight-through acquisition, validation, and export of transaction data to an ERP system lowers the costs and inefficiencies of manual paperwork, and ensures end-to-end flow of accurate business information.

Arstyl’s integration connectors extend the usage and capabilities of different ERP software systems to work with unstructured and semi-structured data and documents.

Artsyl’s Diverse ERP Software Integration Suite

Artsyl supports export of captured data to different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) applications. API-level integration with many ERP systems opens up end-to-end intelligent document processing of a host of document-dependent functions within these applications.

Artsyl offers prepackaged vertical solutions with advanced data capture and intelligence-specific workflows that deliver out-of-the-box, codefree automation of typical mission critical document-dependent processes including accounts payable invoice processing, order processing, check remittance processing, and medical claims management.

Businesses can orchestrate intelligent document processing in a range of document-based process scenarios by accessing Artsyl’s intelligent process automation capabilities at any point in their ERP workflows. Artsyl’s IPA bots perform automatic capture, extraction, classification, validation, and verification of data from unstructured and semi-structured documents before exporting approved data to a connected ERP software system.

Artsyl’s extensive partner network includes technology integrations to the most widely used ERP systems. This enables businesses to work with unstructured and semi-structured documents in their familiar ERP environment.


Artsyl-Acumatica: Acumatica is a complete Cloud ERP solution for managing general business functions like Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, etc. and critical functions in Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, and Construction. Access to timely business information in Acumatica is important for its successful implementation. Artsyl helps achieve this. Tight API-level integration with Acumatica enables Artsyl’s Acumatica-certified solutions — InvoiceAction — for AP automation and OrderAction — for sales order automation — to perform straight through intelligent document processing of a diverse set of document types and export the final, approved data to Acumatica Cloud ERP software. More about the Artsyl-Acumatica integration.

Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics 365

Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a portfolio of business applications to drive productivity and reach out to customers faster. Part of accelerating business and service delivery to customers is accessing and processing customer data efficiently. Tight API-level integration enables Artsyl’s intelligent process automation technologies to quickly capture, process, and deliver business-ready data from unstructured documents straight into Dynamics 365. More on the Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.

Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX

Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX: businesses catering to the mid-market or Fortune 1000 companies, and using the Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX ERP software packages have the best chance of working with unstructured and semi-structured documents from within their Dynamics environment itself. Integration with Artsyl means easy data availability — Dynamics users have the leverage to apply Artsyl’s intelligent document processing capabilities to retrieve useful information from a diverse set of source documents like vendor invoices, customer sales orders, etc. More on the Artsyl-Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX integration.


Artsyl-NetSuite: NetSuite cloud ERP software offers a unified business management suite to make finance and accounting operations more efficient, control and manage inventory and fulfillment, and help reach out to buyers more quickly with its well-rounded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Artsyl elevates the performance of NetSuite cloud ERP software manifold by extending its capabilities to document-dependent processes. Users can browse, capture, extract, and validate data from complex unstructured documents, using their NetSuite cloud ERP application interface, without having to login or out of the system. More on the Artsyl-NetSuite integration.


Artsyl-QuickBooks: Intuit QuickBooks is a very effective software for businesses to organize their income and expenses. But a major portion of the work to get data into QuickBooks is manual and document-based. Artsyl’s integration with the QuickBooks helps automate a big chunk of the manual, error-prone processes to get data from transaction documents like invoices, receipts, bank statements, credit memos, etc. straight into the accounting software. More on the Artsyl-QuickBooks integration.


Artsyl-Sage: Sage is another viable cloud ERP software that helps consolidate day-to-day business processes and information for better resource management and productivity. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform helps accelerate the delivery of this information to the Sage Cloud ERP software through automatic acquisition, sporting, validation, and approval of transaction data. More on the Artsyl-Sage integration.

Artsyl-SAP Business One for HANA

Artsyl-SAP Business One for HANA: SAP Business One for HANA makes data management and analytics easy by collecting data from various data sources and consolidating it on a single platform. Artsyl augments its capabilities further by helping extract data from complex document-based processes including accounts payable invoice processing, order processing, medical claims processing, check remittance operations, etc., which otherwise usually entail a lot of manual effort and time. More on the Artsyl-SAP Business One for HANA integration.

Artsyl-SAP Business One

Artsyl-SAP Business One: small businesses have the best opportunity to maximize efficiencies and lower data and functional silos with the SAP Business One single platform application for managing their entire business. Artsyl makes it better by making data readily available from a multitude of unstructured and semi-structured data sources for use to process accounting and financials, inventory, sales and customer service, purchasing, reporting and analytics, etc. in the SAP B1 application. More on the Artsyl-SAP Business One integration.

More Flexible, Scalable, & Accelerated ERP Software Integrations Made Possible with Jitterbit

Jitterbit Partnership

The Artsyl-Jitterbit Partnership

Added to these technology partnerships is the collaboration with Jitterbit, which enables Artsyl to expand its portfolio of business applications to drive end-to-end intelligent process automation. Artsyl’s partnership with Jitterbit allows it to extend its intelligent document processing capabilities to SaaS, on-premise, and cloud ERP applications via APIs. In essence, Jitterbit is an API transformation service that helps Artsyl to deliver its innovative, intelligence-specific vertical solutions for document processing to any number of trusted applications, ERPs, ECMs, etc. through flexible, scalable API-level integrations.

So, regardless of the business application or system you are using, if it is not specified in the aforementioned list, Artsyl will be able to set up a technology integration in no time to enable intelligent process automation of document-based processes right in your ERP/ECM environment.

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