Intelligent Document Classification

Intelligent Document Classification

Sorting and Handling Documents Automatically Resolves One of the Biggest Transactional Process Bottlenecks

When it comes to routine processes where high volumes of documents or transactions are involved, sorting through and organizing them can be one of the most painful and time-consuming tasks.

Organizations that receive documents from multiple channels (paper, email, electronic fax, FTP, etc.) need an efficient and convenient way to sort through all of their documents and data streams to identify documents related to specific processes (e.g. invoices) and handle them accordingly.

Those organizations can rely on the digital classification technology to process batches of scanned documents or streams or electronic documents to sort individual documents by their type (e.g. invoices) and by specific transaction type (e.g. an invoice for Vendor A).

Digital classification often involves relying on software to intelligently identify a signifier like a document number, a company name or some other relevant data element. Driven by rules that can be defined/configured in advance, systems that provide automatic document classification can learn and adapt over time to handle a broad range of documents with semi-structured or unstructured content.

docAlpha Automates Digital Classification to Handle Any Type of Document

The docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform from Artsyl is designed to automatically classify and sort documents using a rules-based algorithm that can learn and adapt over time to handle a wide variety of documents.By relying on digital classification, organizations can scan large volumes of paper documents in a single batch, relying on docAlpha to separate scanned pages into individual documents automatically. Next, docAlpha employs digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning to automatically classify documents according to type such as vendor invoices, purchase orders, receipts, bills of ladings, credit memos, etc. It can look for duplicate documents, or match related documents such as invoices/POs/Receipts to support various processes such as procure to pay. Classified documents are easy to validate and verify, before being transported to a line-of-business application like an ERP system or document management system for further business use.

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Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Applications Make it Easy to Get Started

For specific processes like procure-to-pay or order to cash, intelligent process automation solutions built on top of the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform provide a pre-packaged set of rules for specific document types. As a result, customers can quickly implement a solution to sort through thousands of invoices/purchase orders/etc., with a minimal amount of effort and no custom coding or services required.

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation Solutions include:

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