As workloads rise, many state and local government agencies are struggling to balance their obligations to provide mandated services while holding the line on costs. Much of this difficulty comes from the paper-based processes many government agencies still use.

As populations rise and agencies handle increased requests, paper-based processes are becoming more labor-intensive and less cost-effective. Faced with overwhelming “do more with less” expectations, many government agencies have turned to intelligent data capture and process automation so they can scale to meet increased demand with limited resources.

Agencies Achieve Greater Scalability With Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent document processing solutions for local and federal government agencies help companies transition from paper-based document processing to automated workflow management. Intelligent data capture is a critical part of intelligent automation, which works by scanning data trapped within paper and digital documents and correspondence, and turning it into actionable data. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation is a unique combination of all such digital transformation technologies including intelligent data capture, business process automation, AI and machine learning, and recognition software like OCR/ICR/OMR, which can be applied to governmental document-based processes as a comprehensive data and document management solution.

Artsyl focuses on eliminating labor-intensive steps in agency processes, especially those relating to document management, like handling and routing, data entry and process monitoring. By applying Artsyl’s intelligent process automation, government agencies can take control of their document management processes to:

  • Properly handling paper and digital documents from multiple channels and formats
  • Extract relevant data from documents automatically and validate it against existing records
  • Monitor processes to target and eliminate bottlenecks through reports and alerts

These intelligent automation processes allow government agencies to sort, file and access data more quickly, improving overall efficiency while cutting costs.

Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform Cuts Costs and Improves Processes

The docAlpha digital transformation platform for intelligent document processing effectively eliminates the costly burden of manual document management. The system applies AI, machine learning, and other advanced automation technologies to digitize paper documents, extract information from documents, digital forms and files, and automatically route information for processing. This way, docAlpha takes the pain out of routine processes, enabling government agencies to continue to innovate while operating efficiently.

These functions bring numerous benefits to government agencies, including:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: intelligent document processing and data capture technology for local government maximizes productivity and performance by automating basic tasks, allowing your employees to focus on more complex ones.
  • Reduced Space Demands: By capturing paper files in an electronic format, agencies require less physical space to store documents.
  • Instant Access: Access documents instantly and securely, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Instant Auditability: Keep detailed audit trails of documents, data and decisions for compliance purposes.

With these benefits, intelligent data capture for local government agencies can maximize the potential of government agencies.

Artsyl docAlpha Intelligent Process Automation Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

The docAlpha digital transformation platform for intelligent document processing of mission critical government functions enables government agencies to streamline their back-office and ensure data regulatory standards and compliance. docAlpha employs machine learning and OCR/ICR/OMR technologies to extract information from complex documents and forms. Specific workflow automation is applied to extracted data and documents to process and route them for validation and approval. The scope for intelligent automation of document-dependent processes in this sector extend to:

  • Permitting: Improve revenue generation by electronically reviewing, issuing and managing permits
  • FOIA requests: Respond quickly to public information requests by streamlining capture and access to documents and information
  • Contract management: Capture contract data and documents, related compliance information and manage the entire process efficiently
  • Accounts payable: Reduce payables cycle times by 80% by automating data entry, approval routing and transaction creation
  • Human resources: Streamline applicant tracking and employee onboarding by capturing documents and data, routing information to the appropriate stakeholders and monitoring for process bottlenecks

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