Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate Your Sales Order Process to Accelerate Accounts Receivable
and Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

When it comes to accounts receivable automation, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) is key to maintaining control and optimizing cash flows. But that’s just part of the equation. Improving cash flow projections, reconciling cash within ERP systems and achieving timely visibility of buyer behavior trends represent the greatest pressures facing accounts receivable teams struggling to manage their accounts receivable process.

The key to overcoming these challenges? Eliminating process bottlenecks like manual data entry and document handling through intelligent process automation, By deploying an order processing software solution to manage the growing customer demand and the related influx of sales orders, business will invariably accelerate order fulfillment, achieving greater efficiency and more timely access to business data in the process.


Reduce errors, eliminate bottlenecks and scale your operations without adding staff by automating data capture, document matching and exception handling


Optimize Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and A/R operational costs while reducing unallocated payments and open items by accelerating process workflows


Achieve greater visibility into buyer behavior and broader trends by automating data capture to achieve timely visibility to detailed sales order data

Making the Case for Sales Order Automation

While efficiency gains and error reduction is sufficient to justify the investment in sales order automation, the REAL strategic gains come from achieving greater process transparency and control to facilitate ongoing business growth.

Discover what other Artsyl customers say about why it’s so important to ensure process efficiency, transparency and control — and how Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform and OrderAction intelligent process automation application has helped them to achieve those goals.

  • Reduce IT overhead and speed implementation for sales order automation, including data capture, workflow and ERP integration
  • Delivers detailed data, including line item details to drive more timely business insights
  • Boosts accuracy and reduces errors/excepts through automated validation and exception alerts
  • Automated matching of customer sales orders and accounts receivable invoices
  • Provides process monitoring and reporting to target delays and maintain KPIs

View the Artsyl Caleffi Success Story

With over 4,200 line items to process in a given month, and business continuing to grow, Caleffi North America Communications Manager Mary Olson was tasked with helping to implement an automated system that would give the customer service team more control and visibility over the process. The goal was to leverage their existing integrated SAP ERP system system, but take the pain out of complex order processing so that the team could process orders more quickly, without sacrificing accuracy.

Read the Caleffi Case Study and discover how quickly you can accelerate your Sales Order Processing to achieve better performance and more timely access to data.

Put Your Sales Order Automation Vision into Action with OrderAction

When you choose an industry-leading solution for sales order automation like OrderAction to work for your organization, you reduce costs, improve cash flows and cash flow forecasting, and accelerate order-to-cash process performance. Watch this video to learn how quickly and easily companies can leverage docAlpha and OrderAction for intelligent document processing of sales orders. Businesses can boost their sales order processing efficiency and A/R process visibility, and achieve ROI in as little as 6 months.


Optimize Your
Sales Order Processing
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