Accelerate your Supply Chain and Transform Your Sales Order Process with OrderAction

Securing a customer order
is a big win.
But a bigger win would be
to deliver the order on time and as requested.

OrderAction helps!

OrderAction helps!

If you’re worried about the lengthy order processing time, endless data entry and validation checks, and archiving of all transactions in your ERP system everytime you receive an order, don't!

There’s an intelligent way to handle this.

There’s an intelligent way to handle this

OrderAction comes with intelligent automation powered sales order processing capabilities that help businesses eliminate processing bottlenecks and delays due to manual document handling and data entry.

If you were processing sales order forms manually, with OrderAction, you can automate the process. The great advantage is OrderAction comes with process-specific intelligence, strong machine learning based data capture features, and AI-enabled workflow automation. What this does is it enables complete hands-free processing of sales order forms, including the capture, validation, and verification of form details. Post verification, OrderAction directly routes the data and documents to a verification manager for approvals.

A highly document-based process such as this is automated, dramatically reducing the number of steps needed, and with that, the time to process a sales order.

The result is accelerated order processing, and timely order fulfillment.

OrderAction Benefits

Improve Visibility and Control

Supply Chain Optimization

Maintain Clear Audit Trails

Straight-Through Processing with Seamless ERP System Integration

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Errors

Lower Transaction Costs

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Sales Order Automation
with OrderAction

Machine Learning and Intelligent Process Automation for
Faster Implementations and Increased Speed to Value

OrderAction is an intelligent process automation application that leverages AI and machine learning to overcome traditional hurdles to cost-effective sales order automation: an over-dependence on custom coding, custom integrations and lengthy/complex IT implementations.

Designed to get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively, OrderAction’s self-learning features and functionality allow the application to adapt as it encounters process exceptions.

Rather than requiring assistance from a programmer or IT team member, OrderAction can take direction from a process owner, who relies on a simple graphic user interface to provide additional guidance or direction.

The sales order automation system is designed to meet client objectives for faster implementation of order fulfillment, with ROI achieved in 180 days or close to one year.

As part of the ActionSuite family of solutions, OrderAction relies on the capabilities of the docAlpha intelligent process automation platform, allowing customers to extend those same capabilities and apply them to other business process problems.

As a result, once customers achieve a return on investment from improvements to a single process, they can continue to innovate and optimize similar document-intensive processes throughout their organization.

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