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Automate Order Processing, Time to Money, Customer Satisfaction and Insights with OrderAction


Processing sales orders is a critical component to maintaining customer satisfaction and managing the supply chain. By automating the sales order process, forward-thinking companies can go beyond simply filling orders. The can transform the sales order process into an opportunity to achieve new levels of insight about customer purchasing behaviors.


Delivers sales order processing capabilities that streamling process bottlenecks related to manual document handling and data entry

Automated sales order management capabilities include data capture, workflow routing and ERP integration to deliver a complete, straight through process

Header/footer and line item data capture results in more timely access to customer buying behaviors

Data validity validation via logic-driven algorithms and cross-checking with ERP/ECM/CRM data sources

Delivers greater process control and visibility with automated alerts and notifications

For organizations that rely on manual systems and processes, sales order management is labor-intensive and error-prone, injecting unnecessary risk into the sales and fulfillment process.

Beyond creating process bottlenecks and introducing errors, the burden of manual order fulfillment management for high volumes of complex sales orders manually limits the ability to capture valuable information about customer purchases.

OrderAction process automation software for customer sales orders delivers greater visibility and control over sales orders, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating order handling/filing, data entry validation and transaction data entry.

With OrderAction, you can transform your sales order process into a strategic component of your supply chain management and finance operations to drive greater cost savings and greater insights into customer purchase behaviors.

OrderAction Features

Improved Visibility and Control
OrderAction puts customer information, order amounts, taxes, line item details, workflow status, order images and related data at your fingertips, 24x7.

Supply Chain Optimization
Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and optimize cash flow forecasting/guidance.

Maintain Clear Audit Trails
OrderAction keeps a complete audit trail of every touch point within the sales order process, so users can monitor whether or not the proper checks and validations took place.

Straight Through Processing with Seamless ERP System Integration
Transform your documents into actionable data, automatically routing invoices for approval and creating transactions in your ERP system instantly.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Errors
Intelligent capture technology drastically reduces manual data entry, boosting efficiency while reducing errors by validating data against business records

Lower Transaction Costs
Studies show that sales process automation reduces the cost to process an invoice by 50-80 percent, with a typical ROI of less than 12 months.

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OrderAction Specifications

Multi-Channel Capture

  • Scanned Images – TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Email – POP3, LotusNotes
  • Fax Servers – RightFax
  • Electronic – XML Tickets

Advanced OCR Extraction

Independent automated extraction of
  • Structured
  • Semi-Structured
  • Unstructured data

Automated Document Classification

Classification of multiple document types for separation and routing

Rules based validation of data

  • Vendor look-ups
  • Mathematical reconciliations
  • PO Matching
  • 3 way Matching
  • Early Pay Alerts
  • Customizable rules

Machine Learning and Intelligent Process Automation for
Faster Implementations and Increased Speed to Value

OrderAction is an intelligent process automation application built on top of the docAlpha transformation platform that leverages advanced tools and technologies like machine learning and intelligent process automation and machine learning to overcome traditional hurdles to cost-effective process automation: an over-dependence on custom coding, custom integrations and lengthy/complex IT implementations.

Designed to get you up and running quicly and cost-effectively, OrderAction’s self-learning features and functionality allows the application to adapt as it encounters process exceptions. Rather than requiring assistance from a programmer or IT team member, OrderAction can take direction from a process owner, who relies on a simple graphic user interface to provide additional guidance or direction.

Any new guidance that OrderAction receives are incorporated into its algorithms, allowing it to continually learn, adapt and evolve. The system is designed to meet client objectives for fast implementation, which typically trabslates into implementation timelines measured in a few months and ROI achieved in 180 days to within one year.

As part of the ActionSuite family of solutions, OrderAction relies on the capabilities of the docAlpha transformation platform, allowing customers to extend those same capabilities and apply them to other business process problems. As a result, once customers achieve a return on investment from improvements to a single process, they can continue to innovate and optimized processes throughout their organization.


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