Purchase Order Template: 8 Proven Steps

Creating a purchase order template doesn't have to be a complicated process. A well-crafted template can save you time and help eliminate errors, streamlining your procurement operations. Follow our step-by-step instructions to create a functional and professional-looking purchase order template.

A purchase order template is the best friend for any business involved in sales, orders, delivery, and supply chain. Having a purchase order template is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to streamline the purchasing process by providing a standardized format for requesting and approving purchases. This can save time and reduce errors, as all parties involved can easily refer to the template for guidance.

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Additionally, a PO template can ensure that all necessary information is included in each purchase request, such as product descriptions, quantities, prices, and delivery dates. This can help prevent misunderstandings or disputes between buyers and suppliers and facilitate more efficient communication and collaboration.

Overall, a well-designed purchase order template can help organizations manage their purchasing processes more effectively, improve accuracy and efficiency, and ensure that all parties involved are on the same page. Let’s learn how to create a purchase order template and explore a few examples.

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document sent by a buyer to a supplier, indicating the types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the buyer wants to purchase. A purchase order acts as a legally binding agreement between the buyer and supplier, outlining the terms and conditions of the purchase transaction.

Purchase order includes several standard fields, such as the vendor’s information, item descriptions, quantities, prices, and payment terms. Understanding these elements is crucial to creating a useful and comprehensive free purchase order template.

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Using a Blank Purchase Order

A blank excel purchase order can be an incredibly handy tool for anyone who wishes to keep track of purchases, both big and small. It is an easy-to-use blank purchase order form spreadsheet that allows you to quickly put in the details of your purchase, such as item name, quantity, and price, without going through tedious manual calculations.

Being able to store a detailed account of what you have spent money on at any given time ensures that you remain on top of your finances and know exactly where your funds are going.

Plus, having a blank purchase order form download eliminates the need for physical paper documents that could easily get lost or unorganized.

Being able to store a detailed account

For anyone who spends a lot of time making numerous transactions

For anyone who spends a lot of time making numerous transactions throughout the day, a blank purchase order (printable) can be a lifesaver!

With the use of blank purchase order form PDF templates, businesses can ease the burden and cost of having to physically create, manage and distribute purchase orders. This user-friendly method promotes better organization by providing all relevant stakeholders with an accurate record and tracking system.

Additionally, a blank purchase order template saves companies time by quickly creating custom forms in moments to accommodate specific requests. Overall, blank purchase order forms help contribute to a smoother process and workflow when dealing with large purchase orders.

Step 1. Understand the Elements of a Professional Purchase Order Template

The following are the typical elements included in a purchase order:

Purchase Order Number:

Purchase Order Number: A unique identifier is assigned to each purchase order.

A unique identifier is assigned to each purchase order.


Date: The date on which the purchase order is issued.

The date on which the purchase order is issued.

Supplier/Vendor Information:

Supplier/Vendor Information

The name, address, contact information, and any other relevant details about the supplier/vendor.

Shipping Address:

Shipping Address

The address to which the products or services should be shipped.

Payment Terms:

Payment Terms

The agreed-upon payment terms, such as payment method, payment due date, and any discounts or penalties.

Item Description:

Item Description

A detailed description of the product or service being purchased, including quantity, unit price, and total price.

Purchase Order Total:

Purchase Order Total

The total amount of the purchase order, including any taxes, shipping charges, or other fees.

Delivery Date:

Delivery Date

The date by which the products or services should be delivered.

Purchase Order Approval:

Purchase Order Approval

Signature and/or approval of the person responsible for authorizing the purchase order.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

Any additional terms and conditions that apply to the purchase order, such as warranties, returns, and liabilities.

Having a clear understanding of these elements is essential for creating a comprehensive and effective online purchase order form template. A well-designed purchase order template can ensure that all necessary information is included in each purchase request, reduce the risk of errors and disputes, and improve the efficiency of the purchasing process.

Step 2. Choose Software to Create the Purchase Order Form Template

There are a few options for software or tools that can be used to create a formal purchase order template, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, Google Sheets, or specialized purchasing software. Let’s have a brief overview of the pros and cons of each option.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word-processing program that can be used to create a Word document purchase order template. It is widely available and easy to use, with many formatting and design options. However, it may not be as robust as other specialized software, and collaboration over Word editable purchase order templates can be challenging.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can be used to create Excel purchase order templates. It is particularly useful for creating Excel purchase order tempalte that involves calculations or numerical data.

Excel is also widely available and easy to use. However, like Word, it may not be as robust as specialized software, and collaboration can be difficult.

Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program that can be used to create online PO templates. It offers many of the same features as Excel and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. It also allows for easy collaboration and sharing. However, it may have different features than Excel, and some users prefer desktop software.

Google Sheets

Specialized purchasing software

Specialized purchasing software

Many specialized purchasing software options are available to create a formal purchase order, such as Coupa, SAP Ariba, and Procurify. These programs offer robust features for creating and managing PO templates, including automated sales order workflows and tracking. However, they can be expensive and require significant training to use effectively.

Overall, the choice of software for creating editable purchase order templates will depend on the user’s or organization’s specific needs and preferences. Word and Excel are easy to use and widely available, while Google Sheets offers the convenience of cloud-based access and collaboration. Specialized software may be necessary for larger organizations with complex purchasing needs.

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Step 3. Design the Layout of the PO Template

Designing a clear and professional purchase order template is essential to ensure the ordering process runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips for designing a purchase order template layout that includes all the necessary fields:

Keep it simple and clean. Use a clear and easy-to-read font, and ensure the layout is not cluttered. Avoid using too many colors and graphics, as they can distract from the essential information.

Ensure that all the necessary fields are included, such as the order number, vendor information, item description, quantity, price, total cost, and shipping information. Consider including additional fields that may be relevant to your specific business needs.

Use clear and descriptive labels for each field to ensure that the information entered is accurate and easy to understand. Use standardized terminology to avoid confusion.

Design the Layout of the Template

Organize the information logically. Group related fields together and organize them in a logical order that makes sense for your business. For example, group all vendor information fields and item-related fields together.

Include clear instructions on how to fill out the PO template, including any specific requirements or guidelines that must be followed. This will help to ensure that the ordering process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Test the purchase order template with a small group of users before implementing it across the organization. Collect feedback and make any necessary refinements to ensure the template is clear, intuitive, and easy to use.

By following these tips, you can design a clear and intuitive purchase order template that includes all the necessary fields, making the ordering process more efficient and effective for your business.

Step 4. Add Placeholders and Formulas for Dynamic Purchase Order Fields

Once you have determined the necessary fields for your purchase order template, the next step is to add placeholders and formulas for dynamic purchase order fields. This will allow the template to automatically calculate values and populate information based on the inputted data. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Determine which fields in the standard purchase order template will require dynamic calculations or information to be populated based on other fields.
  • Add placeholders for each dynamic field. These can be added as formulas or functions that automatically calculate the value based on the data entered into other fields.
  • Use formulas to calculate totals. For fields such as quantity and price, you can use formulas to calculate the total cost. For example, you can use the formula «= Quantity * Price» to calculate the total cost of an item.
  • Use formulas or look-up functions to automatically populate vendor information, such as the vendor name and address. This will save time and reduce the risk of errors in data entry.
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight fields requiring attention or to visually distinguish between different information types. For example, you can highlight fields that require approval or fields that have been left blank.
  • Test the purchase order template with a small group of users and refine the formulas and formatting as necessary.

By adding placeholders and formulas for dynamic purchase order fields, you can create a more efficient and accurate template, reducing the risk of errors and saving time for your team.

Step 5. Customize the Template to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

Customize the Template to Fit Your Organization's Needs

Modifying a purchase order template to include additional fields or information that your organization requires can be done by following these steps:

First, identify the additional information to meet purchase order requirements. This may include purchase order numbers, approval signatures, or shipping instructions.

Now you can add the new fields to the purchase order template. You can do this by inserting new columns or rows in the template and labeling them appropriately. Make sure to place them in a logical order and group them with related fields.

Adjust the layout of the purchase order template to accommodate the new fields. This may involve resizing or moving existing fields to make room for the new ones. If the new fields require formulas or formatting, make the necessary updates.

For example, if you add a purchase order number field, you may need to update the formula that generates the purchase order number.

Test the modified purchase order template with a small group of users to ensure that it functions as intended and that the new fields and information are captured accurately. You can then refine the template based on user feedback and make any necessary adjustments to improve its functionality and usability.

Tip: Encourage your “focus group” to experiment with different layouts and fields until they find a purchase order template that works best for your organization.

By following these steps, you can modify a purchase order template to include any additional fields or information your organization requires, ensuring that the purchase order process is streamlined and efficient.

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Step 6. Save and Distribute the Purchase Order Template

Saving the purchase order template in a secure location is important to ensure that it can be easily accessed by authorized personnel and to protect it from unauthorized access or modification. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Determine the appropriate location: Choose a secure location to save and store the purchase order template. Depending on your organization’s policies and procedures, this may be a shared drive or a purchasing software system.
  2. Set up access controls: Set up access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and modify the purchase order template. This may involve creating user accounts with specific permissions or setting up password protection.
  3. Give the purchase order template a clear and descriptive name, and organize it in a logical folder structure that makes it easy to find.
  4. Back up the purchase order template regularly to protect against data loss or corruption. This may involve creating regular backups or using version control software.
  5. Train your employees on using the purchase order template and the procedures for saving and accessing it. This will ensure that everyone uses the same template and follows the same procedures.

By following these steps, you can save the template of purchase order in a secure location, making it easily accessible to authorized personnel while protecting it from unauthorized access or modification. Now you are ready to distribute the template for purchase order to all relevant parties, such as vendors, purchasing managers, or accounting teams.

Where to Download Purchase Order Templates?

There are several websites where you can download example purchase orders for free. Here are a few options:

Google Sheets: Google Sheets also offers free templates that are accessible via the Google Sheets platform. Simply open a new Google Sheet, go to the Template Gallery, and search for «Purchase Order» templates.

Template.net: This website offers a variety of purchase order templates in different formats, including Word purchase order templates, Excel, and PDF. You can browse through the templates and select the one that best suits your needs.

Microsoft Office Templates: Microsoft offers a variety of free Excel and Word templates for creating purchase orders. You can download these directly from the Office website or through your Office software.

Vertex42 offers a free purchase order template in Excel format that includes fields for vendor information, item details, and payment terms.

Community Forums: Websites like Reddit and various business forums sometimes have users who share free templates. However, you need to be cautious regarding the source and the accuracy of such templates.

HubSpot provides a free editable purchase order template you can download in Excel format. This template includes fields for the item description, unit price, quantity, and total cost.

GitHub: Tech-savvy users may find open-source purchase order templates on platforms, contributed by community members.

A couple of things to keep in mind, though. Before you download purchase order templates from any of these example purchase orders, make sure to review and customize them to meet your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Free purchase order templates are widely available online and can serve as a quick solution for businesses looking to streamline their procurement processes. Here are some places where you can find free templates:

Before downloading any template, make sure to read the user reviews and ratings, if available. Also, keep in mind that while templates can be incredibly useful, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You may need to make adjustments to fit your specific needs, whether that means adding specific clauses or modifying fields to suit your organizational structure.

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What should a simple professional purchase order template include?

Finding a simple purchase order template excel that suits your business’s needs can take time and effort. A template that contains all the relevant information you need without adding too many additional components may make it easier for employees to understand.

A good purchase order downloadable template should include sections for basic contact information like the customer’s name and address, the supplier, payment terms, and the merchandise itself with relevant details like the quantity and price.

This will ensure that all orders are properly documented in Excel purchase order in an organized way and help avoid potential problems or misunderstandings down the line.

What is access purchase order template?

Access purchase order templates can be a great asset for any business. These documents help organizations track their purchases effectively and efficiently, making managing costs easier and improving profitability.

With Word free purchase order template, users can quickly create, approve and send purchase orders with the click of a mouse. Users found this really useful when managing business a few years ago as they could keep track of everything much more easily. Word templates purchase order also saves time since they don’t have to re-enter information into each purchase order, allowing them to get on with other tasks.

How to print a purchase order?

After identifying and ordering what you need, the next step is printing the purchase order created from a printable blank purchase order form. Whether it’s a one-time thing or part of a longer-term contract, printable purchase order form templates are an important step in delivering the goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. It should be done with care and accuracy so that all the details remain consistent with what was agreed upon.

Thankfully, printing out a purchase order is relatively simple once you know how to do it. You just need access to your vendor’s software or online portal. From there, you can choose the correct printable purchase order format and ensure that printable form for recording purchase orders is properly filled out before sending it to your accounting department for approval. Once approved, you will be able to send off the order finally!

What is a purchase order acknowledgment template?

Purchase order acknowledgment template is a document that suppliers use to acknowledge and accept orders from customers. This essential document outlines the details of the delivered goods and confirms both parties’ agreement.

In addition, formal purchase order sample also helps keep track of complex sales transactions, enabling buyers and suppliers to understand their obligations for on-time delivery and quality products clearly. Knowing about purchase order access template document has certainly been helpful in day-to-day dealings with purchasing orders.

How to choose online purchase order form template?

Choosing a purchase order form template for online orders can be an important part of streamlining purchasing processes for businesses. It is essential to select one that allows your company to easily keep track of information related to the products being ordered and manage billing and shipping arrangements.

Careful consideration should be given to the type of content that should be included on the purchase order templae form, such as item numbers, prices, and discounts associated with each product ordered.

Security measures should also be considered when deciding on a production purchase order template. Consider including encryption technology or other safeguards depending on your specific needs for online purchase order template.

Ultimately selecting an appropriate online purchase order template is key in helping you stay efficient and productive with all types of online purchases.

Can you give me a purchase order example?

Purchase orders are an important part of completing business transactions. They help to ensure that all parties involved understand the terms of a purchase before it is completed. In its simplest form, a purchase order outlines what is being purchased and the quantity that needs to be delivered.

Purchase order examples (Excel) also typically include payment terms, delivery dates, shipping information, taxes, contact information for both buyer and seller, and other relevant details governing the transaction.

A good purchase order free example would be when a company requests 200 widgets from a supplier at $20 each, with payment due within 30 days. Upon receiving the purchase order examples, the supplier reviews it, determines if they have the necessary inventory to fulfill it and then processes the order accordingly.

Where can I find a sample of a purchase order?

If you’re looking for an example of a purchase order, the internet is an invaluable resource. You will find a PO example pdf in various formats depending on the industry you’re working in, so make sure you take the time to find one that matches your needs.

Many companies create or customize their own purchase orders. However, several templates are available for download on websites such as Microsoft Office (for purchase order example Word format) and Docstoc that are widely accepted by organizations.

Additionally, if you contact your local Chamber of Commerce, they can provide a sample of a generic purchase order (such as a purchase order excel template) that meets your needs.

What to include in sample of purchase order?

When creating a sample purchase order, including all necessary information while adhering to the correct format is important. Vendor details, including shipping, contact, billing information, and a description of the ordered items should be included. Furthermore, packing and shipping instructions, pricing, and payment terms should also be defined in sample purchase order form to ensure an efficient ordering process.

Finally, specifications received from the customer, such as material and quality, must also be written out for vendors to understand fully in sample of purchase order form. With these components included in each purchase order, buyers can rest assured that their orders will be accurately filled with minimal delays using sample of purchase order template.

Where can I find best purchase order examples Word?

The internet is a great place to start if you’re looking for high-quality purchase order examples in Word format. Search for templates of purchase order form word that have been produced by companies with extensive experience and an understanding of legal protocols.

You can also check out resources from your industry or trade association – these will include comprehensive purchase order examples tailored to your sector. As you search, it pays to look into the user reviews before settling on a template to ensure it meets all your requirements.

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