Intelligent Process Automation for Blue Prism

Extending RPA to Document-based Processes

Accelerate Data Availability to your Acumatica ERP with Artsyl Document Capture and Imaging Software

Blue Prism's connected RPA is useful for automating repetitive, predictable tasks where the RPA bots perform a series of consecutive actions based on data supplied by a preceding, connected bot.

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform with Intelligent Capture technology docAlpha helps extend these capabilities for document-based processes as well in which information is not always structured or “data-ready” for use in Blue Prism.

The platform consists of a collective of task-specific bots using digital transformation technologies to enable automatic capture, contextual data extraction, validation, and verification of data from vendor invoices and sales orders before entering it into Blue Prism. Artsyl’s Invoice Processing Software & Order Processing Software are built on this platform.

The collective bots can be used singularly or in its entirety based on document type and process requirements. This integration enables capabilities of the platform to be called by Blue Prism as needed.

Hasten Document Acquisition & Processing
Accelerate Data Availability
Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Lower Operational Costs
Improve Data Accuracy & Compliance
Use Artsyl BOTs singularly or in its entirety via REST APIs
depending on document type & process requirements
Track & Document All Inbound Business Data

Avail a Unified Workforce of RPA and Document Process Automation
Enhance the Efficiencies of Your RPA Environment

Artsyl Listed on Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX)

You can now access the Artsyl Visual Business Object (VBO) on the Blue Prism DX, enabling you to call Artsyl’s advanced intelligent capture and process automation capabilities from within Blue Prism itself, and ensure accurate and timely data availability to Blue Prism.

With Blue Prism VBO

  • You can access Artsyl’s IPA capabilities without disturbing underlying systems or processes
  • Customize your Digital Workforce depending on business necessity with simple drag-and-drop of components
  • Maximize digital transformation with Artsyl-Blue Prism no code integration

Integrated Offerings

Artsyl Invoice and Sales Order Processing Software

Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions comes fully integrated with Blue Prism Cloud ERP for a complete end-to-end AP and AR automation solution. Built on an Intelligent Process Automation platform and embedded with digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning, InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions maximizes straight-through processing of vendor invoices and customer orders from acquisition, data extraction, vendor look-up and PO items validation, inventory lookup, verification, to final notifications for approval before use in Blue Prism.

How Artsyl’s Document Process Automation Extends Blue Prism’s Capabilities

All Purpose Document Capture

Automatic data capture from diverse structured and unstructured document formats — Ability to integrate with a wide array of document scanners and MFPs

Automatic Document Sorting & Classification

Multipage documents are automatically detached into separate submissions before applying OCR to enable document classification.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Following document classification, appropriate data is extracted based on document type, customer-defined requirements, and from machine learning acquired overtime by self-learning Document Process Automation bots. Machine Learning minimizes exceptions considerably.

No Code Automation

A combination of no-code bots applying process-specific or generic automation using digital transformation technologies enable endless customizations and functionalities, without changing underlying systems or processes.

Processing Wizards

A combination of no-code bots applying process-specific or generic automation using digital transformation technologies enable end-to-end automation for document-based processes, minimizing user intervention considerably.

Data capture, extraction, classification, validation, and routing for verification or approval before feeding to Blue Prism is now accomplished in a single process flow.

Data Validation — Cascading Lookups

Cascading enables automatic filtering and access to multiple databases within Blue Prism during document classification so that the most relevant information that is in-line with defined business rules and expectations can be returned for validation.

Push & Pull Scanning

The Artsyl web scanner enables push scanning where your documents can be scanned directly to a directory or destination, without the need for a PC. Alternatively, you can capture documents directly to a directory or destination from a PC or by opening an application on your mobile device.


Optimize Your
Data Capture Processes
with Artsyl docAlpha