Automated Document Capture & Processing for SAP Business One

Get Actionable Data for Your SAP Business One

Better Control Over Your Business Data

The Artsyl-SAP B1 for HANA integration allows you to apply SAP Business One capabilities to document-based processes dealing with unstructured data such as invoices, sales orders, quotes, receipts, and any transaction documents that are typically fed to your ERPs. This saves you the time, costs, and effort manually keying in data into SAP Business One after sorting the inbound documents.

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform taps into your SAP Business One master data and business rules to process vendor invoices and transaction documents, route them for approvals, and then direct them for payments and reconciliations.

Direct integration of Artsyl’s Document Process Automation with SAP Business One through an API allows you to establish an end-to-end AP automation solution, without having to disturb underlying systems or processes.

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Accelerate Data Availability
Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Maintain Audit of All Inbound Data
Lower AP Staffing & Operational Costs
Avail Enterprise-level Document Management

Leverage the Artsyl-SAP Business One for HANA integration to get Complete Visibility into your O2C & P2P cycles.
Get an Accurate Synopsis of your Business with Accurate, Up-to-Date Data

Integrated Offerings

Tap into the power of SAP Business One and drive seamless automation across your AP/AR processes with our integrated solutions for vendor invoice processing and customer sales order processing.

Accelerated Vendor Invoicing & Sales Order Management

InvoiceAction — an intelligent invoice processing software and OrderAction — an intelligent customer order processing software are built on Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform that delivers straight-through processing of vendor invoices & sales orders from capture to reporting. Built-in AI and Machine Learning capabilities allow for automatic intelligent data capture and process automation— including approval routing, vendor & inventory lookups, & exceptions routing — from a diverse range of document types, offering easy data availability to SAP Business One.

Augmenting Artsyl Intelligent Capture to Your SAP Business One

Artsyl BOTs are designed to be task-specific and can be used individually or in their entirety to deliver seamless automation from document capture to final export to SAP Business One for further business use. The intelligent BOTs utilize digital transformation technologies including AI, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Data Capture to self-learn document types and work unattended over time. Augmenting Artsyl to SAP B1 for HANA will allow users to work with any document type in diverse process environments.

Intelligent BOTs— Unified platform, Any Process


support for multi-channel data capture including file shares, MFPs, scanners, email etc.


documents are classified according to type and pushed to the appropriate workflows for processing. Artsyl BOTs can distinguish between POs and non-POs, sales orders and BOLs, etc.


data extraction follows three broad rules and implemented using OCR/ICR and Machine Learning technologies

  • Generic or pre-defined rules built into all Action Solutions
  • Knowledge acquired through Machine Learning of user actions performed on new or unfamiliar documents.
  • Dedicated Definitions derived from both Generic and Machine Learning knowledge


data validation is performed to tally such things as

  1. The source and whether it matches with the database records
  2. The business rules defined for the particular document process
  3. The necessary arithmetic logic and whether it has been followed and accurate
  4. If extracted data meets regulations?


documents may be routed to a verification manager if there are exceptions during validation that need to be resolved post which, the final document is fed to SAP Business One.


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