Advanced Capture & Classification System for Automation Anywhere

Lead the best robotic process automation (RPA) projects by quickly tallying data and documents in Automation Anywhere workflows for type and validity. Engage Artsyl’s automatic classification, extraction, and validation capabilities to foolproof data in your Automation Anywhere application.

Automation Anywhere digital workforce offers companies intuitive robotic process automation solutions to implement complex business processes without human intervention. Companies experience greater productivity, cost savings, a high degree of accuracy and compliance, and faster ROI through the automation of routine, repetitive tasks with RPA.

Artsyl’s advanced capture and classification system called docAlpha fully integrates with Automation Anywhere RPA. Users can now enjoy the power of advanced classification and data extraction by engaging Artsyl’s capabilities from their Automation Anywhere workflows.

At any point one or many documents can be sent to docAlpha for detecting what type of documents they are, finding what data they contain, and to enable automatic validation of that data with external sources such as ERPs and databases. In addition, if advanced capture tools are required for interaction with the user, Automation Anywhere can display Artsyl data validation and extraction screens right at any point where that is required in Automation Anywhere workflows.

By bringing the best in intelligent capture, data extraction, and data validation, Artsyl offers data intelligence to Automation Anywhere robotic process automation. This increases the scope for building RPA projects for any kind of process that involves heavy paperwork, and also lowers the risks of working with bad data.

Drive Reliable Automation Projects with Accurate Data


Engage automatic data extraction, classification, and validation in RPA workflows


Quickly tally documents & data in RPA workflows against ERP records and databases


Build and extend robotic process automation scope for document-based processes


Eliminate the risks of working with bad data

Make Use of Validated Data to Drive the Right Automation Efforts
Achieve Accurate Business Outcomes and Decision-making

Artsyl docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform

Artsyl docAlpha is an advanced document and data capture solution that performs automatic classification, extraction, and validation of data. Embedded with intelligent process automation technology, docAlpha is designed to perform intelligent capture as well as process automation of a large number of business documents from multiple channels. The solution automatically routes documents for approval and creates a record of processed data in ERPs, CRMs, ECMs, and other integrated databases and back-end systems.

How Artsyl docAlpha Enables Your Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce

Document processing and data validation challenges can impede process automation efforts. Artsyl’s docAlpha enables Automation Anywhere digital workers to quickly execute tasks by engaging its intelligent process automation technology to extract, classify, and validate business documents in RPA workflows — in instances where data authenticity and document verification becomes necessary during task execution by robotic process automation.

Automation Anywhere users can separately call Artsyl’s extraction, classification, and validation capabilities at any time in the RPA workflow for identifying, verifying, and confirming the type and validity of documents and data they come across in the RPA workflows.

Here, Artsyl docAlpha’s intelligent process automation bots employ AI, Machine Learning, and other digital transformation technologies to handle structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents tied to tasks in RPA workflows. These bots are built on modular architecture, making it easy for Automation Anywhere digital workers to separately call independent actions like classification, extraction, and validation when needed. With this, Artsyl helps Automation Anywhere design and apply its robotic process automation capabilities to those processes that are heavily document-based.

Intelligent Automation BoTs — Single Platform for Rapid Data Authentication


Performs automatic data and document acquisition from RPA workflows.


Performs automatic classification of documents encountered in RPA workflows by type — separating PO and non-PO invoices, bills of lading, credit memos, etc.


Data extraction is achieved by primarily employing Machine Learning technology, in addition to multiple OCR engines. Data extraction is based on:

  • Built-in generic knowledge
  • Self-learning: data extraction logic gathered by imitating user keystrokes and clicks to retrieve data from new, unfamiliar documents the first time
  • Dedicated Definitions: customizing data extraction from self-learning and generic knowledge

Data validation is performed by tallying extracted data against connected ERPs and database records.


User intervention is called to resolve any exceptions encountered during the validation process before approving the data or documents.


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Invoice Processing
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