Document Capture Automation

Document Capture Automation

Automated document capture is an essential tool for companies handling high volumes of incoming documents and data. While manual processing of this information has long been the standard across most industries, this has proven to be problematic, especially in the age of automation. Manually reading and keying in data from different documents and forms is tedious, time-consuming and often leads to entry mistakes, which can cost your business dearly in lost revenue, wasted labor and long-term strategic miscalculations. As a whole, manual document processing simply isn't an efficient way of handling data processing for large organizations.


Automatic data capture is the solution to the issues that come along with manual document processing. With automated data capture, organizations can avoid all of these dilemmas, improving your data management accuracy and efficiency while also reducing costs.

The Benefits of Document Capture Automation

While switching from manual to digital processes is a daunting task for many businesses, the return on investment is significant, primarily due to the problematic nature of manual document management. There are numerous risks associated with manual document management, from document loss and data entry errors to costly labor investments. Automated document capture solutions can help alleviate these issues and more, offering the following advantages:

  • Improved Access: Paper-based data processing, by its nature, involves finding a way to store all that paper — which often means seas of filing cabinets and stuffed folders. While this system has worked in the past, taking up physical space with paper documents is unnecessary and often makes it difficult to find information quickly. Automated document scanning makes specific data easy to find, digitally storing it on your secure server for easy retrieval. As an added bonus, your business can get rid of your paper files and put the saved space to better use.
  • Reduced Labor: Your employees are likely spending far too much time manually processing documents in your paper-based system. With automated data capture, however, you can reduce labor costs and direct your employees' attention to more important, more profitable tasks.
  • Minimized Error: With manual processes, your business relies on a person to correctly read and key in data. All human intervention, however, is prone to error, especially when employees are overworked and handling massive amounts of data. With automated data capture, you minimize human contact with your data, effectively reducing the potential for error in your data collection, improving your calculations and leading to better accuracy overall.
  • Better Security: Paper documentation for businesses often includes sensitive financial information that you should be protecting. While you can only secure physical documents with physical locks and visual barriers, digital systems can add another layer of protection of your data. These tools secure your information with encryption, so only authorized individuals can access it at any time.
  • Improved Speed: All of these factors mean your business can do what it does best, but faster. Increase the speed of document capture and processing, so you can maximize productivity and get around to using the data in those documents to serve your company's interests.

Automated document input workflows produce quick, measurable ROI for any organization, but Artsyl can help take these benefits a step further with docAlpha.

The docAlpha Difference

Artsyl's automated document and data capture platform, docAlpha, enables your business to reduce your manual data entry and save your time and money more effectively than other document capture solutions.

The docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Smart Process Application from Artsyl is the company's flagship product, providing a platform that allows organizations to intelligently extract data from your existing files. docAlpha automatically captures, classifies and organizes large volumes of fixed, structured and semi-structured documents, extracting all useful data before validating it against your business rules and sending it off for approval.


docAlpha's highly integrative system can create or append business records in your business' document management systems, accounting systems, databases and other back-end functions. Whether you're using an ERP, CRM, ECM or similar business application, docAlpha can work with it to reduce your manual processes even further.

With docAlpha's document workflow automation system for data extraction from Artsyl, you can:

  • Capture your mission-critical data from any document type, including invoices, purchase orders, medical claims and other documents
  • Classify documents according to type
  • Extract data from large batches of documents
  • Transform your existing documents into actionable intelligence
  • Ensure data quality with automated validation
  • Cross-check your records to eliminate duplicate documents and data entry errors
  • Set business rules to automatically route documents and data to appropriate parties

Automated Document Capture

Sorting through large volumes of electronic correspondence and manually keying in data from different documents and forms is tedious and time-consuming process that can be automated with Automatic Document and Data Capture solutions.

Document capture solutions can automate the sorting, classifying and handling of scanned paper and digital documents that are submitted in various formats, through multiple channels. As a result, companies don’t have to waste staff time and effort monitoring email inboxes, FTP sites, fax machines or other channels. Automated document classification capabilities allows for the automatic identification of specific document types, such as purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, etc, and the automatic handling of these documents for review, approval and further handling.

With an automated data capture system, companies can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increasing the speed of document capture and data entry.

Artsyl automated document indexing software and data capture platform automates data entry, minimizing errors due to the manual re-keying of information.

Whether your documents are fixed, semi-structured or unstructured, the extraction of data contained in them can be automated to greatly reduce data entry efforts.

Artsyl’s docAlpha is a fully automatic distributed document and data capture solution with advanced document classification. With docAlpha, your staff can automatically capture, interpret and transfer information from fixed, structured, and semi-structured forms into document management systems, accounting systems, databases and other back-end systems.

It is an ideal solution for capturing your mission-critical data from any document type such as invoices, purchase orders, medical claims and other. It dramatically reduces data entry costs by providing automated classification, document splitting and assembly as well as data extraction.

A Flexible, Intelligent Approach

While automated document solutions have been available to companies for decades, today’s industry-leading solutions leverage intelligent process automation technology to minimize IT and implementation overhead and to ensure that any solution is flexible enough to adapt as business conditions change.

Intelligent Process Automation solutions for document classification and data capture are provided with a set of rules and configurations to handle 80%+ of document types out of the box. If exceptions are encountered, documents can be routed to a human staff member for further input/validation as part of the process. By taking advantage of machine learning tools, any input from a human operator is recorded and added to the system’s knowledgebase, so it can handle the same kinds of information automatically the next time it encounters a similar scenario.

As a result, rather than relying on your IT staff or a developer to adjust the system, your knowledge workers and subject matter experts can train the system on the fly.

Why Choose Artsyl?

Artsyl focuses on delivering smart process technology products and solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, automating routine business processes so companies can achieve greater efficiency, visibility and auditability in your daily processes. By capturing, organizing and leveraging your data with intelligent automation solutions, Artsyl's solutions allow you to cost-effectively automate your business processes, then letting your data work for you.


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