Artsyl Business Process Automation Applications

Automate Any Document-and Data-Burdened Process

While many vendors offer automation software for specific business processes, few vendors offer a complete solution to automate a broad set of business processes in a way that gets you up and running quickly and allows you to expand the scope of process automation throughout your organization cost-effectively.

With Artyl’s docAlpha Transformation Platform and Action Suite of applications, companies can quickly implement solutions for common back office business processes by leveraging robotic process automation in a way that eliminates the need for custom coding or tons of professional service work.

ActionSuite solutions include:

  • InvoiceAction for AP Vendor Invoices: quickly eliminate manual vendor invoice handling and data entry in a way that allows you to gain control of AP payment cycles and gain better visibility to cash flow. Vendor portal features even allow you to extend payment status visibility to your vendors.

  • OrderAction for customer sales orders: For large volumes of sales orders, including complex orders with multiple line items, OrderAction eliminates the burden of data entry and validation from your staff, accelerating your order to cash cycle while providing timely access to data about consumer buying behaviors and trends that can help you to better forecast sales and anticipate growth.

  • ClaimAction for medical claim forms: For medical claim forms, including HFCA-1500/CMS-500 as well as UB-04/UB-92, ClaimAction extracts ALL critical data from paper or digital forms in a HIPAA-compliant 837 data format, allowing you to automate complex medical claims processes with no need for custom software coding.

Limitless possibilities for Business Process Applications

Beyond out-of-the box ActionSuite applications, docAlpha is designed to support any number of business processes, including dozens configured by our partners and clients to support processes such as:

  • Check remittances
  • Contractor onboarding
  • Employee onboarding
  • HR Applicant tracking
  • Competitive sport scoring and ranking

Visit our Case Study page for more details from customers who have eliminated manual document handling, data entry, record validation and integration with existing data and document systems quickly and cost effectively.