Intelligent Process Automation Application Areas

Intelligent Process Automation Application Areas

Automate Document-Intensive Processes for Business Acceleration

While many vendors offer automation software for specific tasks, few offer a complete solution to automate a broad set of processes in a way that gets your business up and running quickly — allowing you to expand the scope of process automation throughout your organization more cost-effectively.

With Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Action Suite of applications, companies can quickly implement common, document-intensive back office business processes. The Action Suite of intelligent process automation applications are derived from the base docAlpha advanced capture solution and drive process automation of complex document-based functions in a way that eliminates the need for custom coding or tons of professional service work. The digital transformation technologies used to facilitate this straight-through intelligent document processing include Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent data capture, OCR/ICR/OMR and other recognition software, and Machine Learning.

Artsyl’s Action Suite

  • InvoiceAction for AP Invoice Processing Automation: using digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning, eliminate manual vendor invoice processing and data entry, and gain control of AP payment cycle times. Automated payments processing that includes straight-through capture, extraction, validation, and verification of vendor invoices details to a connected ERP or back-end system, makes for a transparent, highly visible accounts payable automation platform. With zero manually induced errors or process delays, users are ensured of accurate data availability to their line-of-business applications. Vendor portal features even allow you to extend payment status visibility to your vendors. This creates a streamlined, single platform invoice processing software solution you can use for end-to-end invoice processing automation — scaling operations without adding to staff and improving cash flows.
  • OrderAction for customer sales order automation: OrderAction employs digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning to intuitively process a large number of customer sales orders. The solution leverages its built-in self-learning technology to dynamically recognize and capture a diverse set of order forms, progressively reducing the need for manual intervention with every new form. This solution becomes especially useful when you are trying to meet demand and ensure timely delivery without incurring the typical costs associated with manual data entry and document processing work. Straight-through intelligent document processing of sales orders also lowers the burden on your talented staff enabling them to spend more time on order fulfillment and customer care. OrderAction accelerates your order-to-cash (O2C) cycle while providing timely access to data about consumer buying behaviors and trends that can help you better forecast sales and anticipate growth.
  • ClaimAction for medical claims processing: Supporting intelligent document processing of critical claims documents like HFCA-1500/CMS-500 and UB-04/UB-92, ClaimAction is a claims processing software that extracts ALL critical data from paper or digital forms in a HIPAA-compliant 837 data format. The solution makes use of pre-configured AI-and-Machine Learning-driven capture logic to automate complex medical claims processing, with no additional need for custom software coding.

Limitless possibilities for Business Process Automation

Apart from the Action Suite of applications, docAlpha has a flexible architecture to configure intelligence-specific workflows for handling any number of unique business processes, a number of which were requisitioned by our customers and partners :

Visit our Customer Success Stories page for more details from customers who have witnessed positive business transformation with intelligent document processing — eliminating the costs, inefficiencies, and time delays associated with manual document handling and data entry. Integration with integrated ERP systems, ECMs, CRMs, and different document management systems has made it possible to extend Artsyl’s intelligent process automation technologies to many different document-intensive processes for end-to-end business process automation and optimization.


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