Pay Your Vendors, Pay Yourself: with ArtsylPay!

Pay Your Vendors On Time & Guarantee Long-term Trust,
Early Payment Savings, & Revenues

with ArtsylPay

Pay Your Vendors On Time with ArtsylPay

Beyond invoice processing, does your AP Automation revert to a manual process to complete payments to vendors? It's time to switch to electronic funds transfer with ArtsylPay!

With ArtsylPay, you are afforded the convenience of invoice automation and can also meet the immediacy required of payments— in one go!

With ArtsylPay, you are afforded the convenience of invoice automation

Automated Payments Processing

ArtsylPay is Artsyl’s cloud-based payments automation service. Beyond invoice capture automation, Artsyl offers an integrated solution in ArtsylPay that completes your AP cycle from receipt to processing and all the way to payments!

ArtsylPay is Artsyl’s cloud-based payments automation service

Why ArtsylPay?

ArtsylPay is an integrated payments automation service offered as part of InvoiceAction, Artsyl’s AP Automation solution. Common AP automation solutions in the market stop at invoice processing. With ArtsylPay, organizations can complete the AP process and pay vendors directly, post invoice processing. Virtual Credit Card, Enhanced ACH and Digital Check payments with ArtsylPay saves money on each transaction and issue payments directly from the accounting system with no process changes required on ERP side. A single flow of payables from receipt to payments gives you a complete grip over cash outflows and vendor alliances, and sets your business up for best-in-class accounts payable (A/P) management.

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AP Automation
with InvoiceAction

With ArtsylPay you can save on payment types such as:

Virtual Credit Card Payments
Digital Check
ACH Payment Processing

ArtsylPay Saves Time & Money

Pay Less for Each Transaction

Link Invoicing to Payments

Accelerate Payments to Vendors

Mitigate Exposure to Fraud

Reduce Payment Cycles

Capture More Early Payment Discounts

Lower Issuance Costs

Lower Payments Processing Time

How Artsyl Ensures Your Vendors Get Paid On Time

ArtsylPay bridges the gap in automation between when an invoice is processed to when you can pay your vendors. An integrated payments service such as this allows you to make ACH, check, and credit card payments.

Electronic funds transfer may be send to vendors based on the preferred method of remittance.

Generate Revenues While Making Payments?

That’s right! Apart from removing manual work, and associated labor and issuance costs from the final step in your accounts payable process, ArtsylPay enables you to generate revenues through the use of virtual credit cards. With zero manpower costs, virtual payments, and processing fees paid for by your vendors, you are all set to make money from paying your bills! So, you're not just paying your vendors, but yourself as well!

Complete Your AP Cycle & Payments with ArtsylPay

Complete Your AP Cycle & Payments with ArtsylPay

ArtsylPay completes your AP automation cycle, and gives you the leverage to maximize cost-savings and revenues from timely vendor payments. Timely payables enable you to adhere to your budgetary allocations better and make prudent purchasing decisions.

Virtual payments are faster, cheaper, and devoid of human error or fraud. This lowers the costs and inefficiencies of manual payments processing and gives you a complete grip over payables.

A single platform to process invoices and complete payments gives you the data and process connectivity you need to make sure of what you’re paying for!

ArtsylPay completes your AP automation cycle, giving you an end-to-end package for digital transformation of your accounts payable operations.

To see how ArtsylPay fits into your payables strategy and implementation, call us today!

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