Automate Your AP Process
with Microsoft 365 and Artsyl

Automate Your AP Process with Microsoft 365 and Artsyl

Maximize efficiency and reduce overheads by AP automation. Unlock the secrets to seamless business process optimization with Microsoft 365 and Artsyl working in perfect sync. Microsoft 365 joins hands with Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction, the outcome is an unmatched, streamlined AP process. Dive into this integrated experience. Don't wait, innovate!

As the world moves towards complete digitalization, businesses must also adapt and automate their processes to keep up with the fast-paced environment. One of the most time-consuming and complex tasks in any organization is the Accounts Payables (AP) department. However, with the right tools and software, it is possible to automate AP and simplify it to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy. And what better tool to use than Microsoft 365? Discover how Artsyl docAlpha supports AP automation for Microsoft 365.

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Understanding AP Automation

Accounts Payable automation involves using technology and systems to streamline and remove manual and repetitive tasks from the AP process. With AP Automation, invoices, purchase orders, and receipts are processed and tracked through a single, standardized platform, which simplifies the workflow.

5 Benefits of Automating Your Accounts Payable Process

Accounts Payable (AP) automation can make a significant difference to a company’s productivity by reducing the time and effort required to process invoices, making better use of employee time, and reducing the possibility of human error. In this blog post, we explore five benefits of automating your accounts payable process.

Reducing the Time and Effort Required to Process Invoices

Manual invoice processing is a time-consuming and tedious process that requires many resources. AP automation can streamline the accounts payable process by automating repetitive tasks like supplier onboarding, invoice processing, and payment scheduling. By doing so, your finance department can focus on more strategic tasks that require decision-making and analysis.

Reduction of Human Error

Human error is a critical concern when it comes to accounts payable processing. Mistakes can cause financial losses, incorrect payments, and faulty reporting. AP automation can help reduce the risk of error by allowing your team to receive, process, and approve invoices in a digital format. Automation also allows for secure storage of the data, providing a more comprehensive audit trail than traditional paper-based processes.

Improved Vendor Relationships

Late payment of invoices is an all-too-common issue in businesses, but with AP automation, it can be easily resolved. Automation improves the payment process, ensuring timely payment of invoices and keeping track of due dates. This helps improve supplier relationships as invoices get paid promptly, ultimately leading to a more efficient and trustworthy relationship.

Improved Vendor Relationships

Cost Savings

According to studies, manual accounts payable processes are more expensive than automated processes. The cost of printing and mailing paper invoices, time taken to process invoices manually, and the cost of reconciling invoices against payments can all add up to a significant amount. AP automation can help companies save costs and improve their bottom line by reducing the cost of processing invoices manually over some time.

Better Financial Visibility

AP automation provides real-time insight into the financial status of your business. With automated tools, the finance team can access financial data wherever they are, providing data-driven insights that help identify issues and opportunities.

With AP automation, the finance team can better manage cash flow and make informed decisions, providing competitive advantages for businesses in a rapidly changing market.

While managing accounts payable can be challenging for businesses, automating the process can provide numerous benefits. Automation reduces manual errors, improves financial visibility, saves costs, and improves supplier relationships while also freeing up resources.

Investing in AP automation will provide your company with significant competitive advantages, enabling you to focus on more strategic tasks and improve your overall financial position.

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AP Automation Benefits

AP (Accounts Payable) Automation is transforming the way businesses manage their invoices, payments, and other financial documents. And when paired with Microsoft 365, one of the world’s leading suite of productivity tools, businesses can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision. Here’s how AP Automation and Microsoft 365 come together:

AP Automation eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of human error, improves communication, and makes processing faster and more accurate. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of AP Automation:

Document Storage & Retrieval

With Microsoft 365’s OneDrive and SharePoint, businesses can store invoices and financial documents securely in the cloud. AP Automation tools can seamlessly retrieve these documents for processing.


Tools like Microsoft Teams allow various departments, whether it’s procurement, finance, or any other, to collaborate in real-time. Discussing and resolving any discrepancies in invoices becomes faster, eliminating lengthy email threads.

Data Extraction and Entry

Advanced AP Automation solutions can extract data from invoices and enter it directly into Microsoft’s finance tools like Dynamics 365, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual entry.

Workflow Automation

Microsoft 365’s Power Automate can be used in tandem with AP Automation to create custom workflows. For example, invoices that match purchase orders can be automatically approved, while others might be routed for manual verification.

Access Anywhere

Microsoft 365’s cloud-based nature means that finance teams can access their AP tools and data from anywhere, anytime. This is especially valuable for businesses with distributed teams or those adopting remote work models.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 offers robust security features, ensuring that all financial data and documents are protected. When integrated with AP Automation, businesses can ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards.

The benefits of automating AP with Microsoft 365 are multifold. It streamlines the entire AP process, eliminates manual data entry, reduces human errors, improves accuracy, enables faster processing, and saves time. It increases visibility and transparency, making it easier for decision-makers to track the status of invoices and approvals in real-time. It enhances compliance with tax regulations and provides greater control over the AP process.

Integrating AP Automation with Microsoft 365 using brings the best of both worlds. It allows businesses to streamline their financial processes, foster collaboration, ensure data accuracy, and work securely from anywhere in the world. Take a step towards a more efficient and digitized financial future with docAlpha!
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Invoice Automation: What Is It and How to Make It a Reality with Artsyl InvoiceAction

Invoice Automation refers to the use of technology to reduce or eliminate manual processes associated with handling supplier invoices. This involves the automatic handling of tasks such as capturing invoice data, matching invoices to purchase orders, routing for approvals, and finally, executing payments. The goal is to streamline operations, reduce human errors, improve cash flow management, and ensure timely payments.

Benefits of Invoice Automation

  • Reduced Processing Time—Automated invoice processing can drastically reduce the time it takes from receiving an invoice to paying it.
  • Cost Savings—Reduces operational costs by cutting down on manual labor and paper-based processes.
  • Enhanced Accuracy—Minimizes human errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Improved Visibility—Real-time tracking of invoices and easy retrieval for audits and reviews.
  • Better Vendor Relationships—Timely payments and efficient handling lead to improved vendor trust and relationships.

Implementing Invoice Automation with Artsyl InvoiceAction

Intelligent Data Capture

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) to extract key invoice details without manual data entry.

Two-Way and Three-Way Invoice Matching

Automatically matches invoices to their corresponding purchase orders and, if necessary, receiving documents. This ensures that only correct and legitimate invoices are approved.

Workflow Automation

Invoices are automatically routed for approval based on pre-set business rules. For instance, any invoice above a certain amount could be routed to higher management.

Seamless Integration

Artsyl InvoiceAction seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and accounting systems, ensuring that there’s minimal disruption to existing processes.

Exception Handling

If there’s a discrepancy, InvoiceAction can route such invoices for review, ensuring that only accurate invoices are processed.

Analytics and Reporting

With built-in analytics, businesses can gain insights into their AP processes, identify bottlenecks, and continuously optimize for efficiency.

In the era of digital transformation, manual and paper-based invoice processing is becoming obsolete. Artsyl InvoiceAction, with its powerful features and integrations, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to embark on the journey of invoice automation. By leveraging this platform, businesses can not only achieve operational efficiency but also gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Order Automation: What Is It and How Artsyl OrderAction Helps

Order Automation refers to the utilization of technology to streamline and automate the entire order-to-cash process. It encompasses everything from order placement to fulfillment and invoicing. By eliminating manual interventions, order automation ensures that orders are processed faster, more accurately, and with better visibility throughout the process.

Benefits of Order Automation

  • Speedier Order Processing—Reduces the time taken from order receipt to shipment, ensuring faster delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Errors—By minimizing manual handling, the chances of mistakes in order fulfillment are significantly reduced.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management—Real-time visibility into stock levels ensures optimal inventory management and reduces stock-outs or overstock situations.
  • Improved Customer Experience—Automated order confirmation, tracking, and faster delivery times lead to better customer experiences.
  • Operational Efficiency—Reduces overhead costs and allows staff to focus on value-added activities rather than manual data entry.

How Artsyl OrderAction Helps in Order Automation

Smart Order Data Capture

Artsyl’s OrderAction uses sophisticated technology to automatically extract essential order details, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing the risk of errors.

Order Validation

The solution checks the order data for accuracy and completeness, ensuring that all required details are present before processing.

Seamless Integration with ERP and Inventory Systems

OrderAction integrates effortlessly with existing enterprise systems, ensuring real-time data flow and consistent information across platforms.

Automated Order Routing

Based on predefined business rules, OrderAction can automatically route orders to the appropriate department, warehouse, or supplier for fulfillment.

Real-time Order Status Updates

As orders move through the process, stakeholders and customers can receive real-time updates, enhancing visibility and improving communication.

Analytics and Insights

With its built-in analytics capabilities, Artsyl OrderAction offers businesses valuable insights into their order management process, helping them identify bottlenecks, forecast demand, and optimize for better performance.

In the competitive world of e-commerce and omnichannel retail, speed, and accuracy in order fulfillment can make or break a business. Manual order processing is not only slow and prone to errors but also lacks the scalability needed in today’s fast-paced environment.

Artsyl OrderAction, with its state-of-the-art features and capabilities, provides businesses with the tools they need to transform their order management process, drive efficiency, and delight their customers.

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How Artsyl Integration with Microsoft 365 Optimizes AP Automation

In today’s digital era, businesses are continuously looking for ways to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. With Accounts Payable (AP) being a crucial part of any organization’s financial operations, AP automation emerges as a strategic move. Artsyl, a renowned AP automation solution provider, has taken its offerings a notch higher by integrating with Microsoft 365. Here’s how this integration elevates the AP automation game.

Unified Platform Experience

With the integration of Artsyl and Microsoft 365, businesses can enjoy a seamless experience. Whether it’s accessing AP documents from OneDrive, SharePoint, or using tools like Excel for financial data analysis, everything becomes interconnected, leading to a smoother workflow.

Power Automation for Invoices and Sales Orders

Power Automate is one of the tools available in Microsoft 365 that can streamline AP. It is a cloud-based service that helps create workflows and automate repetitive tasks across multiple applications and services. Power Automate can be used to create approval workflows, notifications, and data entry.

For example, when an invoice is received via email, Power Automate can automatically create an entry in a SharePoint list and send an approval email to a specific user.

Enhanced Collaboration

Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft 365, is a hub for teamwork. When Artsyl’s AP automation capabilities are intertwined with Teams, it allows for real-time collaboration on invoices, quick resolution of discrepancies, and instant communication among AP team members.

Smart Document Capture and Storage

Artsyl’s intelligent data capture, when paired with Microsoft 365’s storage solutions like SharePoint and OneDrive, ensures that invoices and related documents are automatically captured, classified, and stored in an organized manner.

Smart Document Capture and Storage

Streamlined Invoice Approval Workflows

Leveraging Microsoft Power Automate, Artsyl can facilitate automated, rule-based approval workflows for invoices. This means faster invoice processing, reduced manual interventions, and timely payments.

Instant Access and Retrieval

The integration ensures that AP documents are easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, using Microsoft 365’s cloud storage solutions. This is particularly beneficial for remote teams or organizations with multiple locations.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft 365 is known for its robust security features. By integrating Artsyl with Microsoft 365, businesses can be assured of top-tier security for their AP data, complete with compliance certifications, encryption, and advanced threat protection.

Data-Driven Decisions

With Artsyl’s data extraction capabilities and Microsoft 365’s Power BI, organizations can gain rich insights into their AP processes. This amalgamation allows for visual data analytics, helping in making informed, data-driven decisions.


Microsoft 365’s cloud infrastructure ensures that as a business grows, its AP operations can scale without hitches. The combined strength of Artsyl and Microsoft 365 ensures that the AP automation solution can handle increasing invoice volumes effortlessly.

Artsyl’s integration with Microsoft 365 isn’t just about bringing two platforms together; it’s about redefining what’s possible in AP automation. This collaboration ensures that businesses can capitalize on state-of-the-art technologies to make their AP processes faster, smarter, and more efficient, ultimately leading to cost savings, reduced errors, and improved vendor relationships.

How Artsyl Integration with Microsoft 365 Optimizes AP Automation

Unlock the full potential of your AP!

With Microsoft 365 and Artsyl, it is possible to automate the AP process from invoice creation to payment, approval, and tracking. Integrate Microsoft 365 with Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction and watch manual AP bottlenecks vanish. Achieve more, save time, and optimize processes. Are you ready to upgrade your efficiency game?

Integrating Microsoft 365 with Artsyl InvoiceAction and Artsyl OrderAction: Real-Life Examples

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of Microsoft 365 with Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction has led to groundbreaking results for various businesses. Here are some real-life examples that showcase the transformative power of this integration:

Tech Enterprise Streamlines Vendor Payments

A multinational tech firm with vendors spread across various countries faced challenges with invoice approvals due to the global nature of its operations. By integrating Artsyl InvoiceAction with Microsoft Teams, they could collaborate in real-time, allowing global teams to discuss, review, and approve invoices without delay. SharePoint stored the processed invoices, ensuring easy access and retrieval.

Retail Chain Optimizes Order Processing

A large retail chain with hundreds of stores across the nation used Artsyl OrderAction in tandem with Microsoft 365. When store orders came in, they were automatically captured and routed via Teams for quick discussions and clarifications. Power Automate ensured that the order approval workflows were streamlined, and with the centralized storage in OneDrive, branch managers could access order details from any location.

Healthcare Provider Enhances AP Operations

A healthcare provider with multiple facilities had challenges tracking their vast number of invoices from various suppliers. Integrating Artsyl InvoiceAction with Microsoft’s Power BI, they could visualize AP metrics, highlighting bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This led to an improved understanding of their AP process and helped in implementing effective strategies to optimize it.

Manufacturing Giant Boosts Order-to-Cash Cycle

A global manufacturing company, dealing with thousands of orders, integrated Artsyl OrderAction with Microsoft Excel. Once orders were processed, the data was fed into Excel sheets via the integration. This allowed their finance team to quickly analyze and forecast cash flow, helping optimize the order-to-cash cycle.

University Simplifies Invoice Processing

A renowned university, receiving countless invoices from various departments and vendors, used Artsyl InvoiceAction and SharePoint together. Invoices, once captured and processed by Artsyl, were stored in SharePoint folders based on departments, making tracking, and auditing a breeze.

Food Distributor Enhances Order Management

A food distribution company, dealing with a myriad of orders daily, utilized Artsyl OrderAction integrated with Microsoft Teams. The sales and distribution teams collaborated on Teams, discussing special order requirements, delivery schedules, or any order-related issues, ensuring that the entire order management was smooth and error-free.

These real-life examples underline the transformative potential of integrating Microsoft 365 with Artsyl’s solutions. From faster approvals to insightful analytics, organizations across sectors have reaped the benefits of streamlined operations, reduced costs, and enhanced collaboration.

Embrace the future of AP management! Merging Microsoft 365 with Artsyl docAlpha is not just an integration; it’s a revolution in AP automation. Join the revolution and lead the way in optimized business processes. Begin your transformation journey today!
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Automation is the way to go for businesses that want to remain competitive and efficient in today’s environment. With Microsoft 365, businesses can now automate their Accounts Payable process with Power Automate and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

With the many benefits of AP automation with Microsoft 365, companies can enjoy greater efficiency, accuracy, and control over their financial operations. So, why not streamline your business processes and supercharge your Microsoft 365 with Artsyl Technologies today?

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