Transaction Data Availability in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transaction Data Availability in Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is transaction data? The data and documents that support everyday buying and selling mostly constitute transaction data. Whenever a company interacts with its external stakeholders like vendors and customers, a considerable volume of data and information is generated. Everyday business processes can produce tons of valuable business data that is difficult to capture manually. This transaction data supports vital business processes in finance, supply chain and logistics, transportation, customer service, ecommerce, field service, project management, human resources, marketing, and many other functional areas of a business.

There are several types of transactional data but we will be discussing access to data that supports critical processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of intelligent business applications support the aforementioned core business functions, enabling companies to centralize operations and execute processes efficiently. The successful execution of operations in Dynamics 365 depends greatly on the transaction data that a company accumulates through its interactions with various stakeholders. We will be discussing how to efficiently tap into the mission critical processes that precede most operations in Dynamics 365, and extract data from these processes for use in Microsoft.

To compete in today’s digital world, enterprises must transform digitally. While many forward-looking companies already have good enterprise resource planning software and other workplace applications in place, there is still the heavy reliance on manpower to handle document-based processes. Transaction data is hidden in both regular and complex free-form documents that dictate document-based processes like invoice processing, customer sales order processing, medical claims processing, etc. For a heavily content-driven business application like Microsoft Dynamics 365, access to transaction data means quickly tapping into these aforementioned document-based processes.

Intelligent document processing software helps streamline document-based processes and extract transaction data needed to run operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The platform allows for a singular flow of documents from reception to delivery and report generation in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Artsyl supports intelligent document processing from the moment a transaction document like a vendor invoice enters an organization.

Artsyl’s intelligent process automation software, called docAlpha, is embedded with digital transformation technologies like AI and machine learning, along with robotic process automation, intelligent data capture, and advanced OCR.
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These embedded technologies help develop IPA software with human-like capabilities needed to perform complex document processing work.

Transaction documents can come from many different channels like emails, FTPs, MFPs, scanned images in different formats — JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, fax, post, XML tickets, etc. Gathering these documents diligently and converting them to standard formats usable in your company’s business application can be a daunting task. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform does this automatically. Without any human intervention, Artsyl’s IPA bots capture transaction documents at the source, in any format. Multichannel capture ensures that important transaction documents do not get lost, misplaced, or overlooked, and are immediately uploaded into Artsyl’s IPA workflow.

When it comes to document-based processes like invoice processing or sales order processing, Artsyl creates a single platform for the continuous flow of documents from capture to export in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Removal of manual intervention at every stage of document processing work including capture, data extraction, validation, and verification of transaction data eliminates the errors, inefficiencies, delays, and costs associated with manual input. A continuous, single flow of transaction documents — vendor invoices, customer sales orders, insurance claims forms, receipts, purchase orders, statements, credit memos, bills of lading, packing slips, and other documents created during buying and selling activities by a company — enable timely process execution in Microsoft and lower the risks associated with lost or missing data.

Bad Data: invoice and order processing, among other document-based processes, are routine operations in any company, causing many to give it the bare minimum attention. But these are also mission critical operations, which if done wrong, could derail accurate data availability to Dynamics 365. One of the things that could derail the entire document processing work including operations in Microsoft Dynamics is bad data. Bad data leads to faulty processes and bad business outcomes. But what exactly constitutes bad data and how do we know whether the data is bad? While we can talk about what is considered bad data, many companies, unfortunately, fail to detect bad data until the very end, when business outcomes are realized. It is only when outcomes vary from the general expectation or are contested does a company realize its processes and in essence, the data feeding these processes have been incorrect. Manual transaction data entry is error-prone and results in bad data. Incorrect or missing data entries; typos; missing validation checks like matching an invoice with a corresponding purchase order; violation of business rules or data governance rules — all can lead to bad data entering the document processing chain. For Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, this means dealing with incorrect data entries and bad data in invoice processing or sales order processing, resulting in incorrect information entering the ERP system. Working with bad data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can lead to not just poor processes and business outcomes, but also end up costing a company hundreds and thousands in delays, reworks, and reprocessing.

With intelligent process automation, you can eliminate all the common challenges that come with manual document processing work, and in the process, ensure that only accurate data enters your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account.

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