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Invoice processing and cash management are critical aspects of sound financial management, but all too often, these processes are ridden with inefficient, error-prone manual tasks. The penalty for these inefficiencies goes beyond labor costs and invoice processing cycle times.


AP errors and inefficiencies translate into a lack of visibility and control over accruals and cash flows. Automated accounts payable processing solutions from Artsyl address these challenges in a way that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective.


Delivers straight-through accounts payable automation, including automatic invoice data capture and approval routing, with facility for API-level ERP integration. The solution is built on a no-code framework and on top of Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform, docAlpha, and can be configured to meet individual business requirements, without the need for custom coding

Provides header/footer and line-items data capture for key invoice/AP information

Ensures data validity through rules-based and ERP/ECM/CRM data cross-referencing

Automates 2- or 3-way AP matching and eliminates duplicate invoice entries

Eliminates approval bottlenecks through automated alerts and notifications

InvoiceAction delivers greater visibility and control over AP invoice processing by automating invoice processing, data entry, approval routing and payables transaction data entry.

With InvoiceAction, you can benefit from built-in intelligent automation and self-learning technology to implement accounts payable automation for any number of diverse invoice document types. Automatic invoice processing transforms your accounts payable division from a cost center into a strategic component of your finance operations to drive greater cost savings and optimal cash flows.

InvoiceAction Powered by docAlpha Explanatory Diagram


Process paper files and digital docs as part of your EDI process
docAlpha electronic data interchange (EDI) support allows organizations to accept electronic requests for quote (EDI 840), purchase orders (EDI 850) and invoices (EDI 810) and process them using the same business rules for paper- or electronic documents, or to generate EDI files from approved and validated documents. Support includes EDI 810, 840 and 850.

Automate 2- or 3-way matching
For purchase order processing, InvoiceAction supports 2- or 3-way matching, comparing order/invoice/receipt documents and data to the database or ERP records, and identifying and alerting process owners in the case of any exceptions.

Streamline payment approvals
With configurable intelligent automation workflows, InvoiceAction can automatically route documents for coding and approval according to your business rules. Regardless of the complexity of your approval hierarchy, InvoiceAction’s intelligent automation capabilities ensure that documents and data are automatically routed to the appropriate personnel for approval.

Trigger Alerts to Eliminate Bottlenecks and Reduce Cycle Times
InvoiceAction facilitates creation of automatic notifications to ensure that every stakeholder in the process has visibility to documents that require their attention so that nothing slips through the cracks. Want to take advantage of early pay discounts? InvoiceAction can alert users and reduce invoice processing cycle times to secure those discounts.

Create or Modify AP Transactions in your ERP System
At the end of the approval process, InvoiceAction allows you to generate payables’ transaction records in your ERP system, while supporting a clear audit trail of all payment approvals.

InvoiceAction Features

Improved Visibility and Control
InvoiceAction puts payables’ information including invoice amounts, taxes, line-item details, workflow status, invoice images and related data at your fingertips, 24x7.

Simplify and Streamline Approvals
InvoiceAction transforms invoices into actionable data, so you can route invoices for approvals based on your business rules. Approvers can access G/L code data and submit approvals electronically in seconds.

Early-Payment Discount Optimization
Shorten invoice processing cycle times and optimize cash flows with potential supplier discounts

Straight-Through Processing with Seamless ERP System Integration
Transform your documents into actionable data, automatically routing invoices for approvals and generating transaction records in your ERP system instantly.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Errors
Intelligent automation, embedded with advanced capture technology and workflow automation, dramatically lowers manual data entry and boosts efficiency, while reducing errors by validating data against business records

Lower Transaction Costs
Studies show that Artsyl’s accounts payable automation solution reduces the cost to process an invoice by 50-80 percent, with a typical ROI achieved in less than 12 months.

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InvoiceAction Specifications

Multi-Channel Capture

  • Scanned Images – TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Email – POP3, LotusNotes
  • Fax Servers – RightFax
  • Electronic – XML Tickets

Automatic Routing and Notification

Split batches and dynamically route invoices based on conditions set in the intelligent automation workflow. Configure email notifications utilizing either POP3 or LotusNotes

Automatic Document Classification

Classification of multiple document types for automatic and routing

Exception Handling Queues

Dynamically route batches of invoices to the ‘Exception Handling’ staff for quicker resolution of issues

Machine Learning Based Data Extraction

Independent automatic extraction of

  • Structured
  • Semi-Structured
  • Unstructured Data

Approval, Rejection and Escalations

Batches of invoices can be routed automatically for Approval, Rejection or Escalation, if needed

Rules-Based Validation of Data

  • Vendor look-ups
  • Mathematical reconciliations
  • PO matching
  • 3-way matching
  • Early-Pay alerts
  • Customizable rules

Data Integration

  • Direct API level connectors to SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX, ArchWeb, Acumatica, SYSPRO and QuickBooks
  • Data formatted releases to SAP, Sage MAS 90/200, Infor, Epicor
  • Partner connectivity to Epicor/Prophet21, Infor/Lawson, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Oracle Financials/JD Edwards, Sage MAS 300/500

GL Coding

GL Coding can be done locally or remotely by appropriate staff.

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