Who We Are?

Who We Are?


Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to helping of organizations worldwide of all sizes transform their operations and overcome the internal process obstacles that prevent them from achieving higher levels of performance, efficiency and employee/customer satisfaction.

Since 2002, the Artsyl team has successfully developed intelligent capture and business process automation solutions that eliminate the most painful, costly and error-prone tasks related to vendor invoice processing, sales order processing, medical claim processing and dozens of other company- or industry-specific processes burdened by high volumes of data and documents.

We empower our customers by delivering solutions that:

  • Eliminate routine manual tasks that burden employees and stress workflows like document handling and data entry
  • Expand visibility to process KPIs, delivering timely access to data, documents and process metrics in a way that supports better decisions and improved cycle times
  • Enable data-driven decisions and the meaningful application of business intelligence by automatically transforming documents and data into actionable intelligence for workflow routing, reporting and business analysis


Artsyl’s flagship product, the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform, is built on a Microsoft technology stack using Microsoft .NET and a Services Oriented Architecture. Artsyl also has adopted and follows all standard security models from Microsoft.

Artsyl’s products leverage tight API-based integrations with major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle/ArchWeb, Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica, Intacct, Sage, SYSPRO, QuickBooks and can be integrated with most business by leveraging EDI 810 output or Web services.

Smart process applications built on top of the docAlpha platform deliver “out of the box” functionality for common, high-volume, data- and document-dependent processes like vendor invoice, customer sales order and medical claims processing.

InvoiceAction for vendor invoices, OrderAction for sales orders and ClaimAction for medical claims significantly accelerate the implementation time and return on investment for process automation while eliminating the need for custom development or professional resources to quickly deliver measurable process improvements.