Intelligent Capture Technology for QuickBooks

Better Control Over Your Business Data

Better Control Over Your Business Data

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform is designed to automatically capture and process a diverse range of document types and formats, and export the finer details directly to Intuit QuickBooks.

Powerful OCR/ICR and Machine Learning features ensure all relevant details from any number of transaction and source documents, in any of the over 100 supported languages are instantly captured and processed for use in QuickBooks.

Digital transformation technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Business Process Automation (BPA), and RPA are employed to automatically route the captured and extracted data for validation, verification, and final approval as per configured business rules before entering processed data in QuickBooks.

Artsyl’s point solutions for specific use cases and verticals such as InvoiceAction — for Accounts Payable operations and OrderAction — for Customer Sales Order Processing are built on this Document Process Automation platform.

The Artsyl-QuickBooks integration offers a streamlined, end-to-end intelligent process automation chain for handling documents, so QuickBooks users have the advantage of working with accurate data every time.

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No Manual Data Entry
No Data Duplicity
Accurate Data Availability to QuickBooks
Lower Staffing & Operational Costs
Up-to-Date Audit Trail & Compliance

Accelerate Data Availability to QuickBooks.
Maintain Accuracy & Grip over Critical Business Intelligence

Artsyl Action Solutions

Process-specific point solutions derived from Artsyl’s Document Process Automation provide pre-configured workflows as well as customizations to drive automation across document-based processes. Integration with QuickBooks is as easy as a plug-in, broadening the scope for QuickBooks users to capture, import, and work with accurate business data from any part of the enterprise.

Accounts Payable & Sales Order Processing Made Easy

Artsyl Action Solutions for QuickBooks — InvoiceAction for AP Automation & OrderAction for Customer Order Processing — ensure accurate reconciliations and order fulfillment. Embedded digital transformation technologies help with straight-through processing of captured data from extraction and validation through to approval before exporting it to QuickBooks for automatic transaction creation and reporting.

Best-in-Class Accounting Practices in QuickBooks with Artsyl

Data accuracy is at the core of sound business management in any industry. By ensuring accurate data availability to QuickBooks every time, businesses can set themselves up for best-in-class practices that eliminate the monetary risks of working with bad data and increase efficiency. Artsyl’s intelligent BOTs are task-specific and designed to work singularly or in their entirety for complete financial management in QuickBooks.

Intelligent BOTs — One Platform, Diverse Use Cases


support for multi-channel data capture including file shares, MFPs, scanners, email etc.


automatic document classification — pre-trained to recognize and separate POs from non-POs, BOLs and invoices, etc.


data extraction methods vary depending on document type and image quality.

  • Built-in Generic logic helps with automatic data extraction.
  • Artsyl BOTs also employ Machine Learning to remember user actions performed on new documents — this knowledge is used when performing secondary extraction.
  • A third extraction method makes use of both Generic knowledge and Machine Learning.


data validation is done against multiple databases and master data file in QuickBooks to review

  1. Who the data is from?
  2. What business rules need to be applied?
  3. Whether extracted data tallies with known data and values?
  4. If extracted data meets regulations?


exceptions during data validation are routed to a verification manager for resolution. Alternatively, approval routing can also be set up as a process rule. In both cases, users are notified to take action.


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