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Cloud: Artsyl’s Cloud Hosted Data Capture Software


Businesses run on data. In addition to providing docAlpha, Artsyl’s data and document capture software, as a client/server solution, Artsyl provides a cloud based accounts payable automation software called Cloud.


Artsyl Cloud makes it convenient to access and work with business information from anywhere. Cloud combines the power of intelligent document capture and process automation with the convenience and cost effectiveness of cloud-based delivery.


the Cloud's cognitive capabilities including Machine Learning-driven data extraction and validation to facilitate intelligent document processing

and streamline implementation of document-intensive processes

your Cloud solution according to your needs without investing in additional hardware or resources

Artsyl Cloud offers all the benefits of on-premise intelligent capture, data classification, data extraction, and approval routing to enable businesses to work with documents and document-based processes from anywhere. Tight, API-level integration with other cloud based applications makes it convenient to execute accounts payable automation, as well as intelligent document processing of other complex business processes and data — transporting the results to a connected back-end or ERP system.

Cloud Architecture

CloudArchitecture dA

Intelligent Document Processing in the Cloud

Timely productivity and delivery is critical to any company’s standing in the marketplace. That’s why, companies are always looking to engage the best technologies and process automation tools to get work done. Part of bringing processes, systems, and departments to a level of competency that can sustain market demand has got a lot to do with operating costs. Cost-effective process implementation has become necessary in today’s volatile marketplace. For most companies, this means monitoring their IT infrastructure costs.

Data management is another business requirement that is defining how companies will fare in the long-run. Data dictates business processes including the running of ERPs, ECMs, and back-end systems — companies will do well by lowering the time, costs, and labor needed to access, manage, and enter business data into these applications.

Artsyl Cloud resolves these challenges by combining intelligent process automation and data capture software to allow for intelligent document processing, significantly reduced deployment and maintenance costs. With Artsyl, companies gain the leverage to consolidate the constant influx of business data from anywhere, and capture, extract, validate, verify, and approve that data for use in business applications.

Cloud Features

Enable intelligent data capture and process automation from anywhere
Lower software deployment, maintenance, and labor costs significantly
Drive all business data from the remote edges of your organization to a central platform
Remove the complexities and costs associated with physical servers, file storage systems, and office spaces
Execute powerful OCR and machine learning based data extraction, classification, and validation in the cloud
Directly transport validated documents and data to ERPs and other connected business applications without needing to download files to your local drive
Benefit from automatic data backups without human effort and secure data by spreading document copies across multiple storage systems in the cloud

Instantly scale operations:
by making use of Artsyl’s flexible technology stack to deploy as much resources as needed to get work done — including opting for the relevant ‘bundles’, depending on the volume of documents to be processed, the level of classification, and type of data extraction method you need

Control your cloud infrastructure usage and costs by purchasing just the right amount of resources for your business
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Intelligent Document Capture with docAlpha

Cobalt Boats, a premier manufacturer of high speed recreational motor boats, switched to Artsyl Cloud to streamline their accounts payable operations.

Read their Success Story to find out how they’ve managed to turn around AP for the better!

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Cloud Specifications

Artsyl Web Scanning Thin Client

Web scanning enables digitization and capture of paper documents right at the point of source like a remote site office or global distribution center. Incoming paper documents, usually, transaction documents like vendor invoices or even purchase orders at an inventory office can be quickly scanned — using any TWAIN-compatible scanner. Alternatively, Artsyl’s web scanning thin client has browser-based scanning capabilities where the scanner interacts with a web interface. This enables web-based applications to scan documents directly to a repository, in this case, Artsyl’s intelligent process automation workflows, without having to save scanned files locally before uploading. This saves businesses from installing client software. Artsyl’s web scanning/thin client supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.


Artsyl’s connectors have been re-engineered to be REST-based. This allows faster customizations, quicker integrations with third-party systems that are REST-compatible, and easier engagement in complex integrated environments. Users can leverage this simple, no code way to exchange data and export Cloud’s workflow results, including data and documents, to external systems like ERPs and document management systems.

Artsyl Cloud and web scanning support remote data capture and intelligent document processing. Accelerated capture, accounts payable automation, and other document-intensive process automation by Artsyl Cloud ensures accelerated business outcomes.