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The Journey to Success — as told by our esteemed customers!

Empowering the Customer to Take the Leap in Digital Transformation with Intelligent Document Processing.

The Journey to Success — as told by our esteemed customers!
Customer success is a journey

Customer success is a journey. It takes a village to get prospects and clients to believe in your company. Luckily, we at Artsyl accomplish this through a constant empathic understanding of what the customer wants. Our product offerings are tailored to meet the specific goals of each customer with a single-minded focus of elevating user experience to a level of continuous improvement and growth.

Customer Success Stories for You

With docAlpha, Barnwell is Able to Elevate AP/AR to Accommodate Expansion Plans & Facilitate Accurate Data Availability to Webdocs

“...we totally add more volume now and it’s a lot more organized. We used to have stacks of paper on the table; they are just gone now. We’ve cut down on AP document processing times from 10 to 4 minutes!”

Client: Barnwell House of Tires, Inc.

Industry: Services — Truck & Tires

Cobalt Boats accelerates their invoicing processing with Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, streamlining AP operations

"It has been 3 years since Cobalt first started using InvoiceAction, based on Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, and they were definitely able to see natural streamlining of operations in their AP department."

Client: Cobalt Boats

Industry: Boat Building

With docAlpha, Support Staff Can Easily Digitize Medical Bills and Gain Control Over Claims Processing

Now, using the Artsyl docAlpha solution, bills get scanned and the system captures information from the document,” Bepko said.

Client: Workers’ Compensation Trust

Industry: Insurance

With docAlpha, Admin Staff Can Easily File Records, Schedule Procedures and Retrieve Patient Information Instantly

I could archive a million files if I needed to,” Simon says, “And I would have confidence in my ability to manage and retrieve them using docAlpha and our digital system.

Client: Medical Research Initiatives

Industry: Healthcare

Toughbuilt Automates Sales Order Processes with docAlpha

Our focus for phase one is to tackle sales orders and cut down on data entry time,” Galystan said, “With 30 to 50 lines items per order, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to handle one of them manually.

Client: Toughbuilt

Industry: Design and Manufacturing
(Tools and accessories)

ANCA Group Automates AP Invoice Processes with docAlpha

Historically, we had a lot of paper-based forms,” Ching said, “Leveraging InvoiceAction to digitize documents, manage workflows and provide mobile access for coding and approval, we have more timely access to business date and better process control.

Client: ANCA Group

Industry: Manufacturing
(CNC machine drilling equipment)

Glacier Media Automates AP Invoice Processes with docAlpha

“Prior to automating the process, we struggled to scale our operations,” Kisser said, “So it got a bit crazy at times.” “Double data entry and document sorting and handling seriously slowed down our processes,” Kisser said.

Client: Glacier Media, Inc

Industry: Professional Services (Media)

Avanti Restaurant Group Creates a Seamless Process for Managing Vendor Invoices with docAlpha, DocLink and Microsoft Dynamics GP

We have a lot of invoices we need to process immediately to capture discounts for Net 10 payment,” Paine said, “Being able to sort and prioritize invoices by discounts and due dates is a big benefit for us.

Client: Avanti Restaurant Group, Inc

Industry: Design and Construction (restaurants)

AJR Group
AJR Group Scales AP, AR to Gear for Growth with docAlpha

Getting documents into DocLink was a real time sink,” Meyer said, “As monthly invoice grew from 1,100 two years ago to 1,500, it was hard to keep up and we were stretching too many people too thin.

Client: AJR Group, Inc

Industry: Manufacturing (filtration systems, custom foam products and medical devices)

Power Mechanical
Power Mechanical Automates AP Invoice Processes with DocLink and docAlpha

It could get tedious really quickly when you have to do double data entry to get transactions approved and then entered in Dynamics GP, McAlister said.

Client: Power Mechanical, Inc

Industry: Petroleum/Energy

Government Scientific Takes the Pain Out of AP Invoice Processes with docAlpha, KwikTag and Dynamics NAV

Prior to digitizing and automating our accounts payable process, our AP team literally printed out digital invoices and entered information manual in our NAV ERP system,” Stackhouse said.

Client: Government Scientific Source

Industry: Government scientific/laboratory equipment supplier

OrthoVirginia Automates AP Invoice Processing with docAlpha and DocLink

We process 25,000 invoices each year, and the number continues to grow,” Kraje said, “With DocLink and docAlpha, we can address our current and future invoice velocity and grow our business without increasing staff.

Client: OrthoVirginia

Industry: Orthopaedic Healthcare

Canada’s largest Dairy food processor improves cash flow, cuts costs & streamlines proof of delivery processes

Intelligent capture of delivery notes and proof of delivery receipts. Integration with MaxxVault Document Management System

Client: Parmalat Canada Inc.

Industry: Food Processing

Appalachian State University
Appalachian State University Partners with Artsyl for a Winning Admissions Processing Game Plan

By automating its admissions process with docAlpha, “APP” stays ahead of the competition

Client: Appalachian State University Sarah-Davis Cagle Associate Director of Admissions – Operations

Industry: Higher Education

Leatherman Combines docAlpha and Dynamics AX to Modernize Its Payables Process and Grow Their Bottom Line

Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes. Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Client: Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing (multi-purpose tools)

Integration with SAP/R3 results in end-to-end automation that reduces payment cycle times and improves process transparency and compliance

Vendor invoice automation for 90,000 inbound invoices. Integration with SAP/R3

Client: NRCan (Natural Resources Canada)

Industry: Government (Federal)

docAlpha delivers a 50% increase in efficiency for Youth for Christs’s Check Donation Processes

Donor check processing for 2,000 checks/month. Scalability to support donation processing for up to 150 affiliates. Automate data entry for Salesforce CRM and Financial Edge accounting system

Client: Youth for Christ

Industry: Nonprofit

Laird gains greater control & visibility over finance through consolidation and automation

The docAlpha digital transformation platform, integrated with QAD and DocLib, was the key component to Laird’s financial shared services center model

Client: Laird

Industry: Electronics manufacturing

Tiger Electric
Tiger Electric Automates Workflow and Eliminates Manual Data Entry with docAlpha and KwikTag

docAlpha accelerates digitizing documents and automating workflows for Tiger Electric’s KwikTag document management system

Client: Tiger Electric

Industry: Commercial, industrial and residential electrical contractor services

Ohio Shared Information Services
Ohio Shared Information Services Combines docAlpha, Dynamics GP and KwikTag to Automate Its Payables Process and Boost ROI

Implementing More Cost-Effective AP Processes and Gaining Control Over Procurement Elevates the Role and Impact of AP Staff Members

Client: Ohio Shared Information Services

Industry: Nonprofit/Healthcare Technology Services

Paragon Films
Paragon Films Combines docAlpha and Dynamics AX to Automate Its Payables Process and Boost ROI for their New ERP investment

Implementing More Cost-Effective AP Processes and Gaining Control Over Procurement Elevates the Role and Impact of AP Staff Members

Client: Paragon Films

Industry: Manufacturing (plastics)

DRM Waste Management
DRM Waste Management Wastes Less Time on Data Entry & Invoice Processing with docAlpha & DocLink

By automating its payables process, DRM Waste Management scales operations seamlessly

Client: DRM Waste Management Ben Fetter, Verifier, Billing

Industry: Waste Management

Grand District School
Upper Grand District School Board gets a handle on utility bills with the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform

By automating its payables process for utilities, UGDSB gains greater visibility and control over utility usage to lower costs, boost efficiency

Client: Upper Grand District School Board City of Guelph, County of Wellington and County of Dufferin, Ontario, Canada

Industry: Education

Cooperative Elevator
Cooperative Elevator Inc. Elevates Visibility and Control Over Accounts Payable with docAlpha and Webdocs

The docAlpha digital transformation platform delivers 24/7 digital access to AP documents and data for approvals and audit trails

Client: Cooperative Elevator, Inc.

Industry: Agricultural Cooperative

Tower Products Inc.
Professional Audio and Video Wholesaler/Retailer Tower Products Inc. Achieves Greater Control Over AP Invoices with docAlpha, DocStar and Sage

Optimize AP Invoice cycle times, Support for digital invoice review/approval, Deliver instant access to AP invoices, related data and audit trails

Client: Tower Products, Inc. Parent company for

Industry: Audio/Video Equipment

Mega Group Combines docAlpha with Dynamics AX to Transform its AP Operations

Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes. Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Client: Mega Group, Inc

Industry: Retail services for home goods retailers

CPower Combines docAlpha with Dynamics GP and PaperSave to Go Paperless and Streamline Its Payables Process

Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes. Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Client: CPower Energy Management

Industry: Energy management

Herrick Industrial Supply Delivers Instant Customer Service with DocuWare and docAlpha

Automate and streamline document handling and data entry/indexing for packing slips stored in their DocuWare ECM system. Ensure reliable, timely access to scanned customer packing slips from within their DocuWare ECM system.

Client: Herrick Industrial Supply

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Supplier

Small Mining Development LLC Taps into an AP Automation Goldmine with docAlpha

Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes. Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation. Integration with Sage ERP. Integration with DocLink ECM.

Client: Small Mining Development Development, LLC

Industry: Mining

Kansas Paving Paves the Way for Invoice Automation with docAlpha

ImageLink document management system customer Kansas Paving successfully implemented docAlpha from Artsyl Technologies to put their AP invoice process on the fast track.

Client: Kansas Paving

Hydronic and Plumbing Manufacturer Caleffi accelerates sales order processes with docAlpha and SAP

Accelerate processing for sales orders-especially complex, multi-line orders for staff optimization. Automate order entry data stream with existing SAP ERP system. Validate sales order data and create SAP transactions.

Client: Caleffi North America, Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing (Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Process Works Applications)

Canada’s Leader in Renovations Chooses Innovation to Manage AP Invoices

Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction. Integration with Laserfiche Document Management System

Client: Canac, Inc.

Industry: Retail (hardware/household goods)

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Takes Aim at Inefficiency and Targets Manual Data Entry

Intelligent capture of hand-written text. Scoring, validation and posting for marksmanship scores.

Client: Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Industry: Firearms Training, Safety and Competitions (Not for Profit)

Albrecht Inc. Slashes AP Invoice Approvals from Two Weeks to Two Days and Eliminates Manual Data Entry with docAlpha

Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and transaction creation in Dynamics GP. Integration with PaperSave Document Management System

Client: Albrecht, Inc.

Industry: Real Estate / Property Management

How FVTech Successfully Processes Eight Million Medical Claims a Month Using Artsyl’s ClaimAction

Ability to process: UB04 andNUCC forms; processing eight million medical claim pages per month, Identification rate for UB04s grew from zero to 85-90 percent

Client: FutureVision Technologies

Industry: Healthcare

Medical Development International (MDI)
Why Correctional Facilities Could Become One of the Most Efficient Healthcare Processing Systems in the United States

It reduced our keying needs by 50 percent for that second eying,” according to Bobby Snyder, assistant vice president of MDI’s claims department.

Client: Medical Development International (MDI)

Industry: Healthcare

Hirschfeld Industries
Hirschfeld Industries Streamlines Inventory Control with docAlpha

By digitizing and automatically extracting data from bills of lading and material test reports, Hirschfeld boosts efficiency, compliance and quality

Client: Hirschfeld Industries

Industry: Manufacturing (steel fabrication)

Precoat Metals
Precoat Metals Centralizes AP and Elevates the Roles of AP Team Members by Transforming Vendor Invoice Processes

“We're not really touching much paper anymore,” Collins said. “We work the batches out of docAlpha, and then it goes to WebDocs, and then it goes through a match process.”

Client: Precoat Metals

Industry: Manufacturing (metal coating)

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A Single Platform Solution for Diverse Processes, Departments, Sectors, Industries

We understand that technology enables businesses. Our efforts have therefore been to derive workable solutions from advanced intelligent automation technologies to solve the daily challenges of the end user. The innumerable advancements we have made in the development of our proprietary intelligent process automation solution, the docAlpha, over the years are a testament to our continuous efforts to bring to market a well-rounded product that becomes useful in every domain or sector. Artsyl’s Suite of Action Solutions are a result of such efforts and developed from our based application, docAlpha.

Artsyl's pre-packaged vertical solutions have been a great success with customers, thanks to our constant endeavor to build solutions For the Customer.

Follow our Case Studies to learn what our customers have to say. Not just process optimization, customers are finding tangible, long-term value and a clear path to the next stage in their growth. You will read many testimonies from employees, AP staffers, sales personnel as well as department managers talking about the real, measurable metrics they are able to monitor and improve using our intelligent process automation solutions.

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