Glacier Media Automates AP Invoice Processes with docAlpha

docAlpha eliminates manual data entry and document handling, streamlining routing, approval, transaction entry and vendor payments

The Challenge

As Finance and Accounting System Manager for Glacier Media, Inc., Sherri Kisser was tasked with finding a better way to handle vendor invoices in a way that scaled as the company grew.

Without a document management system in place that provided any workflow or automation capabilities to code, match or route invoices, the AP team spent a lot of time chasing paper.

“Prior to automating the process, we struggled to scale our operations,” Kisser said, “So it got a bit crazy at times.”

According to Kisser, one key to choosing the right AP automation solution was automation of data entry and document handling in a way that was flexible, adaptable and easy to implement.

“Double data entry and document sorting and handling seriously slowed down our processes,” Kisser said.

The Solution

Glacier Media chose to implement the docAlpha transformation platform, providing intelligent process automation for data capture from scanned paper or digital invoices in a way that happens automatically and invisibly as part of a straight through process.

docAlpha, developed by Artsyl Technologies, integrates with ERP and EXM systems in a way that allows vendors to email invoices into a mailbox monitored by the system. Paper invoices can be batched scanned and directed to docAlpha for processing, too. No matter how the invoice gets there, docAlpha automatically finds and extracts information like invoice number, amount and vendor details, then interacts with other business systems to create transaction records, along with a digital image of the invoice.

As part of that process, docAlpha can cross-reference ECM and/or ERP vendor records to ensure that all the information it extracted is correct. It can automatically correct obvious errors—or route any exceptions to an AP team member for further review/resolution.

The Results

According to Kisser, merging the capabilities of docAlpha and DocLink has helped Glacier Media to achieve a new level of control over their processes while increasing efficiency.

“It really enabled us to recapture more purchasing power,” Kisser said, “Our cycle times went from weeks to days.”

As a result, Glacier Media’s AP team has been able to be continue to keep up with vendor invoices, even as the the company grows and the volume/velocity of invoices increases.


Glacier Media, Inc

Glacier Media delivers essential daily news, market analysis, data-rich intelligence and a range of marketing solutions to clients and audiences internationally. The company adds value by connecting executives to a community of over 500,000 senior managers and influencers – informing and empowering them, helping them to build their business.


Professional Services (Media)


• Gain greater control over vendor invoice approvals to reduce cycle times

• Eliminate duplicate data entry

• Eliminate potential sources of error


• docAlpha transformation platform


• Elimination of manual data entry and document uploading

• Efficient batch scanning of invoices and related documents without manual data entry

• Straight-through processing of vendor invoices to reduce cycles times from two weeks to five days


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