Order to Cash and Sales Order Automation

Whether your organization has already embraced process automation, or automating your order to cash (O2C) process is new territory, the good news is that sales order automation is well-charted territory. These days the technologies, systems and practices to achieve a fast return on investment from order processing software are well-established and well documented.

Here are four top reasons that corporate executives can understand and appreciate when making the case for sales order automation.

Position the organization to scale for growth. Order processing software relieves the dependency on individual staff members to ‘own’ the process and knowledge specific to order processing. Creating a rules-driven, automated process for reading and extracting data from customer purchase orders, automating data entry to generate sales orders and routing documents and data for approval ensures that the sales order process runs smoothly regardless of the volume of orders to process and the staff on hand.

Reduce costs and shorten supply chain cycle times. Targeting and eliminating the inefficiencies associated with manually sorting, classifying and filing sales documents, combined with automating data entry by extracting data from sales documents can reduce the time and effort required to process sales orders by 90%. A business case based solely on those efficiency gains can often justify a sales order automation project with an achievable ROI within 6 to 12 months.

Greater Control and Process Visibility. By extracting data from process-related documents and intelligently capturing that data earlier in the process, organizations achieve greater process transparency and the resulting business transformation more quickly and efficiently, with dashboard-level visibility to key performance indicators than can be shared enterprise-wide.

Enhanced Customer Service. Once a customer has agreed to do business with your organization, your first opportunity to win their loyalty and establish a good relationship is when you fulfill their first order. Whether it’s a matter of setting the bar with a new customer or raising the bar with existing customers, an order processing software helps to establish your organization as a fast, efficient and reliable partner worthy of their trust and ongoing business.

How Artsyl Can Help

Partnering with Artsyl for Sales Order Automation allows you to:

  • Quickly transform your existing sales order documents into intelligence to drive strategy. Our docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform delivers solutions for your sales order management by intelligently capturing more accurate data, more quickly at a much lower cost.
  • Ensure data quality through automatic validation. Eliminate duplicate documents and data entry errors by relying on docAlpha to automatically cross-check order data against ERP and CRM records like in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Acumatica Cloud ERP.
  • Grow your business while cutting costs by automating routine tasks like sales order routing/approval/data entry. Through intelligent process automation of sales order processing, you can easily scale your operations as business grows, without worrying about hiring and training new staff.


Learn More About Artsyl’s docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform and Intelligent Process Automation Applications

docAlpha Automates Data Extraction for Any Type of Document

The docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform from Artsyl provides a foundation for intelligent process automation applications like OrderAction, which is focused specifically on the order to cash process and sales order automation. With docAlpha, your organization can automate order to cash, then leverage that success to automate OTHER business processes and enable through and through business transformation.

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The OrderAction Order Processing Software Makes it Easy to Get Started

OrderAction is an intelligent process automation application built on top of the docAlpha Digital Transformation Platform that allows customer service and accounts receivable teams to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively with a fully automated sales order processing solution.

As a result, customers can quickly implement a solution to sort through thousands of orders and capture relevant transaction data with a minimal amount of effort and no custom coding or services required.

  • Delivers easy-to-implement data capture, approval routing and ERP integration with no need for coding or customization
  • Provides header/footer and line item detail data capture for key order information
  • Ensures data validity through rules-based and ERP/ECM/CRM/LOB data cross-referencing
  • Automates document matching and eliminates duplicate entries
  • Eliminates approval bottlenecks through automated alerts and notifications
  • Offers the leverage for business transformation by helping companies reach the customer first

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