Why order processing software?

Why order processing software?

Why order processing software?

When you know that the customer is still king, you cannot afford to continue with an order management model that depends heavily on manpower. Manual effort is often error prone and also introduces process delays that you cannot afford, especially in a competitive market environment. Reaching out to the customer first before anyone else is imperative, not to mention engaging a customer for the long-term. Customer engagement is determined from the point you receive an order; how you handle it will determine if you will have return business.

Apart from the delays and inaccuracies arising from manual paperwork, there are other factors along the order processing chain that also take a hit if not managed well:

  • Difficulty capturing sales orders — there are chances of losing or misplacing sales order forms
  • Difficulty tracing an order back to the right customer
  • Difficulty pulling up orders to verify or check during customer service
  • Lack of visibility or process transparency when fulfilling orders
  • Costs and time involved in manual data entry and document uploading to an ERP system could equal the cost of an FTE, if not done well

More importantly, you will be failing the customer with a worn-out order fulfillment staff, who may be bogged down by the sheer volume of mundane, repetitive tasks to be executed on a daily basis.

Rather than reshuffle or hire additional staff to handle a constantly growing pile of orders, which will only add to your costs, simply cut to the chase and get yourself an order processing software.

Order Processing Software

Order processing software does the job for you. Built on an intelligent process automation platform, the software combines the two things that remove the drudgery out of sales order processing — intelligent data capture and process automation. Digital transformation technologies like AI and machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA), etc. embedded within the software allow for straight-through processing of sales orders.

Order Processing Software

Multichannel capture feature makes it possible to capture sales orders from email, fax, ftps, scan, etc. Order processing software classifieds the captured documents according to type and then extracts relevant order details from them, performs automatic data validation (vendor lookups, 2-way/3-way matching), and routes the documents to the right verification managers for approval before exporting the final data and documents to an ERP system for automatic ERP transaction creation.

From capture, classification, data extraction, validation, verification, and export to an ERP system, order processing software performs touchless processing, with manual intervention required only in the case of any exceptions.

Elevate Order Processing to a Whole New Level

Intelligent process automation can elevate order processing and customer service manifold. Take the case of this manufacturer — with business growing at the rate of 30% annually, and having to process around 400 orders per week, each having on average 15 to 20 line items, they found it difficult to get a grip on their data entry and overall order management efforts. Intelligent process automation changed all that with the effect that they are now able to accelerate processing and fulfillment of any number of orders without needing to hire additional staff.

Looking to transform the way your company handles sales orders? Look for an order processing software that can integrate with your ERP system to ensure you have in place an end-to-end process automation chain for accelerated order fulfillment. Talk to Artsyl.


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