Barnwell (Services, Truck & Tires)

“... we totally add more volume now and it’s a lot more organized. We used to have stacks of paper on the table; they are just gone now. We’ve cut down on AP document processing times from 10 to 4 minutes!”

— Daniel Beyer, CIO at Barnwell

Cobalt Boats

Cobalt Boats (Boat Building)

The AP team got acquainted with the general workings of InvoiceAction “fairly quickly”, and “never really needed to refer to the manual”. Even with a shortage in personnel, their AP staffer is very conveniently “doing the job of 2 people.”

— Melinda Webb, Sr. Programmer Analyst at Cobalt Boats

Workers Compensation Trust

Workers’ Compensation Trust (Insurance)

“Now, using the Artsyl docAlpha solution, bills get scanned and the system captures information from the document,” if everything looks good, the system automatically creates an 837 file that contains all the information needed to process the bill. “That process automation saved a lot of time; we were processing 100-120 bills per day manually, and now we can process almost 300 per day.”

— Kathleen Bepko, Manager, Claims Administration at Workers’ Compensation Trust

Medical Research Initiatives

Medical Research Initiatives (Healthcare)

Earlier, “you would have to dig through patient charts to find the information you need, I can’t imagine anyone having to try to find information that way.” Now, “all I have to do is search based on a patient’s health card number and all of their records pop up for reference, I could archive a million files if I needed to and retrieve them using docAlpha”.

— Jennifer Simon, Executive Administrative Assistant, Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Research Initiatives


ToughBuilt (Design & Manufacturing)

“Our focus for phase one is to tackle sales orders and cut down on data entry time. With 30 to 50 lines items per order, it would take 15 to 20 minutes to handle one of them manually. Now, with OrderAction, it takes two minutes max to get our sales order information into Acumatica, we cut down on a lot of wasted time for our workers to input sales orders.”

— Martin Galystan, Controller for Toughbuilt

ANCA Group

ANCA Group (Manufacturing)

“Historically, we had a lot of paper-based forms”, but by “leveraging InvoiceAction to digitize documents, manage workflows, and provide mobile access for coding and approval, we have more timely access to business data and better process control”.

— Bernie Ching, IT Director for ANCA Group

Glacier Media Inc.

Glacier Media Inc. (Professional Services)

“Prior to automating the process, we struggled to scale our operations. So it got a bit crazy at times. Double data entry and document sorting and handling seriously slowed down our processes”. Now, with the docAlpha digital transformation platform, “it really enabled us to recapture more purchasing power. Our cycle times went from weeks to days.”

— Sherri Kisser, Finance and Accounting System Manager for Glacier Media, Inc.

Avanti Restaurant Group, Inc

Avanti Restaurant Group, Inc. (Design & Construction)

“We have a lot of invoices we need to process immediately to capture discounts for Net 10 payment. Being able to sort and prioritize invoices by discounts and due dates is a big benefit for us.”

— Michael Paine, Accounts Payable Supervisor for Avanti Restaurant Group

Power Mechanical, Inc.

Power Mechanical, Inc. (Petroleum/Energy)

“We had five people involved whenever we purchased an item, so it got a bit crazy at times. It could get tedious really quickly when you have to do double data entry to get transactions approved and then entered in Dynamics GP.” But merging the capabilities of docAlpha and DocLink “really enabled us to recapture more purchasing power. Our cycle times went from weeks to days.”

— David McAlister, IT Director for Power Mechanical, Inc.

Government Scientific Source

Government Scientific Source (Lab Equipment Supplier)

“Prior to digitizing and automating our accounts payable process, our AP team literally printed out digital invoices and entered information manually into our NAV ERP system”. Now, on merging the capabilities of docAlpha and KwikTag, “Our AP team loves it. It takes the tedium out of their jobs and gives them greater control over the process even as business grows.”

— Scott Stackhouse, Chief Operating Officer for Government Scientific Source

Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University (Higher Education)

“When I first came on board, we saw a jump in our applications which was a new challenge for us. We always brag about what our volume is, but then we want to make sure that if we’re bragging about volume, we’re also bragging about our efficiency and how quickly we’re turning things around for everybody.” With the docAlpha digital transformation platform, “It was super smooth. There were days when I was pulling a thousand transcripts down and running them through docAlpha.”

— Sarah-Davis Cagle, Associate Director of Admissions, Appalachian State University


Laird (Electronics Manufacturing)

“We receive invoices in our mailbox, we process them through docAlpha, and then everything flows to DocLib”. An AP team with three members in the U.S. can handle over 24,000 vendor invoices annually.

Jiri Slavik, Laird Accounting Supervisor

Tiger Electric

Tiger Electric (Electrical)

“In the past, it was taking us 35 to 40 minutes to scan in one residential folder — as opposed to one and a half to three minutes scanning it using docAlpha. We rely a lot on workflows and have created 13 of them in KwikTag, supported by docAlpha. The greatest thing that has come our way from Artsyl with docAlpha is that it has saved us so much time.”

— Toni Johnson, Head of data retention at Tiger Electric

Ohio Shared Information Services

Ohio Shared Information Services (Nonprofit/Healthcare)

“With the new (docAlpha) system in place, we can create process workflows that involve multiple people, with multiple departments and multiple levels of authority, without being over-burdened by complexity. KwikTag and docAlpha keeps it simple for us.”

— Tom Shannon, CEO, Ohio Shared Information Services

Cooperative Elevator Inc.

Cooperative Elevator Inc. (Agricultural Co-op)

“(Before docAlpha) everything was fully paper-based. Paper invoices were physically attached to shipping docs, and then to our accounts payable voucher information. If there was a check payment, that payment information was also attached to the physical bundle of paper and filed in file cabinets. Now (with docAlpha), we use the web forms from RJS to route electronic invoice, along with the associated documents that have come through docAlpha for approval. We’re not typing in the same information a couple times. I think it has helped us become more organized and effective.”

— Barry Albrecht, Vice President of Information Technology, Elevator Co-ops

Small Mining Development LLC

Small Mining Development LLC (Mining)

“With me typing invoices, I couldn’t obviously type every single line item. We wanted a better understanding of our purchases and the ability to make better procurement decisions.” With docAlpha, “once it was running, it was running, and it was awesome. I have the freedom to work outside my office now, where I didn’t before. docAlpha would speed up processes plus we’d have more data and less paper.”

— Cody Birch, Assistant Controller, Small Mining Development LLC