No Code AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Complete Business Process Automation solution for Accounts Payable operation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Complete Business Process Automation solution for Accounts Payable operation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Artsyl Document Process Automation platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes care of your ERP complexities by streamlining the reception, processing, validation, and automatic ERP transaction creation of vendor invoices and customer sales orders before delivering the final transaction details to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Built on an Intelligent Process Automation platform employing digital transformation technologies like Intelligent Document Capture (IDC), AI and Machine Learning, Artsyl provides ready, prepackaged solutions for AP Automation and Customer Sales Order Management.

State-based workflows with no code design wizard enable you to quickly implement intelligent automation along a wide range of document-based processes, including vendor invoicing and order processing, within Microsoft D365 effortlessly and with zero coding, as per your business requirements.

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Accelerated Data Availability to Microsoft Dynamics 365
No Manual Data Entry
Increased Visibility & Control over AP
Multi-channel Intelligent Document Capture
Faster ROI from reduced AP Staffing & Operating costs
Improved Audit Trail of Business Data
Seamless REST API Connectivity ensures Complete AP Operability
and Control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment

Ensure Business Continuity in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environment with Artsyl’s Out-of-the-Box, Code-Free AP Automation. Bring all transactional document-based processes on to a common Microsoft D365 platform for better Business Transparency and Control

Integrated Offerings

Artsyl Action Solutions are prepackaged applications for specific use cases and can be integrated with Microsoft D365 for complete end-to-end automation of document-based processes. API level integration makes it easy to deploy these solutions with ease without having to change underlying systems or processes.

Artsyl Invoice & Sales Order Processing Software

The Artsyl AP Automation software InvoiceAction & Customer Sales Order Processing software OrderAction are prepackaged solutions built on the Document Process Automation platform. These Action Solutions integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to establish an end-to-end workflow for capturing, classifying, extracting, validating, and verifying all inbound vendor invoices and customer sales orders before approving them for use in Microsoft D365. By employing Intelligent Document Capture technology with powerful OCR/ICR, BPA, and Machine Learning capabilities, these solutions enable unattended, straight-through vendor invoice processing and sales order processing over time.

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the Maximum with Artsyl

Integrating with Artsyl Document Process Automation will allow users to leverage their Microsoft D365 to the maximum and work with documents in any process including accounts payable and sales order management. Artsyl BOTs equipped with Intelligent Document Capture, AI and Machine Learning enable unattended workflow processing for a truly end-to-end digital transformation of content-dependent processes.

Intelligent BOTs — One platform, Any process


Artsyl document acquisition is quick and fuss-free, and supports a diverse range of document types from various sources including emails, fax, integrated scanners, and MFPs.


Intelligently separate and classify documents based on document type — IDC BOTs are trained to distinguish between PO and non-PO invoices, credit memos and statements, between different vendor invoices, etc.


The intelligent BOTs use generic knowledge to extract data from known document formats. Alternatively, Machine Learning (AI Cognitive Services) is utilized to extract data from unfamiliar or new documents. A third extraction method makes use of both Generic knowledge and Machine Learning to obtain data according to user requirements.


data validation can be configured to suit business requirements such as tallying extracted information against database records for authenticity, transactional document matching, and reconciliations.


all exceptions during validation maybe routed to verification managers for approval. Approval routing can also be a part of process rules. The final approved document is sent to Microsoft D365 for ERP transaction generation and handling.


Optimize Your
Data Capture Processes
with Artsyl docAlpha