Streamline Your Business with AP
Automation in Sage

Transform your accounts payable with Sage's AP automation powered by intelligent process automation by Artsyl. Uncover actionable insights, top features, and the impact on business efficiency.

Streamline Your Business with AP Automation in Sage

Sage is one of the most popular enterprise resource planning systems and its accounts payable (AP) automation functionality can help businesses streamline their financial processes. AP automation reduces manual processes and helps save time, resources, and money that can be used to improve other business areas.

Let’s discover how AP automation in Sage powered by Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction can help businesses save time, reduce expenses and improve productivity.

Common Problems of Invoice and Sales Order Management

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Common Problems of Invoice and Sales Order Management

Invoice and sales order management are critical components of a business’s financial and operational processes. When not executed effectively, several issues can arise. Here are some common problems associated with invoice and sales order management:

  • Delayed, Lost or Missing Invoices: Delays in creating or sending out invoices can hinder cash flow and potentially upset customers. In addition, physical invoices can be misplaced, while electronic ones can be lost due to technical issues, leading to payment delays or discrepancies.
  • Data Entry Errors: Manual data entry is susceptible to errors. Mistakes in pricing, quantities, or customer details can lead to disputes and loss of trust, ultimately leading to unhappy customers and affecting the business’s reputation and client relationships.
  • Mismatch between Invoice and Sales Orders: Any mismatch in terms, quantities, or pricing between invoices and the original sales orders can cause confusion and disputes. Irregularities in invoicing can disrupt the business’s cash flow, making it hard to manage operational expenses.
  • Lack of Visibility and Tracking: Without a proper system in place, it might be challenging to track which invoices have been paid, which are overdue, or where a sales order is in the fulfillment process.
  • Inefficient Approval Processes: If the approval process for issuing an invoice or processing a sales order is too lengthy or convoluted, it can cause significant delays.
  • Lack of Integration with Other Systems: If the invoicing and sales order systems are not integrated with inventory, CRM, or other business systems, it can lead to inefficiencies and mistakes.

Addressing these issues requires businesses to invest in robust invoicing and sales order management systems, continuously review and optimize their processes, and ensure proper training for their staff.

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AP Automation to the Rescue!

Accounts payable (AP) automation plays a significant role in addressing the challenges faced in invoice and sales order management. Here’s why (and how).

What is AP Automation

AP Automation, or Accounts Payable Automation, refers to the use of technology to streamline and automate the accounts payable processes, reducing manual tasks and human intervention. It involves converting the incoming paper and electronic invoices into digital formats, extracting and validating the pertinent information, and then processing payments in an efficient manner. Here’s a breakdown of what AP Automation encompasses:

Invoice Capture

This is the process of taking all the various formats of invoices (paper, email, fax, etc.) and converting them into a single digital format. Modern systems can utilize optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically extract invoice data.

Invoice Approval Workflow

Rather than manually routing an invoice for approval, an automated system can send it to the appropriate parties based on predefined rules. For example, if an invoice is over a certain amount, it might require a manager’s approval.

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Electronic Payments

Instead of writing paper checks, the system can facilitate electronic payments, whether it’s through Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfers, or even virtual credit cards.

Integration with Other Systems

AP Automation software often integrates with other business systems, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ensuring data consistency across the board.

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced systems can generate detailed reports, giving insights into spending trends, supplier performance, potential cash discounts, and more.

The main benefits of AP Automation include:

  • Reduction in manual and paper-based tasks.
  • Faster invoice processing times, leading to quicker payments.
  • Minimized errors and discrepancies in accounts payable processes.
  • Improved visibility and control over financial data.
  • Cost savings from reduced manual interventions and better cash flow management.

In essence, AP Automation brings efficiency, accuracy, and strategic value to the accounts payable process, enabling businesses to focus on more strategic activities and make more informed financial decisions.

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How AP Automation Transforms Invoice and Order Management

Implementing accounts payable automation software can help streamline the entire process from order creation to payment, reducing manual tasks and approval bottlenecks. In addition, automation tools capture invoice data accurately, minimizing manual data entry and the associated errors.

Real-Time Insights

With automated AP systems, businesses can gain real-time insights into their AP processes. This allows for easier tracking of outstanding invoices, paid invoices, and those that are due soon.

That’s because automation can match invoices with corresponding purchase orders and delivery notes, ensuring that the billed amount is accurate and corresponds with what was ordered and received.

Labor Cost Savings

And by reducing manual tasks, businesses can save on labor costs. Additionally, early payment discounts and the reduction of late fees can result in direct monetary savings.

Overcoming Growth Pains

Automated systems can handle large volumes of invoices and sales orders, allowing businesses to scale without significantly increasing their administrative burden. Yet this is done without sacrificing accuracy. AP automation systems are designed to adhere to regional and industry-specific regulatory standards, ensuring that all invoices are compliant with tax requirements and other regulations.

Easy Integration

Most AP automation solutions can integrate with other business systems like ERP, CRM, and inventory management, ensuring seamless data flow and reducing discrepancies between systems.

In summary, AP automation provides businesses with tools and processes to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain better control over their finances, addressing many challenges posed by manual invoice and sales order management.

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AP Automation and Invoice Management with Artsyl InvoiceAction

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the Accounts Payable (AP) processes, particularly focusing on invoice management. As businesses grow and transactions multiply, manual invoice processing can become a bottleneck, prone to errors, and costly. Artsyl’s InvoiceAction aims to address these challenges.

Here’s a deep dive into how Artsyl’s InvoiceAction handles AP automation and invoice management:

Automated Data Capture
One of the primary strengths of InvoiceAction is its ability to automatically extract data from incoming invoices. Whether these invoices arrive in paper, email, or electronic formats, InvoiceAction uses optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent data capture to pull essential information.

Validation and Verification
Once data is captured, InvoiceAction has tools to validate the extracted information against predefined rules or data sources. This helps in ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Workflow Automation
InvoiceAction can automate workflows, routing invoices to the appropriate departments or personnel for approval. This ensures that no invoice gets missed and moves through the approval process swiftly.

Integration with ERP and Accounting Systems
Artsyl’s solution can integrate seamlessly with major ERP and accounting systems. This ensures that data flows between systems without the need for manual entry, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Exception Handling
In situations where discrepancies or issues arise with an invoice, InvoiceAction facilitates exception handling, ensuring that such invoices are flagged and addressed promptly.

Reporting & Analytics
With real-time dashboards and reports, businesses can gain insights into their AP processes, track key performance indicators, and make informed decisions.

Cloud-Based Access
Being a modern solution, InvoiceAction supports cloud-based access, allowing businesses to handle their AP processes from anywhere, anytime, ensuring continuity and flexibility.

Compliance and Security
Artsyl understands the sensitive nature of financial data. As such, InvoiceAction incorporates features that ensure data security and help businesses remain compliant with relevant financial regulations.

InvoiceAction is built to grow with businesses. Whether you’re processing hundreds or thousands of invoices, the platform can scale to meet demand.

In conclusion, Artsyl’s InvoiceAction offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to automate their AP processes and better manage invoices. Implementing such a solution can lead to faster invoice processing times, reduced errors, improved vendor relationships, and significant cost savings. As always, it’s essential to provide proper training to staff and regularly review processes to get the most out of any AP Automation solution.

Manual invoice processes have met their match! With Artsyl InvoiceAction’s seamless integration into Sage Software, you’re not just adopting a tool, but embracing a revolution. Say goodbye to tedious data entries and hello to automated excellence. Take the leap and be a trailblazer in AP automation.
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AP Automation and Sales Order Management with Artsyl OrderAction

Artsyl’s OrderAction is an advanced software solution designed to enhance and automate the sales order management process. Sales order management, when handled manually or through disjointed systems, can be slow, error-prone, and a significant source of inefficiency. Artsyl’s OrderAction seeks to resolve these issues by offering a comprehensive, automated approach to sales order management.

Here’s how Artsyl’s OrderAction improves AP Automation and Sales Order Management:

  • Automated Order Data Capture—OrderAction is adept at extracting data from sales orders automatically. Regardless of the format – be it paper, email, or electronic – OrderAction employs optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent data capture to glean crucial information without manual intervention.
  • Data Verification—Once the data is captured, OrderAction validates this information against predefined rules or connected databases, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
  • Automated Workflow—The solution allows for the creation of custom workflows, directing sales orders to appropriate departments or personnel for review, approval, or further action. This ensures seamless order processing.
  • Integration with ERP Systems—Artsyl’s OrderAction can be integrated with various ERP systems, ensuring that the data is synchronized across platforms, thereby reducing redundant data entries and associated errors.
  • Exception Management—Should there be any discrepancies or issues with a sales order, OrderAction facilitates rapid exception handling, ensuring flagged orders are addressed promptly.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics—With OrderAction’s built-in dashboards and reporting tools, businesses can gain a clear picture of their sales order processes, allowing for improved decision-making.
  • Customer Portal—The inclusion of a customer portal can allow clients to submit orders directly, track their status, and communicate any changes or requirements, streamlining communication and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Security and Compliance—Understanding the crucial nature of sales and financial data, OrderAction incorporates robust security measures and ensures businesses can stay compliant with industry regulations and standards.
  • Enhanced Scalability—Designed to cater to both small businesses and large enterprises, OrderAction can efficiently manage varying volumes of sales orders, ensuring that the system grows with the business’s needs.

In essence, Artsyl’s OrderAction provides businesses with a robust toolset to automate, streamline, and optimize their sales order management process. Implementing such an advanced solution can lead to faster sales order processing, fewer errors, improved customer relations, and notable operational savings.

Proper training and periodic process reviews are key to harnessing the full potential of the OrderAction system and any other AP automation solution.

Wave goodbye to outdated order management systems! With Artsyl OrderAction’s integration into Sage Software, your AP Automation and sales orders are in expert hands. Elevate your business processes, delight your customers, and stay competitive in a fast-paced market. Stay ahead, innovate, and embrace the future of order processing!
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Taking AP Automation Further with Sage Software Integration

Sage Software is a leading provider of business management software solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. When it comes to Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, Sage offers tools and features that can streamline and automate many of the tedious, time-consuming tasks associated with managing invoices and payments.

For businesses already using Sage for their accounting or ERP needs, leveraging its AP Automation capabilities can be a seamless way to further enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in their accounts payable processes.

Integrating Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction with Sage Software can bring about transformative changes to your business processes, enabling streamlined workflow, reduced manual efforts, and more accurate financial data management. Here’s a general overview of how these integrations can work and their advantages:

Seamless Data Flow Between Sage and Artsyl

Directly integrate Sage Software with both InvoiceAction and OrderAction to ensure a seamless flow of data between systems. This minimizes double data entries and prevents human errors from creeping in.

Improved Accuracy and Speed

Once integrated, every invoice and sales order captured by InvoiceAction and OrderAction can be auto-populated into Sage. This not only reduces data entry time but also ensures the accuracy of financial records.

Automatic Reconciliation

As transactions are automatically processed, the reconciliation process in Sage can be simplified. The system can match purchase orders with invoices, ensuring discrepancies are highlighted immediately.

Streamlined Invoice and Order Workflows

Based on predefined business rules, workflow processes can be automated, directing invoices and orders to the appropriate personnel within the organization for validation, approval, or queries.

Real-time Reporting

Integrating these systems provides businesses with real-time visibility into their accounts payable and sales order processes. This aids in making informed decisions, based on up-to-the-minute data from Sage and Artsyl’s solutions.

Real-time Reporting

Enhanced Scalability

As your business grows, the integrated system can handle increasing volumes of invoices and orders without requiring major overhauls or updates.

Centralized Document Management

Artsyl’s solutions offer centralized storage for all captured documents. When integrated with Sage, users can easily access, review, or retrieve any required document directly from the Sage interface.

Compliance and Security

Artsyl solutions and Sage Software prioritize data security and compliance. Integrating them ensures that all financial data and processes adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Customer and Supplier Relationship Management

Faster and more accurate invoice and order processing means happier customers and suppliers. Plus, with the data integrated into Sage, businesses can glean valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

Cost Savings

Automation results in fewer manual interventions, which means reduced operational costs. Faster processing times, fewer errors, and streamlined workflows all contribute to significant cost savings in the long run.

In the digital age, why should your accounts payable process remain in the past? Integrate Artsyl InvoiceAction with Sage Software and watch the transformation unfold. From reduced errors to faster processing, the benefits are endless. It’s time to evolve and adapt. Dive into the future of AP with Artsyl today!
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Steps for Implementing Sage and Artsyl Integration

  • Begin by defining the scope of integration, understanding the data flow and business rules.
  • Utilize APIs or middleware solutions to establish a connection between Sage Software and Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction.
  • Test the integration in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and data integrity.
  • Provide training to the team to familiarize them with the integrated system’s functionalities.
  • Go live and periodically review the processes to ensure optimal performance.

As you can see, integrating Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction with Sage Software is a strategic move that promises increased efficiency, accuracy, and overall improved financial management.

AP automation in Sage is a vital tool that can help businesses streamline their accounting processes, reduce costs, improve productivity, keep up with compliance requirements and increase collaboration. With these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are implementing AP automation within their organizations.

By taking advantage of the features available with AP automation in Sage, businesses can maximize their efficiency, reduce the workload on their internal teams, and enhance their bottom line. So if you haven’t yet implemented AP automation with intelligent process automation by Artsyl, it’s time to take the first step!

Harness the potential of cutting-edge technology with Artsyl OrderAction. Seamlessly incorporated into Sage Software, it’s the transformation tool your AP Automation and sales orders have been yearning for. Streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Discover the future of order management—embark on the Artsyl journey today!
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Does Sage and AP automation with Artsyl improve efficiency?

Manually processing invoices and other financial documents can be a daunting task for many businesses. These processes are often repetitive and time-consuming, especially in larger enterprises that deal with a large volume of invoices daily.

AP automation can save time by speeding up the processing of invoices, reducing the need for manual data entry, and minimizing the time needed to chase approvals and resolve discrepancies. Automated workflows allow businesses to quickly approve, route invoices to the appropriate person and keep track of their payments.

Does Sage and AP automation with Artsyl help save money?

Apart from reducing the time required to process invoices, AP automation can also help companies save money. By minimizing human error, automating approval processes and reducing the need for paper-based workflows, businesses can avoid the costs associated with errors and paper-based transactions.

Also, by utilizing AP automation with Sage businesses can monitor spending and discover trends that can help identify cost-saving opportunities.

How does Sage and InvoiceAction integration improve compliance?

AP automation can also improve compliance within an organization. Tracking data within the system helps businesses detect and prevent fraudulent activities, reduce the risk of payment errors, and ensure regulatory compliance. With Sage, AP automation ensures that financial reports are accurate, compliant, and meet all necessary legal requirements.

How does AP automation in Safe improve collaboration?

AP automation promotes collaboration across departments by providing a central platform for financial transactions and eliminating silos. Automated workflows make it easier for businesses to collaborate across departments, preventing bottlenecks, and ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need. Collaboration helps businesses make better decisions, improve operational efficiencies and drive growth.

How does AP automation in Safe improve collaboration?

How does AP automation improve productivity?

One of the most significant benefits of AP automation is the increased productivity and visibility that it provides. By streamlining the AP process, employees are freed up to concentrate on more critical tasks, and departments can work together more effectively.

AP automation software can track the entire accounts payable process, providing valuable insights that can be used to optimize workflow, reduce redundancies and errors, and improve operational efficiency.

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