Access to Accurate AP Data for Sage

Access to Accurate AP Data for Sage

Access to Accurate AP Data for Sage

For Sage Cloud ERP users, there is no easier way to switch to a paperless accounts payable system than integrating with InvoiceAction, Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform for processing vendor invoices. Without interrupting underlying systems and processes, InvoiceAction integrates seamlessly with your Sage ERP system — performing automatic invoice data extraction, validating extracted data against vendor databases, and exporting approved invoices to Sage.

Timely Access to Accurate AP Data — No Longer a Conundrum

Sage ERP is a formidable management software that offers real-time insights into a company’s day-to-day operations and optimizes processes in HR, Accounting, Inventory, etc. But companies still have to deal with the complexity of getting timely access to data from a myriad unstructured source documents like vendor invoices and bills of lading for use in their Sage ERP systems. In fact, manual vendor invoicing and reporting is one of the biggest struggles for the accounting department in any company. Take the case of this firm specializing in audio/video equipment in the media industry — dealing with more than 800 vendors, they were unable to keep track of their purchases and inventory on a monthly basis. This prevented them from effectively leveraging their Sage accounting system to optimize payments and improve cash flows. What they needed was instant access to AP invoices, related data, audit trails, and support for multichannel submissions of invoices and sales orders.

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction does all that and more! InvoiceAction is an intelligent process automation solution for managing accounts payable operations. The solution employs digital transformation technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Intelligent Data Capture, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automatically capture vendor invoice details sent from emails, fax, FTPs, etc. and verify the details against a vendor database before approving and inputting all the data into your Sage accounting system.

Injecting Intelligence into Your Accounts Payable Operations

With InvoiceAction, you are saved from manually keying in data into the Sage ERP system. Intelligent Data Capture technology enables automatic identification and extraction of relevant invoice details from a document. Data is captured from known invoice formats based on pre-built logic — in cases where the solution encounters a new type of invoice for which it has no pre-configured knowledge/logic on where on the document to target in order to extract relevant details, it relies on user intervention the first time. InvoiceAction then learns these user actions and applies them for the next time it needs to capture a similarly formatted document. This way, the solution systematically builds a library of ‘learned business logic’ along with pre-built logic to be able to intelligently capture data from a diverse and vast set of source documents. Powerful machine learning technology is primarily utilized along with OCR/ICR technology to automatically capture a variety of transactional data including header and footer items, and line-item details with great accuracy.

Injecting Intelligence into Your Accounts Payable Operations

Artsyl-Sage Integration for Instant AP Data Access & Management

Integration of Artsyl’s InvoiceAction with your Sage ERP system helps you work with an end-to-end accounts payable system that performs straight-through processing of vendor invoices, automatically inputting invoice data and creating bills in your accounting system. Elimination of manual paperwork means your accounts payable system is set up for heightened accuracies and efficiencies, enabling you to instantly access purchasing and payments data in Sage.

The Artsyl-Sage integration helps users like you work with accurate data every time, so you are able to make informed decisions. The accuracy and ease of data availability that Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform provides helps companies leverage the full capabilities of their Sage ERP software. As a true testament to the effectiveness of an intelligent automation solution such as InvoiceAction to drive efficiencies, the aforementioned media firm has been able to report 100% process transparency and liability tracking.

To elevate your accounts payable operations to best-in-class and reduce operating costs in the process, talk to Artsyl today.


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