Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism

Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism

Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism

Augmenting the Blue Prism digital worker with complex document processing capabilities

The Blue Prism digital workforce is packed with the latest automation capabilities to progressively resolve enterprise challenges. However, accurate business knowledge is critical to the functioning of Robotic Process Automation systems. RPA bots implement processes, but the initiation of any process starts with data. In other words, data feeds the RPA system and alternately, RPA bots manipulate data in order to accomplish tasks. The relationship is almost symbiotic, which is why to ensure the right business outcomes, your Blue Prism digital workers must be fed the right data.

Capturing the Right Business Data for the Right Insights

The key to this is capturing knowledge or data at the point of entry into an organization. Lost data is a lost opportunity for business — a misplaced invoice can cause you to falter in vendor payments but also ruin your chances of forging strong relationships with your in-demand vendors.

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform for document-based processes utilizes AI and Machine Learning, alongwith Intelligent Data Capture and Business Process Automation, to enable a near-autonomous workflow processing solution. The solution offers Blue Prism users the ability to capture data from a myriad sources (multi-channel data capture) in varied formats including ftps, fax, scan, email, etc. right at the point of generation of that data (usually transaction data) during contact with their organization. Content-dependent functions like accounts payable, sales order processing, medical claims management, etc. are the best examples of processes that can be optimized greatly with IPA technology. These processes are traditionally manually-driven, which means they are also hugely error-prone and subject to delays. Intelligent Automation reduces manual intervention considerably.

Artsyl for Content Authenticity

Artsyl’s AP invoice processing automation software, InvoiceAction, recognizes content on an invoice form, locates relevant header and footer details, and line-item details like vendor and product information, etc. primarily using machine learning technology. The solution also makes use of OCR/ICR technology. Once recognized, the invoice details are captured and extracted from the form. A workflow is assigned to the extracted data based on business requirements where the data is validated according to business rules. Data validation could entail cross-checking the invoice for things like the right vendor information, invoice and PO matching, etc. post which, the invoice is automatically routed to a verification manager for approval or dispute resolution, in case there is any. Approved invoices are automatically entered into the Blue Prism workflows for further business use and manipulation.

Enabling the Blue Prism Digital Worker with Accurate Data

What Arstyl does is enable Blue Prism digital workers to work seamlessly with unstructured content, turning them into structured, reliable data that can be used instantly. The actionable data obtained from Artsyl makes it easy for Blue Prism to work with, without worrying about the authenticity or viability of that data. Artsyl takes care of data accuracy during document processing by leveraging its intelligence-specific workflows. What this means is when Arstyl bots encounter an invoice, they capture and extract relevant details and process it according to defined business logic or rules. But if the Arstyl bot encounters a new invoice for which it has no predefined business logic on what details to extract and from which part of the document, it relies on user actions the first time. The Arstyl bot learns the user actions performed to key-in invoice details and applies the same for the next time it encounters a similarly formatted invoice. This way, the bots exhibit self-learning technology to process all new invoices, progressively adding the new learnings to their library and expanding the database of invoice formats it can process automatically.

Artsyl’s Sales Order Automation solution, OrderAction, also works in a similar fashion, automatically processing customer sales orders.

The Arstyl-Blue Prism integration gives users the advantage of instant access to accurate data from unstructured source documents. This greatly reduces the operating and manpower costs to process AP/AR documents.

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