Document Processing for SAP Business One

Document Processing for SAP Business One

Intelligent document processing software allows businesses to digitally enter and process business documents. The software is most useful when you want to automate the processing of transaction or source documents like vendor invoices, customer sales orders, receipts, packing slips, credit memos, bank statements, etc. related to SAP Business One.

SAP Business One automates and aligns primary business functions in finance, human resources, etc. Part of successfully executing functions in SAP Business One involves accessing transaction data linked to the functions in a time bound manner. Intelligent document processing helps digitally access source data and documents from multiple incoming channels including emails, fax, scan, files shares, MFPs, post, etc. These documents are digitized, processed for validity, and exported to or archived in SAP Business One.

Benefits of Optimizing Document Processing for SAP Business One

  • Access to business data at the source: business data is critical to the running of operations in any company. Data is generated the moment a company interacts with its external stakeholders like vendors and customers. The trouble with manual document processing is that this data is often slow to access, process, and make available to a business application like SAP Business One. This in turn delays processing of critical functions like accounts payable or sales order processing, thereby delaying vendor payments or customer service, respectively. Intelligent document processing for SAP Business One helps capture business documents at the source, greatly reducing the chances for companies to lose out on business opportunities due to lack of data, missing data, or even misinformation. Documents in any format and from many different incoming channels are digitized at the source and uploaded into the intelligent document processing software workflows for further processing and business use.
  • Better Data Distribution & Management: lost data is lost opportunity. By having access to data as and when it is generated, organizations will be in a better position to use that data for optimum business decisions. Intelligent document processing software helps businesses cultivate and access accurate data for accurate business decisions. By digitizing business information right at the source, companies are able to manage and distribute that data to SAP Business One and other connected applications and systems for optimum use. Digitized data can be archived and retrieved from SAP Business One, enabling central management of that data and access to it from anywhere.
  • Accurate Data leads to Accurate Business Outcomes: intelligent document processing includes the capture, extraction, validation, and verification of data from unstructured and semi-structured documents like vendor invoices and customer sales orders. The approved data is directly exported to an integrated business application like SAP Business One. Working with approved and accurate data in SAP Business One ensures accurate business outcomes. With intelligent document processing, there will be no instances of SAP Business One users working with bad data.

Intelligent document processing software employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform human-like actions to get work done. These cognitive technologies make it possible to scale operations easily with little changes to underlying systems or addition of staff. With every business dealing, huge volumes of paperwork is generated. This paperwork is critical to the functioning of business applications like SAP Business One. Also, it is difficult to capture data generated from business transactions that come in different formats and from multiple incoming channels. Intelligent document processing removes the challenges that come with manual document processing work. The software integrates fully with SAP Business One and taps into the master data in SAP to perform tasks like data validation. The tight-API level integration enables automatic transaction creation in SAP Business One and eliminates the need to sync data periodically. Also, with the integration, you can manage all business data within the SAP Business One environment itself.

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