Best-in-Class Order Processing with Intelligent Data Capture

Best-in-Class Order Processing with Intelligent Data Capture

Best-in-Class Order Processing with Intelligent Data Capture

How to Achieve Best-in-Class Order Processing: This Manufacturer Explains

This Manufacturer transitioned to Best-in-Class Order Fulfillment using docAlpha, the Intelligent Data Capture Software

The difficult part about staying on top of your payables and receivables management is reconciling invoices and fulfilling sales orders consistently, without faltering at some point due to processing delays or exponential operating costs. The good part is an intelligent process automation platform will take care of all such business constraints and more. This is exactly what this manufacturer experienced when they deployed docAlpha to streamline their accounts receivables, and bring all their sales order handling on to a single, transparent platform.

Moving to a More Sustainable Business Solution

The company under study is an established innovative tools manufacturer with a stronghold in the building and tool market industry. The company wanted to revisit their sales order processing for a long time as their existing AR system proved to be inadequate. Besides, they wanted to do away with legacy systems and upgrade to a more robust, end-to-end process automation software. docAlpha was the answer! And as their latest feedback concerning this intelligent data capture software shows, they have not only managed to streamline their sales order processes but are today, able to scale and take in a lot more orders.

... “Our focus was to cut-down on data entry time”. With docAlpha, “it takes two minutes max to get our sales order information into Acumatica”. This is a massive leap in order processing lead times, what with the 15 to 20 minutes they used to spend handling one sales order manually...

Moving to a More Sustainable Business Solution

Employees at the company were especially satisfied with the results and were only too happy to share their success story in this Case Study. docAlpha is a smart data capture software that employs cognitive technologies like AI and Machine Learning to scan and record data automatically. This data is processed and exported in different data formats to ERPs, ECMs, CRMs, and other line of business applications.

The software is platform agnostic. Additionally, its integration with different export connectors including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Acumatica ERP, Harris ERP (financial), etc. helps derive business value and analysis of processed data obtained from docAlpha workflows. For the manufacturer, this latest deployment is proving to be a game changer, as one respondent from the firm put it, docAlpha “pays for itself within a year!” So rather than hire additional personnel to take care of the almost 400 sales orders per week, they have found an intelligent technology alternative in docAlpha that is giving them some solid returns.

Technology enables Best-in-Class Practices

The best in the business agree that organizations need to transform their processes every now and then to keep pace with their competitors, but more importantly, to transition to a more efficient, best-in-class workflow system that will ensure sustained growth and agility. Employees at the company have witnessed this positive transition with docAlpha, and the best part is, there was no interruption of their underlying systems and processes while upgrading to the new document and data capture software.

With docAlpha also offering scope for diverse platform integrations, in this case, its integration with Acumatica, the manufacturer is in an ideal position to view the end-to-end flow of business from the point of receiving customer orders to final fulfillment. This is helping them plan for better sales order management. This aspect of customer service using an intelligent process automation software is characteristic of a best-in-class company.

Use of docAlpha can be extended to any end-to-end process that requires curating large amounts of data including accounts payable, sales order processing, mail order remittance, and medical claims processing. For more on how intelligent process automation can improve your business processes, read the full Case Study here or Schedule a demo on docAlpha.


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