Here’s a Success Story That’ll Convince You to Revamp AP

Here’s a Success Story That’ll Convince You to Revamp AP

Artsyl is a publisher of intelligent process automation technologies for managing different types of document processing work. We’ll discuss how the intelligent automation solutions find application in different domains. Companies are constantly looking for new ways and tools to embrace the evolving needs of business and customers. Intelligent process automation helps companies meet those requirements in a cost-effective way. As we explain how companies have managed to re-engineer and transform their mission critical operations using Artsyl’s intelligent process automation, we focus on the long-term positive impact the technology brings to companies.

Many critical business operations are initiated or depend on data. This data can come from myriad channels like emails, file shares, scan, fax, mfps, etc. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform captures, extracts, classifies, validates, and verifies data and documents from these incoming channels. The entire process is performed on a single platform, making it convenient for businesses to capture data at the source and route it immediately into Artsyl’s intelligent automation workflows. This prevents instances of missing data or paperwork, which could cost companies. Once data is processed and validated for accuracy, it is automatically exported to a connected business application like NetSuite or Acumatica Cloud ERP for further business use.

Apart from enabling process efficiencies and accelerating business, Artsyl’s advanced capture and process automation solutions help companies unlock value from data. The accurate data you have, the more you are certain to be on the right track and make informed decisions. Many of Artsyl’s clients have witnessed positive business outcomes from using the transformations solutions, but more importantly, they have managed to reinvent or re-engineer the way work gets done. Companies now have the advantage of working with a seamless end-to-end intelligent process automation system that gets more work done but without adding to manpower or operating costs. Let’s have a look at some of the positives of this transformative technology through the experiences of one client:

Ohio Shared Information Services (OSIS) does an exemplary job supporting community healthcare by providing healthcare technology products for communities across 26 states. With business growing at a rapid pace, month end AP processes became more complex and the non-profit was having trouble reconciling different accounts. More than gaining control over data, OSIS needed a solution that scaled operations as business grew and offered full control over AP. After some deliberation, they decided to deploy Artsyl’s intelligent process automation technology to manage invoice document handling and accounts payable operations.

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One of the highlights of their success is the ease with which Artsyl can be integrated with third-party applications like, in this case, Microsoft Dynamics GP and KwikTag ECM, without the need to disturb underlying systems and processes. What OSIS ultimately benefited from, among other things, was an end-to-end smart process, completely removing the complexities that come with integrating systems and processes into one seamless intelligent workflow. The result:

  • No manual data entry of invoice records
  • Automatic capture, validation, and approval of AP data and documents
  • Complete visibility and control over AP processes
  • No costly errors or payment delays

Back-office document processing operations exist in almost every domain or industry sector. Streamlining this mission critical job can help companies accelerate connected processes as well as business outcomes. We can find use cases for Artsyl’s intelligent process automation technology in healthcare, education, supply chain, insurance, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, financial services, and distribution.

Artsyl’s intelligent process automation lowers the complexities, costs, and delays that typically come with heavy document processing work, leaving companies to focus on what’s important: growing their business.

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