Intelligent Process Automation for Acumatica

Accelerate your business with Artsyl's Intelligent Process Automation for Invoice and Sales Order processing

Accelerate Data Availability to your Acumatica ERP with Artsyl Document Capture and Imaging Software

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Extracting, verifying and entering transactional data from document-based invoices and sales orders before it can be made available in Acumatica involves a lot of manual effort.

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction automate AP and AR processing and ensure that the data is accurate and available in a timely manner.

Based on Artsyl's Intelligent Process Automation Platform — InvoiceAction and OrderAction provide end-to-end automation from acquiring Invoices and Orders, to extracting, verifying, and routing for approvals or AP / AR exception resolution. Contact us today for an in-depth product tour.

Accelerate Data Availability
Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Lower Operational Costs
Increase Data Accuracy & Compliance
Hasten Document Acquisition & Processing

Inject Intelligence into Your Document-intensive Workflows
Save Time & Employee Effort for Value-Added tasks

InvoiceAction and OrderAction are Prepackaged with process specific intelligence for processing Invoices and Sales Orders so you can quickly deploy them on-premise or in the Cloud and get information into Acumatica as quickly as possible.

Our Acumatica Certified Intelligent Process Enablers

Artsyl Invoice and Sales Order Processing Software

Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions, available directly on the Acumatica marketplace, comes fully integrated with Acumatica Cloud ERP for a complete end-to-end AP and AR automation solution. Built on an Intelligent Process Automation platform and embedded with digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning, InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions maximizes straight-through processing of vendor invoices and customer orders from acquisition, data extraction, vendor look-up and PO items validation, inventory lookup, verification, to final notifications for approval before use in Acumatica.

Action Solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise

Artsyl’s Action Solutions are Prepackaged with process specific intelligence for particular types of mission critical tasks so you can simply deploy them on-premise or in the Cloud and get information into Acumatica as quickly as possible.

How Artsyl Enhances Your Acumatica Experience

Business decisions are made on authentic data. Acumatica functions to centralize business operations and provide better operational visibility for informed decision-making. Any incorrect information used by Acumatica initiates corrupt processes that could affect subsequent actions and result in overall business failure.

Artsyl ensures accurate data availability to your Acumatica Cloud ERP, eliminating payment delays or discrepancies. Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform uses a collective of process-specific intelligent BOTs to enable straight-through processing of document-based processes that are mission critical to Acumatica ERP efficiency.

Intelligent BOTs — One platform, Any process


Documents of any type are automatically imported through email, file-shares, portals, fax, or integrations with scanners and MFPs which facilitates automated document acquisition.


The system classifies documents by type i.e.; invoices (non-PO and PO based, statements, credit memos, BOLs), Customer Sales Orders or other defined documents for processing - and assigns the appropriate process workflow.


Based on document type, relevant data is extracted utilizing multiple OCR engines including AI cognitive services. Extraction is derived from:

  • Generic knowledge built into all Action solutions.
  • Machine Learning knowledge base. Previous user actions are learned such that over time as more documents from the same vendors come through the system, there are fewer and fewer exceptions.
  • Dedicated Definitions. Customized data extraction based on customer requirements. This can built upon from generic and Machine Learning knowledge.


In-Document arithmetic calculations are checked. Also, through referencing multiple data sources, extracted data is validated for such things as:

Who is this from?

Do we know them?

What business rules are to be followed?

Does the extracted data match our data and our expectations?

Does it comply with terms?

What other data needs to be provided to this record?


If required, any exceptions during validation are routed to a verification user for resolution before sending it to Acumatica.

Also if defined as a process rule, documents are routed for approval prior to entering in Acumatica

In both cases notifications are sent to the appropriate user alerting them that action is required.


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