Intelligent Document Handling in Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Establish an Effective Intelligent Business Process Chain for
Document-based Processes

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integration with Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform provides Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX customers and partners with a single view of transactions and document flow from data entry to reporting.

Artsyl utilizes digital transformation technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Intelligent Document Capture (IDC), and Business Process Automation (BPA) to automate content acquisition and validation from structured and unstructured document sources.

The Artsyl-MS Dynamics GP & MS Dynamics AX integration will enable you to work with transactional documents like invoices and sales orders by automating all the necessary steps to obtain data from them including data entry, extraction and classification, validation, verification, and final approval before using it in your Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP.

The end-to-end process chain that is established by this integration will help you implement procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and other transactional, document-based processes within MS GP & MS AX itself, saving you manpower and operating costs.

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Single Workflow for Document Processing, removing Business Complexity
Accelerate Data Availability to MS Dynamics GP & MS Dynamics AX
Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Accelerate ROI with lower manpower & operating costs
Avail Multi-channel Document Handling with Intelligent Capture
Central AP Visibility & Control over standards, security & auditing
Complete document & metadata transfer between systems

Automate Accounts Payable & Sales Order Processing within Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX Get a Single View
of Transactional Document Processing into & out of Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integrated Offerings

Automatically capture and synchronize business information from disparate transactions with vendors and buyers into your MS Dynamics GP & MS Dynamics AX for optimal operation. Create seamless connectivity from the edges of your organization to your MS GP & MS AX with a single view of document flow across departments.

Vendor Invoicing & Order Management Done Right

Users can accomplish e-invoicing & sales order processing in their familiar Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Dynamics AX environment for any document type with Artsyl InvoiceAction and OrderAction. Digital transformation technologies such as AI and Machine Learning embedded in these Action Solutions make it easy to capture and process transactional or source documents in minutes.

How Artsyl Elevates your MS Dynamics GP & MS Dynamics AX Usage

Intelligent BOTs – Single View of Business

All-Purpose Document Capture:

Artsyl’s IDC BOTs are ore-configured to capture a wide range of document formats from diverse sources. Integration with multiple scanners and MFPs helps capture documents from any part of your business environment.


classification is implemented based on document type, post which it is assigned an appropriate workflow for further processing.


built-in generic knowledge enables automatic extraction and population of data. Machine Learning from AI Cognitive Services is used to extract new data. Another extraction method that utilizes both Generic and Machine Learning knowledge helps obtain data as per user requirements.


during data validation, in-document arithmetic calculations are checked. Additionally, extracted data is validated by tallying against database records and additional sources. Data validation steps include finding out

  • Source of data
  • Authentify based on records
  • The applicable business rules
  • Data compliance with terms and regulations


Documents are sent for approval in case of exceptions in this final step, after which, they are entered into MS GP-AX.


Optimize Your
Data Capture Processes
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