Intelligent Processing of Source Documents for Sage Cloud ERP

Work with Accurate Data Every Time

Work with Accurate Data Every Time

Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform integrates with Sage Cloud ERP to deliver digital transformation of document-based processes.

The platform’s Intelligent Document Capture, AI and Machine Learning capabilities help automate common labor-intensive, error-prone steps typical of accounts payable and sales order processing, effectively eliminating the associated costs and inefficiencies of poor document handling.

Integration with Artsyl allows users to work with content-dependent processes in their familiar Sage environment and acquire, validate, approve, and import data from source documents like vendor invoices and POs directly into their Cloud ERP.

API level integration into Sage ERP means fast and easy deployment of the intelligent automation platform with little changes to underlying systems and processes.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Achieve Timely Data Availability
Minimize AP Invoice Cycle Times, Maintain Healthy Supplier Relationships
Capitalize on Early Pay Discounts, Optimize Cash Flows
Access Accurate Data, Generate Valid Reports

Bring Digital Transformation to your Mission Critical Processes
Centralize Control & Monitoring of Business Data

Artsyl Action Solutions

Integration with Artsyl’s prepackaged Action Solutions through an API helps drive end-to-end automation for specific use cases including Accounts Payable and Sales Order processing. These integrations help customers work with unstructured and semi-structured data within their familiar Sage environment and get access to authentic data at all times.

Driving Efficiencies Across Accounts Payable & Order Processing

Artsyl Actions solutions InvoiceAction — for AP Automation and OrderAction — for Customer Sales Order Processing help with the capture, extraction, validation, verification, and approval of vendor invoices and sales order before entering the final processed data to Sage for accurate accounting and financial management outcomes.

How Artsyl helps you Gain Control of your Content in Sage

Data is at the heart of any business process and getting access to correct data is essential for sound business management, decision making, and compliance. Artsyl’s Action Solutions are driven by intelligent BOTs that can be used singularly or in their entirety for end-to-end digital transformation. The BOTs employ AI and Machine Learning, Intelligent Data Capture, BPA, RPA etc. to enable straight-through processing of vendor invoices and sales orders so Sage customers are guaranteed to always work with authentic data.

Intelligent BOTs— Single Platform, Multiple Applications


multi-channel data capture provides a way for users to capture and deliver information from the edges of their organization into Sage ERP. Supported document capture channels include email, fax, file shares, MFPs, scanners, etc.


Artsyl BOTs are pre-trained to automatically classify documents based on type and can distinguish between a PO and non-PO, statement and BOL, invoice and sales order, etc.


AI Cognitive Services, multiple OCR engines, etc. can be used to extract data. Data extraction includes any of the following three methods depending on various factors such as the quality of the image file, new or unfamiliar document, or customer requirement, etc.:

  • Generic logic built into the Action Solutions
  • Machine Learning of user actions performed on new documents— Artsyl BOTs utilize this knowledge to perform subsequent extractions from similar documents, progressively minimizing exceptions and user interventions.
  • Dedicated Definitions built from Generic and Machine Learning knowledge.


Artsyl BOTs tap into Sage Cloud ERP database and multiple other sources to determine the validity of the extracted data. Data is matched against system records or vendor master file to validate such things as

  • Who is the data from?
  • What are the applicable business rules for the data?
  • Does the data meet defined prerequisites such as 2-way and 3-way matching, in-document arithmetic checks, vendor details etc.?
  • Is the data in compliance with business terms and regulations?


exceptions encountered during data validation are sent to a verification manager for resolution. Exceptions routing may also be programed as part of process rules. Either way, notifications for resolution management are sent to the users.


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