docAlpha delivers a 50% increase in efficiency for Youth for Christs’s Check Donation Processes

Intelligent Capture reduces check processing cycle times and allows the organization to support their affiliate network with the same staffing resources

The Challenge

With over 2,000 checks to process each month just from donations to its National Service Center in Englewood, Colorado, Youth for Christ (YFC) wanted to find efficient, cost effective ways to track, manage and process their donations—and to apply the same process to supporting their 160 chapters around the country.

YFC USA Accounting Manager Stephen Forcey foresaw automating the process of sorting, filing and processing checks for payment as the key to allowing the organization to become more efficient and more able to act as a service center for their affiliates.

“We've taken on three chapters so far, and we're going to take on Chicago here pretty soon, which is going to be very big,” said Forcey.

The Solution

The key to transforming their process was to rely on the docAlpha smart process platform to automate data entry for donations. This ensured that donations were processed efficiently, with everything tracked and managed for compliance within their Blackbaud FinancialEdge financial system and donor database

With docAlpha, YFC cut the time and effort spent tracking, managing and processing donations by 50%.

“docAlpha has made the process a lot faster and more accurate in capturing everything...especially checks. I can get through them a lot faster than they used to,” said one staff member.

As a result, the organization can now scale beyond supporting their core operations to supporting their 160 affiliates with management of their donations, making the entire organization more efficient and effective, so they can focus more on their core mission.

“docAlpha is going to allow us to maintain the same number of labor hours, labor available without having to hire new people to process the extra checks,” said Forcey.

Other Automation Opportunities

With a successful, well-established automated process for managing donations for the organization’s headquarters as well as for affiliates, Forcey can envision other processes that could be streamlined with the help of docAlpha.

One opportunity for automation is Youth for Christ’s accounts receivable.

“We're the headquarters, and we collect charter fees from our affiliates. In return, we provide all of their insurance—liability, auto, workers comp, etc. We would like to figure out a way to capture that information from those checks using docAlpha and upload it into FinancialEdge.

Accounts payable is another opportunity where the amount of activity is likely to expand.

“As we take on new affiliates and support their processes, our accounts payable will increase quite a bit. It would probably behoove us to look at accounts payable and automate that process with docAlpha as well,” said Forcey.

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Youth for Christ




• Donor check processing for 2,000 checks/month

• Scalability to support donation processing for up to 150 affiliates

• Automate data entry for Salesforce CRM and Financial Edge accounting system


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