Worker’s Compensation Trust takes the Work Out of Processing Claims with docAlpha

With docAlpha, Support Staff Can Easily Digitize Medical Bills and Gain Control Over Claims Processing

The Challenge

As the Manager for Claims Administration at Workers’ Compensation Trust, Kathleen Bepko is responsible for overseeing all of the documents and information that are part of the workers’ compensation claims process. Those claim-related documents include a steady stream of medical bills and corresponding reports – typically about 4,000 each month – which the staff used to sort, route and then enter manually into their claim and medical bill processing systems.

Five years ago, the company decided they needed a better way to stay ahead of the pace, and looked for the best way to digitize and streamline the process.

Adopting a Digital Solution

Rather than digging through paper files, Bepko and her team relies on digital records that they can access instantly, thanks in part to a software solution that automates digitizing batches of medical bills and related claim documents, organizing and automatically associating them with the appropriate claim in their database.

“Now, using the Artsyl docAlpha solution, bills get scanned and the system captures information from the document,” Bepko said.

Her team reviews and verifies the information captured by docAlpha. If everything looks good, the system automatically creates an 837 file that contains all the information needed to process the Bill.

“That process automation saved a lot of time,” Bepko said, “we were processing 100-120 bills per day manually, and now we can process almost 300 per day.”

This has radically improved the processing time for workers’ compensation bills, taking the average from 60-90 days, down to just 24-48 hours. This gives Workers’ Compensation Trust more control over the process, allowing them to focus more on oversight and compliance, boosting overall quality and improving service levels for their members and injured workers.

The future

With the system in place and an automated process running smoothly, they can now configure the system to handle a broader range of incoming bills/claim-related documents.

Bepko says that beyond handling medical bills and claims documents, her team will now want to look at enhancing docAlpha to auto capture other miscellaneous documents that are still being manually verified today.


Workers’ Compensation Trust

Workers’ Compensation Trust is a comprehensive workers' compensation program designed to meet the unique needs of the Connecticut health and human service industry. Since being formed in 1981, the Trust program initiatives generated over $45 million of premium returns to members.

The Trust is centrally located in Wallingford and is Connecticut's only workers compensation program dedicated to the health & human service industry.




• Simplify and streamline Bill & Document handling for workers’ compensation claims

• Reduce document storage/retrieval costs

• Ensure uptime and record accessibility

• Support compliance and auditability


• docAlpha transformation platform


• Automate sorting, filing and retrieval of medical bills and documents for workers compensation claims

• Elimination of manual record search and retrieval

• Ensure record accessibility without requiring access to paper files


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