CPower Combines docAlpha with Dynamics GP and PaperSave to Go Paperless and Streamline Its Payables Process

For CPower gaining control over accounts payable and digitizing its AP processes began with their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and PaperSave document management system. Artsyl’s docAlpha took the pain (and the paper) out of the process.

The Challenge

Recently, CPower Energy Management made the decision to migrate from outsourcing accounts payable to managing the process internally. As part of that initiative, the company chose to go paperless and invested in the PaperSave document management system, integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.

As a small but growing business, established in 2014, CPower wanted to achieve visibility and control over their AP processes in a way that allowed them to scale for future growth.

Accounts Payable Specialist Shanelle Hunter joined CPower at that time. As the person responsible for ensuring that vendor invoices are processes efficiently and reliably, she appreciated the value of having an intelligent capture solution like Artsyl Technologies’ docAlpha smart process platform in place to automate document handling, filing and data entry into their Dynamics GP ERP system.

The Solution

By relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities, Hunter doesn’t have to worry about manually filing and sorting invoices into PaperSave or manually keying information into their Dynamics GP ERP system.

docAlpha identifies and extracts actionable data from scanned paper or native digital invoices and inputs that data into the PaperSave system along with the document. That data informs the PaperSave accounts payable approval workflow engine to route everything for coding and approval.

Once approved, that data is used to automatically creates payables transactions in Dynamics GP.

The Result

“[docAlpha] contributes because it keeps our process paperless,” Hunter said. “I don't have to worry about a bunch of documents everywhere and losing an invoice. So if I don't see it in the system, the audits haven't received it, which is good.”

With docAlpha in place, CPower was able to create an automated, end-to-end process that would make it easy to capture and file both digital and paper invoices within PaperSave, automatically route them for approval, then enter the transactions into Dynamics GP without any manual data entry.

As a result, the company has successfully achieved its vision for a paperless AP process and poised itself to scale operations as the business continues to grow.


For over a decade, Artsyl has delivered smart process automation solutions that begin with the most painful and inefcient step in any process — manual data entry. By leveraging data and documents to intelligently handle data capture, extraction, classifcation and routing, Artsyl streamlines end-to-end operations for improved efciency, visibility, compliance and control.

Artsyl’s docAlpha platform reduces manual document handling, eliminates data entry, increases data accuracy, accelerates workflows and ensures standards compliance. Supported by robust reporting that increases process transparency, Artsyl solutions empower organizations to monitor KPIs, eliminate approval bottlenecks and reduce cycle times while providing instant auditability.


CPower Energy Management


Energy management


• Achieve better visibility and control over AP processes

• Automate and streamline AP invoice capture, AP data entry, routing, approval and ERP transaction creation

• Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP


docAlpha Smart Process Platform

• Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

• Integration with PaperSave ECM


• Accurate automatic sorting, filing and indexing of invoices in support of 60 vendors and 1,200 invoices annually

• Elimination of paper and digitization of invoices and automation of document filing and data entry

CPower Energy Management

Founded in 2014, Baltimore, MD-based CPower energy management helps businesses streamline how they use energy by creating for them an optimized energy management strategy that suits their specific needs.


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