Intelligent Process Automation for Acumatica

Intelligent Process Automation for Acumatica

When sourcing the right technology tools to fit your business requirements, make sure they come with a good degree of flexibility and scope for customizations and integrations. The trouble with introducing emerging technology solutions in your everyday business environment is you often end up with a poor assemblage of disparate systems that fail to integrate with existing infrastructure. With diminishing IT budgets in these uncertain times, it is imperative that you select intelligent platform solutions that are agile enough to scale as your business grows — a differentiated solution that delivers more functionality and accommodates for changing business requirements.

Tap into Acumatica’s Extensive Capabilities with the Artsyl IPA for Document-Based Processes

We will discuss how Artsyl’s intelligent process automation solutions for AP invoice processing automation — InvoiceAction, and for sales order automation — OrderAction integrate with Acumatica Cloud ERP, one of the best business management platforms out there in the market! We’ll explain why you should choose such integrated applications, if you are looking to drive digital transformation at your workplace.

To begin with, integration with Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform extends your Acumatica Cloud ERP system capabilities by allowing you to work easily with unstructured data. Rather than offer a one-stop shop solution, this technology integration gives you that added flexibility of working with document-based processes in Acumatica itself. This allows Acumatica users to work with an increasing workload of vendor invoices & sales orders without having to deal with the complexities, typical of a one-stop shop platform solution.

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation Solutions are Acumatica-Certified!

Artsyl’s platform solutions have an open architecture to integrate with diverse business applications and ERP systems including Sage, Oracle NetSuite, Intuit QuickBooks, SAP Business One, SAP Hana, Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc. The intelligent automation platform employs cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning to capture, classify, extract, validate, verify, and export data from unstructured document sources like vendor invoices and customer sales orders straight to Acumatica Cloud ERP. With this integration, Artsyl offers specialized functionality for Acumatia users to get access to accurate business data every time by offering intelligence-specific workflows to enable invoice processing automation and sales order automation.

Both InvoiceAction and OrderAction have the latest Acumatica ERP certification.
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With this certification, Acumatica has moved away from the SOAP protocol and started to use REST API, which means all Artsyl connectors have also been re-engineered to be REST-based. REST API is essentially a web services API that helps build customizations faster and also easily integrate applications with complex architectures. This can be particularly helpful for small and mid-sized businesses with resource limitations and dependent on web services to conduct business. REST provides a simpler way for data and meta data transfer between Artsyl and Acumatica Cloud ERP, ensuring tight communication between the two platforms. This in turn helps enhance performance and scalability across the integrated platforms; in the process, ensuring data flows and business continuity.

Making Acumatica Cloud ERP Work for You

The Acumatica Cloud ERP takes care of all your business needs including accounting, project management, and cash flows with ease. However, usage of the platform begins with business data and this data is often unstructured. Rather than hold up your talented staff to perform mundane, painstaking duties like sorting unstructured documents; validating the origin and authenticity of the those documents by tallying against vendor records or performing 2-way/3-way PO & invoice matching; and finally, keying in validated data into Acumatica Cloud ERP; you can now take advantage of Artsyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction to automate these tasks.

The best part is, Artsyl’s intelligent process automation allows for straight-through processing of vendor invoices and sales orders, needing little human intervention from the time a document enters your company to final ERP transaction creation or bill generation in Acumatica. The tight integration and ease of data flow between the two software platforms establish a single workable interface, allowing you to perform invoice processing automation and sales order automation in Acumatica itself. Artsyl’s intelligence-specific workflows make use of AI and machine learning to learn and adapt to business needs, enabling easy scalability and the processing of any number of diverse sets of invoice and sales order templates.

A single, end-to-end transformative, integrated platform solution such as this will lower operating and manpower costs for mundane, repetitive work, allowing you to leverage Acumatica to the fullest by enabling you to work with document-based processes.

If you love the Acumatica Cloud ERP, this technology integration with Artsyl is something you should be adopting to elevate your company’s growth prospects and drive revenues.

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