Automated Invoicing & Payments in Acumatica

Automated Invoicing & Payments in Acumatica

Working with paper is inefficient. Paper invoices and related accounts payable documents are routinely lost, damaged, misplaced, or misfiled — causing delays, errors, and incorrect processing of payables and payments. Digitizing invoice processing and payments helps lower the risks and inefficiencies of manual paperwork. It also helps bridge the gap in automation from when an invoice is received to when it is recorded in an ERP system like Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Generally, the tasks involved to get all invoices documented in Acumatica ERP are performed manually. This not only slows down invoice data availability to Acumatica, but also delays payments processing. Manual effort is error prone. Incorrect data entries in Acumatica create a ripple effect of incorrect processes, payments, and reconciliations. All these difficulties are removed by an intelligent invoice processing system that integrates smoothly with Acumatica, so that invoice processing and payments reconciliations could be achieved in one flow, on a single platform, with little to no human intervention.

InvoiceAction is an Acumatica-certified invoice processing software solution by Artsyl. It is integral to the delivery of accurate invoicing data to the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform. Acumatica users have the benefit of a full-fledged enterprise application that takes care of the entire gamut of accounting operations. But one of the primary impediments to successful accounts payable operations is delay in invoice data availability to Acumatica. Artsyl solves this!

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction is a prepackaged solution that comes with built-in rules, AI-powered workflow automation, powerful data capture with self-learning capabilities and multiple capture definitions, and a robust connector that enables full integration with Acumatica. It provides a common platform to accomplish all AP work including invoice capture, validation, and verification.The prepackaged solution comes with intelligent workflow automation that automates the invoice document flow from the time an invoice is received to when it is entered in Acumatica. InvoiceAction automates the receipt, processing, and posting of invoices to the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform.

If you spend hours getting invoice details into your company spreadsheet, InvoiceAction now eliminates that need completely. Also, the need to perform double data entry to get all the approved invoice details into Acumatica are eliminated as InvoiceAction supports automatic ERP transaction creation and payments posting in Acumatica. Tight integration and easy interface makes it convenient for Acumatica users to pull up the InvoiceAction screen in their Acumatica application itself and implement end-to-end invoice information processing in Acumatica. This saves users the time and effort logging in and out of Acumatica to verify and approve invoice details.

Artsyl makes it possible for Acumatica users to accomplish many document-centric tasks in their Acumatica environment itself, relieving them of the added task of learning another new application to process vendor invoices. Artsyl’s Acumatica-certified export connector enables automatic delivery of approved invoice details to the cloud ERP platform. Often, jobs are queued up in the Acumatica application due to the unavailability of data, or a delay in validating or accessing data. Artsyl removes this difficulty and related processing bottlenecks by accelerating data availability to Acumatica.

We have recently launched the latest version of InvoiceAction, and one of the new functionalities that we have added is ArtsylPay. ArtsylPay is a new payment method that you can opt for from the Acumatica platform itself. Once you are logged into your Acumatica application, all you have to do is go to the Payables menu and opt for ‘new payment’ to initiate payments to a vendor, proceed to fill in all the vendor details including the payment amount and then opt for ArtsylPay as the payment method. You can release payments to vendors directly using this method.

Integrate Artsyl’s invoice processing solution — InvoiceAction — with Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • Accelerate invoice and related AP document processing in Acumatica
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce labor and operating costs to process invoices and payments
  • Leverage an intelligent automation system for processing invoices and payments within Acumatica itself
  • Make use of your familiar Acumatica interface to capture, validate, route, and approve vendor invoices
  • Prioritize payments to vendors and debt reconciliation with a streamlined invoicing platform
  • Take advantage of a prepackaged intelligent automation solution to quickly and efficiently process familiar and commonly used vendor documents
  • Scale operations exponentially without adding to staff
  • Improve productivity and revenues with a low cost, high value invoice processing solution for Acumatica

Talk to us about your AP invoice processing needs today! We’d be happy to explain all the cumulative benefits of deploying an integrated intelligent process automation solution in your business.

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