Working with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Working with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Working with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform enables automation of document-dependent processes. The solutions InvoiceAction — for AP invoice automation and OrderAction — for sales order automation are certified for Acumatica 2021 R1. These solutions are embedded in many ISV, BPM, and IDC solutions, making it possible to conduct end-to-end intelligent document processing of any number of diverse unstructured and semi-structured document types in accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).

Work ON Your Business, Not IN It

As a publisher of intelligent process automation technologies, Artsyl really focuses on making it convenient for companies to spend more time working ON their business rather than IN it. The idea is, by providing a near-autonomous mechanism to handle typical document-dependent functions like invoice processing, order processing, medical claims processing, check remittance handling, etc., there is scope for companies to elevate their processes and systems to best-in-class while lowering the costs and inefficiencies associated with manual paperwork. Intelligent automation gets rid of a lot of the repetitive processes that cause a lot of resource drain and costs.

Keep Businesses Moving with Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation

If companies are to survive the competition, respond quickly to customer demand, and keep their businesses moving in a fast-paced market environment, they need to streamline their internal document-dependent processes. How fast you are able to process transactions will determine how quickly you reach out to customers.

Many companies still resort to manual invoice and order processing work. The main reason for this is that incoming documents, mainly source documents like vendor invoices, customer sales orders, credit memos, check remittances, all come from different sources. Sorting, filing, and data entry work performed on each document type that arrives in any format like .JPG, .PDF, or even physical paper from a myriad of incoming channels including through emails, FTPs, supplier portals, network shares, fax, scan, etc. can involve a lot of manual labor and processing time. To err is human and so when it comes to manual paperwork, even when performed with the most diligence, there is bound to be missing paperwork or duplicate data entry.

Begin Work in Acumatica Cloud ERP with the Right Data

This can be problematic when data is needed to initiate a process or business application like Acumatica Cloud ERP. The initiation of any process in general, or in a business application like Acumatica usually begins with data entry work. Companies need to extract, validate, and verify data from source documents before entering it into Acumatica Cloud ERP. A wrong data entry will negatively impact the processing and reporting of tasks in Acumatica. The biggest problem with manual document processing work is that it delays accurate data availability to Acumatica Cloud ERP for business use.

What companies need is an efficient, hands-free, and faster way to make data available to Acumatica so they can act on it.

A Unified Digital Transformation Platform for Intelligent Document Processing

A Unified Digital Transformation Platform for Intelligent Document Processing

A manual process like AP invoice processing has many touch points or many possible points of failure — tasks like collecting, sorting, and scanning invoice data; performing data entry to a company spreadsheet; performing vendor lookups and matching invoices to the right purchase order; checking and reworking/repeating tasks due to missing data or errors; performing GL coding; and re-entering approved data into Acumatica Cloud ERP — all can delay accurate data availability to your ERP system. Inaccurate data entry to Acumatica Cloud ERP could also impact entire processes negatively, leading to false reporting, forecasting, planning, and impeding the progress of your entire business.

Artsyl provides a unified digital transformation workforce that tackles AP invoice processing on a single intelligent process automation platform. This platform combines digital transformation technologies like intelligent data capture, business process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced recognition software like OCR/ICR/OMR, etc. with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to perform the specific aforementioned tasks in AP invoice processing.

Artsyl intelligent process automation is designed to automate document-dependent processes not just in AP/AR but also heavy back-office tasks like medical claims and check remittance processing.

How Artsyl Integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP for End-to-End Intelligent Document Processing

For Acumatica Cloud ERP users, Artsyl has come up with proprietary API-level integration connectors that help send approved data from AP/AR documents like vendor invoices, sales orders, credit memos, bill of lading, etc. straight to the Acumatica application.

Acumatica is a highly customizable cloud ERP application. The process to integrate platform or point solutions with Acumatica can be highly complex and complicated. Artsyl has specifically designed a Universal Data Provider (UDP) for Acumatica that helps integrate its intelligent process automation platform with Acumatica easily. UDP views the Acumatica business application as a data source, and so it becomes very convenient to engage or access the Acumatica backend for validating data in the Artsyl workflows.

Due to tight API-level integration with Acumatica, Artsyl’s IPA can be applied to any document-based business process within the Acumatica environment itself, saving users the countless mundane hours of signing in and out of their application to work on document processing, and then entering the results in the cloud ERP.

Codeless End-to-End Process Automation

Codeless End-to-End Process Automation

Before using any automated platform for business use, you need to configure it and teach the platform or application what tasks to automate, with all the programming steps outlined for process automation. When it comes to standard mission critical tasks relative to accounts payable and accounts receivable, Artsyl provides built-in logic and intelligence through its pre-packaged solutions InvoiceAction and OrderAction. These action solutions have built-in process-specific intelligence to tackle specific tasks like data extraction, validation, capture, image preprocessing, etc. along with user-defined business rules and AI-enabled system components to implement specific jobs like invoice processing and sales order processing.

A prepackaged digital transformation platform such as this can be automatically installed and implemented without the need for coding or document training, with the results directly exported to the Acumatica Cloud ERP system. This saves companies a lot in installation and professional services costs.

The platform can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud and accessed by companies on a subscription basis. The Artsyl Cloud is highly integrated with the Acumatica Cloud ERP software, making it convenient to perform intelligent document processing in the cloud.

Artsyl’s powerful data extraction capabilities, predominantly powered by machine learning technology along with recognition software like OCR/ICR/OMR account for a hit rate of 80-85% extraction out-of-the-box.

Text and images from incoming invoices and other source documents are converted into machine language. Artsyl’s intelligent process automation bots are capable of deciphering what kind of document it is, and distinguishing between an invoice and purchase order, a sales order and bill of lading, a bill and credit memo, etc. Specific workflow automation is assigned to each invoice and business rules are applied relative to the vendor and business requirements.

Artsyl supports multichannel data capture from diverse data sources like file shares, fax, scan, emails, etc. in different file formats. The document separation is done based on the type of document and assigned the right process automatically.

Data extraction of invoices and sales orders that come in both standard and new template forms is done using machine learning and rules-based OCR. 80-85% of the time, Artsyl is able to capture the correct data. With this, the manual data entry work is lowered dramatically. Artsyl’s pre-packaged out-of-the-box solutions greatly lower the need for companies to program and teach the system different document types from different vendors, as these action solutions are configured to accommodate a diverse range of document types.

Artsyl’s Self-Learning Technology Accommodates for Document Variability

On the rare occasion that a document is not captured fully, Artsyl bots employ self-learning technology to learn user actions performed on the document to keyin the missed data. The bots retrieve this learning to extract data the next time they encounter a similarly formatted document. This kind of self-learning of new document types dramatically lowers user intervention and adds to the growing database of new documents that can be captured hands-free.

Tight API-level integration with Acumatica helps quickly access the Cloud ERP databases for data validation. Data validation includes matching invoices against the correct purchase orders; checking the math on the line-item details; verifying duplicate orders or invoices; and checking whether payments for a particular invoice have already been made; inventory lookup to check if the item on the sales order is available; as well as applying GL coding for easy reference in Acumatica. Exceptions encountered during the data validation step such as a duplicate invoice or questionable credit status of customer will be flagged and routed to the concerned verification manager for approval.


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